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Canelo Alvarez
🇲🇽 Otro día en la oficina. 🇺🇸 Another day at the office. #CaneloSaunders @Canelo's photo on Canelo
09 May, 04:55 AM UTC
Canelo is too good man. What a boxer
09 May, 04:01 AM UTC
Canelo eres dios viva México cabrones
09 May, 04:21 AM UTC
Bleacher Report
CANELO ALVAREZ BEATS BILLY JOE SAUNDERS VIA TKO 😤 He becomes the undisputed super middleweight champ #CaneloSaunders
09 May, 04:07 AM UTC
DAZN Boxing
CANELO IS FREAKING HYPED 🗣️ @DAZNBoxing's photo on Canelo
09 May, 04:13 AM UTC
Corridos & Bandas
CANELO 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🔥🔥🔥🔥🏆 @CorridoYBandas's photo on Canelo
09 May, 04:03 AM UTC
Canelo Alvarez defeated Billy Joe Saunders by TKO after the 8th round 🙌 @ESPNRingside #CaneloSaunders
09 May, 04:11 AM UTC
Complex Sports
Canelo left Saunders’ eye swollen shut😳😳😳 🇲🇽🇲🇽
09 May, 04:11 AM UTC
Omar Romo
Angela Aguilar cantando el Himno Nacional en la pelea del #Canelo. @OmRomo's photo on Canelo
09 May, 03:11 AM UTC
Barstool Sports
Canelo’s entrance was ELECTRIC @DAZNBoxing #CaneloSaunders @barstoolsports's photo on Canelo
09 May, 03:31 AM UTC
Michael Benson
Canelo speaking fluent English to rip into Demetrius Andrade for crashing the press conference after his win over Billy Joe Saunders last night… [🎥 @MatchroomBoxing] @MichaelBensonn's photo on Canelo
09 May, 12:53 PM UTC
Michael Benson
📋 Canelo Alvarez at age 30: 👑 WBA Super-Welter 👑 WBC Super-Welter 👑 WBO Super-Welter 👑 Ring Super-Welter 👑 WBA Middle 👑 WBC Middle (x2) 👑 IBF Middle 👑 Ring Middle (x2) 👑 WBA Super-Middle 👑 WBC Super-Middle 👑 WBO Super-Middle 👑 Ring Super-Middle 👑 WBO Light-Heavy @MichaelBensonn's photo on Canelo
09 May, 04:04 AM UTC
Faustino Cano
When u fighting canelo and all of sudden you wake up to loud ass Mexican music @whippet_gobbler's photo on Canelo
09 May, 05:10 AM UTC
Me in my bedroom at 5 am after watching canelo vs Saunders: @YRN_HV's photo on Canelo
09 May, 04:03 AM UTC
Solo conozco a un hombre capaz de vencer al Canelo y a la corrupción. @eduard0ushito's photo on Canelo
09 May, 04:41 AM UTC
Michael Conlan
Canelo speaking like a young Tony Montana when he’s arrived in Miami 😂
09 May, 10:50 AM UTC
70,000 people attending the Canelo vs Saunders fight tonight in Dallas. No masks, no vaccine passports. No new normal. Just normal.
09 May, 02:30 AM UTC
Brock’s Load
Canelo is too good @_MMAMindset's photo on Canelo
09 May, 10:44 AM UTC
👀 Canelo vs. Andrade? 🎥 @RadioRahimTV #CaneloSaunders @BOXRAW's photo on Canelo
09 May, 06:25 AM UTC
Canelo hit Saunders so hard Dogecoin crashed. #CanelovsSaunders
09 May, 04:19 AM UTC
DAZN Boxing
Canelo wasn’t happy about Demetrius Andrade crashing his post-fight press conference 🤬 (via @MikeCoppinger) @DAZNBoxing's photo on Canelo
09 May, 01:47 PM UTC
Michael Benson
Mark Tibbs on the Canelo vs Billy Joe Saunders stoppage: "His eye socket was caved in and he couldn't see. I didn't get the response I wanted from him. I had to pull it… He never said, 'No, that's it.' He left it to me. He took it well. He was in pain." [@BehindTheGloves]
09 May, 01:53 PM UTC
Tipster Mexicano
¡Qué grandes! 👏🏻🥊🇲🇽 Yo era de esos, que de niño se ponía una cinta en la cabeza cada que peleaba mi ídolo @Jcchavez115 ¡Bien @Canelo!
09 May, 06:12 AM UTC
Billy Joe Saunders and Canelo Alvarez fight how it started vs. how it ended
09 May, 04:12 AM UTC
De las mejores entradas al ring que haya visto. Un monstruo “El Canelo”
09 May, 08:48 AM UTC
Juan Carlos Latosso
Por justicia social, o llámenlo como quieran, no volveré a criticar al @Canelo Él ayuda a niños con cáncer y en mi credo personal eso equivale a una medalla Belisario Domínguez y a la bendición de mis Dioses.
09 May, 03:54 AM UTC
Connoisseur of Combat
I love Canelo’s get the fuck out of here delivery it’s so great lmao
09 May, 02:20 PM UTC
𖦞 salma -8
09 May, 04:28 AM UTC
Memes LMP™ ⚾
Una pelea del Canelo es igual de emocionante que un Rieleros vs Saraperos
09 May, 03:05 AM UTC
Nadim Haddad
Caleb Plant will get stopped too. He has some tools and physical attributes better than Saunders but he bites off feints easier than Saunders. Cant see Canelo not setting him up with something big at some point
09 May, 04:18 AM UTC