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Mohammed Afridi
Lynton Crosby promoted and exploited vile #Islamaphobia in NZ, he did it in Auz, and he did it in the UK. He was hired to do it here by Cameron, Johnson, Goldsmith and May. Not only did the conservatives pay him, they knighted him. British Muslims are supposed to call him sir 🤬
15 Mar, 12:44 PM UTC
UNC Humor
Well, Cameron Johnson is playing to put his jersey up in the rafters.
16 Mar, 01:58 AM UTC
Mr Ethical
I don't think originally it was, it was Cameron trying to see off Farage. But as soon as the carpetbaggers saw their chance (like Johnson) they quickly flip-flopped to support it
15 Mar, 08:47 PM UTC
Jason McIntyre
Cameron Johnson just turned 23 this month. He looks like a grown man vs boys so far in the UNC/Duke track meet. Zion Williamson is 18.
16 Mar, 02:00 AM UTC
Cameron (and I cannot stress this enough) Johnson
16 Mar, 01:54 AM UTC
Cameron Johnson better go first round period.
16 Mar, 01:54 AM UTC
Chris Jones
Name 2 people playing better basketball than Cameron Johnson ...
16 Mar, 03:10 AM UTC
Dallas Mavs World
Cameron Johnson would be a tremendous fit in Dallas
16 Mar, 01:54 AM UTC
Evan McNeill
Best future NBA player on the court tonight? Cameron Johnson
16 Mar, 01:54 AM UTC
My partner @John_Fennelly and I executed a mock draft thru a draft app that shows selection availability. My selections 1A) D. White - LB LSU 1B) Sweat DE Miss State. 2) ORUWARIYE - CB Penn St. 3) Jaquan Johnson S Miami. 4) Bobby Evans Oklahoma 5. Cameron Smith, iLB USC.
16 Mar, 02:28 AM UTC
WAG of Wall Street
16 Mar, 02:11 AM UTC
Evil Nic, TD #58 #10 🐐
Cameron Johnson plays the game like Justin Jackson. Reminds me of him for sure. Kid can flat out Ball
16 Mar, 01:57 AM UTC
Noel Fitzgerald
I need Cameron Johnson on the Hawks
16 Mar, 01:55 AM UTC
Kendall Moore
Cameron Johnson or Justin Jackson? 🐏
16 Mar, 02:22 AM UTC
Brett Reynolds
Am I the only one who keeps seeing Cameron Johnson as Justin Jackson?
16 Mar, 02:31 AM UTC
AAU Critic
Cameron Johnson bumped up his draft spot about 15 positions after this one. #dukevsunc
16 Mar, 03:25 AM UTC
@swervedatt Don’t forget Cameron Johnson #13
16 Mar, 03:23 AM UTC
Gio Rivera
Coby White doing it on both ends for North Carolina. 3 steals and 11 points while Cameron Johnson leads the way with 16 on an efficient 5/9 shooting from the field. Barrett figuring it out in the 2nd half, now at 15 points. Most importantly Zion is on the floor and Duke needs him
16 Mar, 03:01 AM UTC
Cameron Johnson is a 6’9 Wayne Ellington
16 Mar, 02:21 AM UTC
Fire Fist Jbo
Terrible shot from Cameron Johnson. Likely just cost UNC the game
16 Mar, 03:31 AM UTC
Lee Harvey
That wasn't a bad look for Cameron Johnson
16 Mar, 03:30 AM UTC
reagan @ lsp
im literally going to marry cameron johnson #CarolinaSZN
16 Mar, 03:27 AM UTC
Cameron Johnson is a problem.😤
16 Mar, 01:56 AM UTC
DTH Sports
Cameron Johnson connects on a layup and goes to the free-throw line with a chance to give UNC the two-point lead
16 Mar, 03:23 AM UTC
Jazz Sports
All tied up at half. 👀 v DUKE -3½ / 87½ #BETHERE 📢 #ZionWilliamson: 16 PTS, 6 REBS, 2 3PT #Cameron Johnson: 16 PTS, 2 3PT #SportsBetting #SportsGambling #GamblingTwitter #MarchMadness Jazz Sports's photo on Cameron Johnson
16 Mar, 02:41 AM UTC
Sam Doughton
UNC was ice cold from three outside of Cameron Johnson in the first half, a combined 1-for-10 for the Tar Heels, 0-for-9 outside of Brandon Robinson
16 Mar, 02:39 AM UTC
@ImpactCoachK Yes LAWD Coby playing Kobe....okay let me chill but Luke Maye is our leader also when Nas feels like playing we can’t be stopped .....Cameron Johnson is our dark horse
16 Mar, 02:28 AM UTC
DTH Sports
HALFTIME: UNC 44, Duke 44. Zion Williamson and Cameron Johnson each have 16 points. Duke holds a 20-18 rebounding advantage and has 28 points in the paint compared to just 16 from UNC. UNC holds an 11-7 advantage on fastbreak points.
16 Mar, 02:24 AM UTC
Sunny Saini
Cameron Johnson is a taller Klay Thompson. #UNCvsDUKE
16 Mar, 02:22 AM UTC
16 Mar, 01:45 AM UTC
Just In: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson will play a carpenter hunted by Chris Pratt in James Cameron time travel adventure
16 Mar, 03:33 AM UTC
Pat James
Cameron Johnson misses a 3-pointer, and R.J. Barrett is heading to the free-throw line with Duke up one and 12.4 seconds left.
16 Mar, 03:31 AM UTC
Cameron Johnson tripping... but I’ll take it
16 Mar, 03:31 AM UTC
Cameron Johnson for the GW ?
16 Mar, 03:31 AM UTC
Dylan 🌀
16 Mar, 03:31 AM UTC
matthew burke
Cameron Johnson = basketball stupid.
16 Mar, 03:31 AM UTC
cameron johnson ✅
16 Mar, 03:24 AM UTC
LittleBeto 🔥
Cameron Johnson também é um monstro
16 Mar, 03:24 AM UTC
Noah Beard
Cameron Johnson is my father #LoveYaDad
16 Mar, 03:24 AM UTC
16 Mar, 03:23 AM UTC
D. Dash Jr.
Cameron Johnson is a killer
16 Mar, 03:23 AM UTC
Cameron Johnson is big time
16 Mar, 03:23 AM UTC
Mackenzie Gallimore
Cameron Johnson 🗣🗣
16 Mar, 03:23 AM UTC
Cameron Johnson hooping👀
16 Mar, 03:23 AM UTC
Cameron Johnson!!!!
16 Mar, 03:23 AM UTC
Pat James
Nice hustle play by Cameron Johnson to track down a loose ball. He goes nearly the length of the floor and makes a layup while being fouled. He makes his free throw to put UNC up 69-67.
16 Mar, 03:23 AM UTC
16 Mar, 03:23 AM UTC
Eric ++
16 Mar, 03:23 AM UTC
Juul Osteen
16 Mar, 03:23 AM UTC
That boy Cameron Johnson nice ash.
16 Mar, 03:23 AM UTC
@UNC_Basketball denle el balón a cameron johnson en el post!!!
16 Mar, 03:16 AM UTC
Jordan Spratt
@BGan1725 @obj Just wondering what Pitt hoops could be like with Cameron Johnson if Stallings didn't com in and suck the life out of the program
16 Mar, 03:09 AM UTC
Billy Heyen
Cameron Johnson was once involved in a blocked transfer situation from #Pittsburgh, which @MikeJMcCleary wrote about here: Right now, he's having one of the best games of his life in #DukevsUNC in the ACC semis.
16 Mar, 03:07 AM UTC
Cameron Johnson looking like the future
16 Mar, 03:07 AM UTC
Vik. ™
Cameron Johnson that nigga fr
16 Mar, 03:07 AM UTC
J.Anderson ✝
Cameron Johnson has game also. I like it.
16 Mar, 03:07 AM UTC
Nishant Varughese
Cameron Johnson and Justin Jackson have striking similarities in their style of play #dukevsunc
16 Mar, 03:05 AM UTC
OG Spice Gyal K🎈
@espn the game is NOT all about Zion. Cameron Johnson also scored 16pts in the first half . #UncTarheels
16 Mar, 02:27 AM UTC
Gerard Solé
Si los primeros minutos fueron de Cameron Johnson (16p), los últimos han sido de Zion Williamson (16p). 44-44 al descanso ante Duke y North Carolina. Partido vibrante, con grandes detalles de gran talento de Coby White y RJ Barrett. Cam Reddish, una vez más, desaparecido.
16 Mar, 02:26 AM UTC
#DUKEvsUNC #AccTournament @espn #Nike #Jordan Zion Williams RJ Barrett cam reddish Cameron Johnson Maye Kobe White #502 ReggRadio's photo on Cameron Johnson
16 Mar, 02:19 AM UTC
Zé Nivaldo 🏜
@leonardosasso_ Sasso, e esse Cameron Johnson sendo projetado no segundo round, tendo um dos melhores arremessos do college?
16 Mar, 02:10 AM UTC

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