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Aubrey Huff
I see #CancelJemeleHill is trending. Thought I’d join the party. Couldn’t think of a better race baiter in the country to be cancelled than @jemelehill. She’s a big part of the problem.
29 Jun, 10:05 PM UTC
Tommy G
Guys u can’t #CancelJemeleHill She’s already been cancelled 😂 Girls gone from 7 figure Espn host to blogger at the Atlantic 😂 Cancelling @jemelehill would be like cancelling Tower Records.... It’s already been done @TommyG's photo on #CancelJemeleHill
29 Jun, 04:19 PM UTC
Stifler’s Dad
Sorry - in today’s cancel culture you are responsible for everything you have done since birth / regardless if you ‘learned from your mistakes’. Sooooo we are obligated by snowflake society to #CancelJemeleHill #CancelJemele @espn (don’t blame me - didn’t make the rules) https://t.co/NeYxuSxAxJ
29 Jun, 07:11 PM UTC
Dave Zirin
The #CancelJemeleHill people are telling on themselves. These tweets will age like mayonnaise on a radiator.
29 Jun, 09:44 PM UTC
@TheAtlantic @jemelehill this is just disgusting. My 6 year old trans daughter just saw this and is now having an anxiety attack. She asked me “Daddy, why does Jemele hate trans people?” Do better and stop hiring insensitive bigots like this. #CancelJemeleHill https://t.co/psZJNSJYiH
29 Jun, 07:35 PM UTC
You hire transphobic people like this @TheAtlantic #CancelJemeleHill @jemelehill https://t.co/m8xgENvpgQ
29 Jun, 07:02 PM UTC
Cancel culture is just an inevitable outcome of progressive purity spiraling. If you helped create it, you have no right to complain when it is used against you. #CancelJemeleHill #CancelJemele https://t.co/ntdNx9JAYX
29 Jun, 05:28 PM UTC
@jemelehill But now it's deleted... you're such a liar and hypocrite. Why can you grow but others can't? #CancelJemeleHill https://t.co/RGMYnaBxVU
29 Jun, 04:44 PM UTC
Alejandro Gomez
Based on her own logic, @jemelehill must be canceled. #CancelJemeleHill https://t.co/QE2mE2B94X
29 Jun, 05:07 PM UTC
*THE* Dr. Loomis
I think the cancel culture is dumb, but I think it's hilarious that's the rules the liberals set are coming back to bite them in the ass. Please #CancelJemeleHill
29 Jun, 10:52 PM UTC
@jemelehill funny how cancel culture is wrong when it's someone on the left LOL love it #CancelJemeleHill #CancelJemeleHill #CancelJemele
29 Jun, 10:43 PM UTC
Conservative Masshole
Me when I see why #CancelJemeleHill is trending https://t.co/yuj56cTlp0
30 Jun, 12:30 AM UTC
#CancelJemeleHill she is a proud race baiter. She is offensive & divisive. She promotes anger & intolerance. She should not be allowed to have a platform to spew hatred.
30 Jun, 12:30 AM UTC
Big Shep
Look at all the white men trying to #CancelJemeleHill smh try again.
30 Jun, 12:29 AM UTC
Lucas Jones
Jemele Hill is the worst. She is an intolerant bigot #CancelJemeleHill
30 Jun, 12:29 AM UTC
Meemaw Geary
@SThrobinson @jemelehill hates transgender people. Pass it on. #CancelJemeleHill
30 Jun, 12:29 AM UTC
Jack Kotas
See this is what bothers me. I will be honest. I AM NOT a Jemele Hill fan but ... She apologized! The problem is that John Wayne is dead. He can’t speak for himself so we have to rename an airport? Really? Please everybody STOP THIS CANCEL BS. #CancelJemeleHill #JohnWayne https://t.co/qV0NHZwHM7
30 Jun, 12:28 AM UTC
Me You Us
@TheAtlantic @kait_tiffany And you keep @jemelehill even though she’s transphobic #CancelJemeleHill
30 Jun, 12:28 AM UTC
Andrea Rodriguez
@jemelehill Ma'am....nothing hilarious about that #CancelJemeleHill
30 Jun, 12:27 AM UTC
@jemelehill HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 🤡🤡🤡🤡 #CancelJemeleHill
30 Jun, 12:27 AM UTC
If i ruled the world!
I’m not canceling shit y’all can eat my ass #CancelJemeleHill
30 Jun, 12:27 AM UTC
The biggest racist in America #CancelJemeleHill
30 Jun, 12:27 AM UTC
Spinning in my Grave James Q. Madison
I concur. #CancelJemeleHill https://t.co/ZPdtd3T6Qp
30 Jun, 12:26 AM UTC

👍 #CancelJemeleHill
30 Jun, 12:26 AM UTC
You can’t #CancelJemeleHill FOH
30 Jun, 12:26 AM UTC
Don Juan Pablo
30 Jun, 12:26 AM UTC

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