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Yukon Strong 🇨🇦🇺🇸
Saw a kid freezin his ass off in the Canadian tire parking lot underneath his beat up truck. Had an I love oil and gas sticker Reminded me of myself at his age Bought him a burger from the food truck and said hey kid it’s your lucky day, Hes like noooo wayyyy duuude! Lol
23 Sep, 07:09 PM UTC
Canadian Tire
We're excited to have Josh join our Canadian Tire Manning Town Center team. This is Josh's first ever pay cheque as a worker with special needs and we're happy to be a part of it. Read more here: https://t.co/k816FjKPQb and comment 🎉 emojis to celebrate this moment with Josh! @CanadianTire's photo on Canadian Tire
23 Sep, 08:51 PM UTC
Michael Bednarski 🇺🇦🇨🇦
@politicsfisher @sproudfoot Just don't wear a red shirt to Canadian Tire. Customers will assume that you work there. https://t.co/Hh3H41Jh4y
23 Sep, 12:51 PM UTC
@bigboldreds @sproudfoot uniquely Cdn store format - began w/ car parts/service, morphed into catalogue-buying à la Sears, into camping/outdoors, & kept expanding household categories. Canadian Tire, much like The Bay were Cdns’ first stop shopping choice, before Sears/Walmart https://t.co/Thfne0fXek
23 Sep, 12:05 PM UTC
BOT #67824 🇨🇦
@YukonStrong You’re not a real Canadian until you’ve laid on the ground under a car in a Canadian Tire lot. My Indian coworker just got his citizenship but last year he had to lay under the car fixing something in the Canadian Tire parking lot, which counts retroactive.
24 Sep, 12:48 AM UTC
Powell River Kings
Here is your Canadian Tire Kings Lineup for tonight's home opener against the Clippers. https://t.co/EeR2ep6bv2
24 Sep, 12:30 AM UTC
Bob Ossowski 🇨🇦
Happening right now at Canadian Tire. Christmas decor going out on the shelves. What month is this? #Barrie #ChristmasTree https://t.co/n8LOnTokJ3
23 Sep, 02:28 PM UTC
@creek_moose @cgbosslady1 @CanadianPenny1 @CreithNatalie It’s like if you combined Target with a Sears auto centre. If you are unsure where to buy something, Canadian Tire will have it.
24 Sep, 01:11 AM UTC
Ofie 👻 semi-active
What if we made out in the pornographically large Canadian Tire (and we were both girls) https://t.co/Wt8IlD4jd7
23 Sep, 10:13 PM UTC
#trudeaumustgo - Heidi V.
@legin1984 Hey, I like Canadian Tire 🤣
24 Sep, 01:01 AM UTC
@knotthatone Best I can do is Canadian tire money… paper kind.
24 Sep, 12:52 AM UTC
@itsemazbitch @TaylorKathKath Quotidiennement Canadian tire font de bon prix sur des items , jai realiser ca depuis plusieurs années . Faut jamais acheter la bas full price , mieux vaut etre patient quand c pas qqch de rush
24 Sep, 09:02 AM UTC
Allison P
@aggieloveseggs People hate Canadian Tire?
24 Sep, 07:06 AM UTC
Paul Carr
@dan613 @scouse_jude @davidson_tonya I really miss that Canadian Tire.
24 Sep, 05:57 AM UTC
Patrice O' Hamilton
@mikebednarski @MrStache9 @politicsfisher @sproudfoot Heard from a lady customer who wore a red shirt into her local Canadian Tire: “Next thing I know, I’m covering Jennifer’s Saturday shift!“ 😁
24 Sep, 03:40 AM UTC
Coquitlam Express
Ty Gagno with the interference call puts the Express on a powerplay presented by Canadian Tire. https://t.co/kC2rlvG3bH
24 Sep, 03:12 AM UTC
Nadheera Udawatthe
@jaydeedublew @K_Somaratne LoL it has tires for sale too. Better named than Canadian Tire Centre - that one doesn't sell tires 🤣 https://t.co/cvNuGwdN94
24 Sep, 02:54 AM UTC
spookyszn 👻
I dropped a decent chunk of change on sheets for the first time in my life and wow.. I will never be buying sheets from Canadian Tire again. 😴
24 Sep, 02:40 AM UTC
Daniel Mullen
@arsenault_judy @jsjaylward Good point - people tend to think they can ‘set it and forget it’ but that is where trouble starts. By the way, Canadian Tire, Princess Auto, and Home Depot all sell ‘pass-through’ kits which are a ‘permanent’ extension cord to indoor electrical outlet box to make things easier.
24 Sep, 02:18 AM UTC
Alice ❤️‍🔥
@emilyonair Canadian tire. 🤣. (Funny considering my story).
24 Sep, 01:41 AM UTC
Jack Mailer
@bigboldreds @sproudfoot My son worked there. It started as tire and car parts retail, then they added fishing,hunting gears.The cookware and household stuff became larger overtime to counter the US invasion of Walmart.Canadian Tire remain the most resilient retailer who stand its ground against Walmart.
24 Sep, 01:13 AM UTC
Virgin Radio Calgary
Canadian Tire has hidden $100 in Calgary somewhere! - @andrewu92 #yyc #Calgary https://t.co/w2UWFmJjqZ
24 Sep, 12:52 AM UTC
The new Canadian tire is like twice as big as the mall it's attached to and has it's own Ottawa sign 🤯
24 Sep, 12:26 AM UTC
Bethankit Hums
I'm enjoying these **Incentivized reviews** of electric bikes on Canadian Tire's web site. Comfortable seat! https://t.co/0ALAXKDRsP
24 Sep, 12:21 AM UTC
Matt Farrell for TDSB Trustee, Toronto/Danforth
@khamc3 If you are in Toronto, they can be borrowed free from the Toronto Public Library. If you in the Toronto-Danforth ward, I am also happy to lend. Canadian Tire sells the Ananet4. Hope this helps! https://t.co/I3i6xoREOv
24 Sep, 11:58 AM UTC
Luke Johnson
One of the top 5 reason I cross the order from time to time: https://t.co/XAry6w3xKG
24 Sep, 11:20 AM UTC
zobjobs - CA Remote Jobs
Spcialiste en marketing mergent at Canadian Tire Corporation Aideznous faonner audacieusement le commerce de dtail au Canada La riche tradition de la Socit Canadia... #Marketing #remotehunt https://t.co/pah8OSwiH1
24 Sep, 07:00 AM UTC
Rick Mercer
@JustinTrudeau @President_KR In Canada housing is at its lowest price since 1867 thank you Justin. U can purchase a two bedroom tent and Canadian tire 69.99
24 Sep, 06:18 AM UTC
@sproudfoot @rwbyrnes49 What would be the American equivalent of a Canadian Tire?
24 Sep, 06:00 AM UTC
@sproudfoot Gorgeous. My redneck uncle used to say “You can’t find that at Canadian Tire” when describing anything off topic. God bless him, but he’ll now have to find a new punch line.
24 Sep, 05:23 AM UTC