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Julia Ioffe
Can we publicize the fact that he cited your father and your friend, Candace Owens, as inspiration?
15 Mar, 04:16 AM UTC
Candace Owens
“In many ways Candace Owens is everything the Left hates. Someone who rejects special treatment, eschews positive discrimination & wants every1 to be treated equally without regard to color, gender or sexual orientation. Perhaps that’s why they attack her.
14 Mar, 09:19 PM UTC
Millie Weaver
Who’s not responsible for the New Zealand Shooting: - Trump - Pewdiepie - Candace Owens Who is responsible: -The Shooter!
15 Mar, 12:28 PM UTC
Zach Heltzel
I'm as guilty of this as anyone else, but we've got to stop giving Candace Owens, Jacob Wohl, Charlie Kirk, Tomi Lahren, etc. attention by dunking on them. Owens was mentioned in a terrorist's manifesto and her immediate response was to say "LOL." We need to be done with them.
15 Mar, 04:01 AM UTC
Paul Joseph Watson
If you’re blaming this horrific shooting on Candace Owens or PewDiePie, you also have to blame Spyro the Dragon and Fortnite (both mentioned in his manifesto). Utterly absurd. Won’t stop the media piling in though.
15 Mar, 09:32 AM UTC
Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
The people going after Candace Owens right now are doing *exactly* what the New Zealand shooter wanted He said so specifically in his manifesto They are letting a terrorist play them
15 Mar, 03:55 AM UTC
Steven Crowder
So the New Zealand shooter openly writes that he wants a white ethno-state and that he hates conservatives. He then claims that a black conservative, Candace Owens, is his inspiration... And the media buys this?!
15 Mar, 03:02 PM UTC
Emily G, women’s history month partaker
We can stop sharing shitty takes from: - Ben Sharpio - Jacob Wohl - Candace Owens - Laura Loomer - Tucker Carlson - everyone else We know they suck. We don't need to see in precisely which way they suck today.
15 Mar, 12:17 PM UTC
Paul Joseph Watson
The terrorist’s mention of Candace Owens clearly appears to be some kind of sick joke meant to demonise her (absurdly accuses her of being too extreme for him), so the media furthering the narrative that she “inspired” him is particularly dishonest.
15 Mar, 10:08 AM UTC
🇳🇬 weebiest african🐝
When PewDiePie learned that the shooter name dropped him, he disavowed him, and offered condolences to the victims and families. When Candace Owens found out she was name dropped, she made it about herself, and plugged her show.
15 Mar, 06:11 AM UTC
The Hoarse Whisperer
People with deep psychological impairments show them most clearly in moments when healthy humans would feel nothing but empathy and sadness and grief. Candace Owens is deeply, deeply ill.
15 Mar, 04:08 AM UTC
Rogue NASA
I did not know who this Candace Owens person was but I just went to her Twitter account and she is LOL'ing and haha'ing and 😂😂😂'ing about a mass shooting and these are the absolute worst people. When a terrorist mentions you in his manifesto, you might want to rethink things
15 Mar, 03:25 AM UTC
Tuxedo Mask
@RealCandaceO Candace Owens: "I’ve never created any content espousing my views on the 2nd Amendment or Islam" Also Candace Owens:
15 Mar, 03:46 AM UTC
Paul Joseph Watson
The media is circulating the hoax that Candace Owens is to blame for the horrific New Zealand mosque shooting when the gunman’s reference to her in his manifesto was clearly a sick joke meant to demonize the conservative commentator.
15 Mar, 12:27 PM UTC
hend amry
She accuses the media of unfairly reporting that she inspired the NZ shooter by reporting the words in his manifesto where he states “The person that has influenced me above all was Candace Owens.”
15 Mar, 12:34 PM UTC
Nelba Márquez-Greene, 🇵🇷🇨🇦
This year I questioned a white friend because her son kept following and retweeting Candace Owens & some other deeply racist pages. She unfriended me- highly offended. You may not like what I have to say but you never have to guess. I’ll love you enough to tell you to your face.
15 Mar, 10:35 AM UTC
Adam Serwer🍝
I am obviously not a Candace Owens fan but it seems pretty clear to me that the shooter named her to cause her trouble, not because she actually inspired him. The implication in the text is that despite her right wing views she’s not welcome in the ethnostate he wants to see.
15 Mar, 03:35 PM UTC
Jessica Fletcher
Y’all know I’m not a fan of Candace Owens. But no one holds ANY blame for the lost lives other than the shooter. HE killed people. Candace did nothing to be mentioned in the same sentence with that monster.
15 Mar, 04:07 AM UTC
Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
The shooter WANTED the Left to go after Candace Owens
15 Mar, 03:50 AM UTC
Andrew Doyle
“Tucker Carlson is to blame” (@BriannaWu) “Candace Owens is to blame” (@williamlegate) “Islam is to blame” (@fraser_anning) “The online Right is to blame” (@MikeStuchbery_) And there was I blaming the c*nt with the gun.
15 Mar, 02:19 PM UTC
🌻Elle 🐈 Gato🌻
Deplatforming works. Look at Milo. Deplatforming WORKS. And that means the media, if it cares at all about actual human lives, needs to stop inviting people like Candace Owens, Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, Steve Bannon, etc. to speak, whether on talk shows, at events, or wherever
15 Mar, 03:10 PM UTC
For Chief, This Is It
Candace Owens is a lying sociopath
15 Mar, 09:25 AM UTC
Orwell & Goode
Some things the Christchurch shooting has been blamed on: PewDiePie Candace Owens Free Speech Christians The Chans Social Media The NRA YouTubers Whites
15 Mar, 05:25 PM UTC
John Aravosis 🇺🇸
I’m not seeing practically any discussion of the fact that the New Zealand terrorist cited Donald Trump, and far-right GOP hero lauded by Trump, Candace Owens, as part of his inspiration. Had a sitting Dem president been praised by a terrorist, it would be non-stop news.
15 Mar, 05:31 PM UTC
Tony Posnanski
With Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens as leaders... I’m ready to label Turning Point USA a terrorist organization. They already inspired 49 murders. #NewZealand
15 Mar, 12:45 PM UTC
Freeborn Black Woman First of Her Name 🖤
Even if Candace Owens only plays a white supremacist for a living, she’s still part of the problem. And folks need to stop acting like checking her or Tucker or Shapiro is some how a threat to our speech. It’s not. Protecting them only puts marginalized communities in danger.
15 Mar, 01:34 PM UTC
Benjamin Dixon
Miss me with the all the explaining. Two mass shooters have mentioned Donald Trump as an influence in their thinking. The first’s biggest influences was Ben Shapiro. The other gave a shout out to Candace Owens. Conservatism is radicalizing terrorists around the globe.
15 Mar, 05:12 PM UTC
🇱 🇲 🇱 🇴 🇻 🇪 🌬⏳
LEADERS STAND UP!💔💔 Before killing 49 in New Zealand,Brenton Tarrant posted a manifesto. He also wrote that he supported Pres Trump "as a symbol of renewed white identity & common purpose"... "The person who has influenced me above all is Candace Owens."
15 Mar, 02:15 PM UTC
Dr Nafeez Ahmed
Look which Tory Brexiteer met with the woman, Candace Owens, who the New Zealand shooter says in his manifesto "has influenced me above all"
15 Mar, 10:52 AM UTC
Candace Owens : *posts anti-Islam rhetoric all the time, *Racist, Islamophobe mass shooter name drops her * Candace Owens : *Gleefully* *LOL’s and HAHA’s” Sickening.. #NZMosqueShooting
15 Mar, 08:42 AM UTC
The radicalized right is not going to change, no matter how much blood runs red. Donald Trump, Don Jr, Candace Owens, and their ilk: they don't care about you or me or anyone. They are entirely self-serving. They are amoral and monstrous. #ResistersForum #ChristchurchShooting
15 Mar, 12:45 PM UTC
How can Candace Owens be stopped?
15 Mar, 05:06 AM UTC
Metriko Oni 🌹
The fact that Candace Owens response to a terrorist stating she radicalized him is laughing should be telling. The fact that the PDP fanbase is more concerned about optics for Felix and less about the loss of human life is contemptible.
15 Mar, 04:58 AM UTC
We have the shooter particularly call out Candace Owens, whom the left wants censored because she threatens then with #blexit, and Pewdiepie, whom the left has been trying to censor for years because he influences kids against their programming. Big think.
15 Mar, 04:22 PM UTC
New York Post
Conservative Candace Owens 'influenced me above all': New Zealand gunman New York Post's photo on Candace Owens
15 Mar, 01:52 PM UTC
T. Greg Doucette
Candace Owens inspired the New Zealand mosque shooter To Candace's lawyers: you can serve me the defamation lawsuit paperwork at 311 E Main Street, Durham NC 27701
15 Mar, 05:46 PM UTC
T. Fisher King
Y'all can RT the nice stuff @yashar tweets about towels &;community colleges all you want Won't erase that he continually excuses bigots & islamophobes alt rightist faves like Cernovich, Fairbanks and Candace Owens
15 Mar, 05:24 PM UTC
Nick Reeves #FinalSayForAll #FBPE
Candace Owens whose writings radicalised the #Christchurch terrorist in Parliament with Rees-Mogg and Steve Baker and tweeting about 'defending Western civilisation'. #Brexit #FBPE
15 Mar, 05:11 PM UTC
Talib Kweli Greene
When Candace Owens was told that she inspired that murderer, she LOLed. Fuck Candace Owens. Fuck Donald Trump. And fuck you too. @peterpayneppks @thedudeadam101 @rosieogan
15 Mar, 05:58 PM UTC
It’s sick that when a Muslim commits a crime you denounce the whole religion, but when a right wing extremist who literally said Trump, Pewdipie, and Candace Owens were his inspiration, you blame only the shooter. Check your privilege. #MuslimsAreNotTerrorists
15 Mar, 05:32 PM UTC
Mr. Reynolds
This is what white Supremacist murderer, Brenton Harrison Tarrant, 28,. said about reckless nutcase @RealCandaceO. He said she was his main inspiration for the mass murder committed in New Zealand Candace Owens should be banned from Twitter as a result. Hate comes in all colors.
15 Mar, 05:43 PM UTC
@RealCandaceO That's right. Neither Candace Owens, PewDiePie, or Trump are responsible for the behavior of a lunatic. It's time we start treating the individuals who commit these horrific crimes as the parties responsible.
15 Mar, 06:03 PM UTC
@AertkerMichelle @RealCandaceO You didn’t ask me why I believe she is not a victim. And saying Candace Owens is a victim in this situation is like saying a cow is a bird. They are by definition two completely separate things, so the act of describing how one is not the other is asinine in itself.
15 Mar, 06:03 PM UTC
Guns n' Roses: Appetite for Pragmatism
Counterpoint: I once said Candace Owens wears poopy diapers so I am primarily to blame for boosting her platform
15 Mar, 06:03 PM UTC
Nick Reeves #FinalSayForAll #FBPE
@Jacob_Rees_Mogg A nice cup of tea with Candace Owens, whose fascist bile and hate radicalised the #Christchurch terrorist. She has proclaimed Hitler would have been fine if he didn’t want to “globalise” - never mind the Holocaust. Your kind of person I guess Jacob, like that dinner party Nazi.
15 Mar, 06:03 PM UTC
Donna 🌊❄🍩
This useless bitch must be so proud.
15 Mar, 06:03 PM UTC
Mike Real-Last-Name-Unknown
@ryanpequin @PrisonPlanet I think you're missing the point here: if you seriously blame Candace Owens or Pewdiepie, you might as well blame those video games to complete the idiocy package because it's equally absurd. He's not genuinely suggesting video games are to blame.
15 Mar, 06:02 PM UTC
Ryoga Vee
@snowdossa @ellle_em Are you implying you are willing to use violence against Candace Owens?
15 Mar, 06:02 PM UTC

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