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Marcus Lemonis
What could this be? Win a $10,000 shopping spree if you are the first person to tell me EXACTLY what this is ... must use #campingworld This could be one of the most exciting things in years... @marcuslemonis's photo on #campingworld
10 Jun, 10:39 PM UTC
@marcuslemonis #campingworld Lordstown Motors electric Camping Word Van brother to the Endurance truck. 🙂
10 Jun, 11:08 PM UTC
@marcuslemonis @LordstownMotors new electric camper van #campingworld
10 Jun, 10:46 PM UTC
The Gilded Jester
@marcuslemonis What could this be? Mine. It could be mine if you give it to me. Looks like a Class "E" RV from Lordstown Motors to me. #CampingWorld
10 Jun, 10:52 PM UTC
@marcuslemonis Camping World and Electric World team up with Lordstown Motors for the new 2022 electric camper van #campingworld
10 Jun, 10:58 PM UTC
@marcuslemonis Endurance with 600 horsepower, a range of 250 miles per charge and a starting price of $52,500 #campingworld
10 Jun, 10:52 PM UTC
@marcuslemonis New lordstown evrv ?#campingworld
10 Jun, 11:22 PM UTC
@marcuslemonis Lordstown Electric camper van #campingworld
10 Jun, 11:52 PM UTC
@marcuslemonis That is the Lordstown Motors Electric Camper Van! I'd like to name it ERV #campingworld
10 Jun, 11:45 PM UTC
Zane Wold
@marcuslemonis Lordstown Motors #campingworld electric RV
10 Jun, 11:43 PM UTC
Eric Bonk
@marcuslemonis #campingworld new electric RV partnered with Lordstown Motors Corporation.
10 Jun, 11:42 PM UTC
@marcuslemonis Electric vehicle/camper. #campingworld
10 Jun, 11:11 PM UTC
Jeremy Middleton
@marcuslemonis Looks like a #campingworld sprinter van. Made in Indiana
10 Jun, 11:36 PM UTC
@marcuslemonis A food delivery truck for the houseless amd hungry. Kind of like meals on wheels!!! #CampingWorld
10 Jun, 10:56 PM UTC
@marcuslemonis This would be a class B with @Lordstown being all electric!!! #campingworld
10 Jun, 11:53 PM UTC
Nolan Parker 🇺🇸🦅
@marcuslemonis #campingworld a say it’s a fully electronic with solar panel @ford transit van, turned into a RV! I hope I can win.. I would be able to use it for my training in the navy and my family when we go on a trip and stop using hotels. My girlfriend and I would be super appreciative! https://t.co/A0V4dI5Lmt
10 Jun, 11:52 PM UTC
Judy A. Jones
@marcuslemonis As an additional thought, modular units to convert your own van to fit your own needs could be sold at #Campingworld if standardized enough to fit the most popular van models. Good new revenue source from #Vanlifers @marcuslemonis #TeamProfit 🇺🇸🚀
10 Jun, 11:43 PM UTC
Fed Up
@marcuslemonis The first ever electric camper powered by electric hub motors by Lordstown motors (stock symbol: RIDE) to be revealed at the Lordstown week when they show their “family of vehicles” ? #campingworld
10 Jun, 11:40 PM UTC
Jerry Mac
@marcuslemonis #campingworld a Lordstown Motors EV
10 Jun, 11:37 PM UTC
Brandon Condetti
@marcuslemonis A lordstown motors electric cargo conversion van made for camping #campingworld
10 Jun, 11:37 PM UTC
Doc Hanson
@marcuslemonis Winnebago travato camper van #campingworld
11 Jun, 12:00 AM UTC
Brad J. Thomas
@marcuslemonis Mercedes esprinter conversion Camper #campingworld
10 Jun, 11:59 PM UTC
Entrepreneur Juice
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10 Jun, 11:59 PM UTC
Andrew Tompkins
@CampingWorld @marcuslemonis The next greatest overland vehicle only available at #campingworld ? I want one SOoooOOOOoOoOOOO BAD!
10 Jun, 11:58 PM UTC
Ashley Campbell
@marcuslemonis #campingworld Mercedes Benz Metris Camping Van
10 Jun, 11:58 PM UTC
Jason W. Rocco
@marcuslemonis Modular system for DIY conversion vans #CampingWorld
10 Jun, 11:58 PM UTC
Jody tobin
@marcuslemonis #campingworld it's a modified camper van
10 Jun, 11:56 PM UTC
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10 Jun, 11:56 PM UTC