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Dan Dakich
This is what we’re usually doing today for #CarbDay Legends come out ⁦⁦@BarstoolBigCat⁩ ⁦@PFTCommenter⁩ Hopefully August... @dandakich's photo on #CarbDay
22 May, 02:16 PM UTC
Bret Michaels
In honor of #MemorialDay #MemorialDayWeekend check out Bret featured on #Indy500 #VirtualCarbDay @ https://t.co/LMkXE5GnQ5. See more from Bret’s previous #CarbDay performance @ https://t.co/4kZcHeervc. Pickup #AutoScrapOgraphy @ https://t.co/bzUlmaxkjN. - Team Bret🤘🏻🏁🚦🎸🇺🇸 @bretmichaels's photo on #CarbDay
22 May, 03:29 PM UTC
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Even though @sammyhagar couldn't join his fellow rockers for the @MillerLite #CarbDay Rock ‘n Roll Reunion, he has a special message for Race Fans! Watch the full Rock ‘n Roll Reunion with the biggest names that have rocked out at #IMS on #CarbDay. 📺: https://t.co/YZ9r8K8VmC @IMS's photo on #CarbDay
22 May, 02:00 PM UTC
Is the Indianapolis 500 today?
No, but it’s #CarbDay-ish, so day drinking commences...now. What’s everyone having?
22 May, 01:02 PM UTC
Lauren Renae
I have never been so sad to see a Friday come. We should be worshipping at the temple of speed this weekend. The world is weird and I wish I could have just stayed in bed. I miss you, beautiful lady. #carbday #Indy500 #istolethispicture https://t.co/tkAmpru22Q
22 May, 11:29 AM UTC
🏯 Pagoda 🏯
I miss you all! #CarbDay #500atHome https://t.co/nnQcWFBt3h
22 May, 01:02 PM UTC
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Race and rock at home this @MillerLite #CarbDay 🎸🏎️ Kick-off our virtual #Indy500 weekend with #CarbDay playlists, #SocialDistancePorching and the @MillerLite #CarbDay Rock ‘n Roll Reunion at 10 AM ET. Full Details >> https://t.co/6TBKtcDvVb @IMS's photo on #CarbDay
22 May, 12:47 PM UTC
Donald Mascola
We should be seeing this scene right about now - #CarbDay #Indianapolis500 #ThisIsMay #IsItAugustYet https://t.co/SUhp7YljJR
22 May, 03:28 PM UTC
Hammer and Nigel
We are still doing #CarbDay today! Our friends at @MillerLite have sponsored our show for today and we’re going to have Carb Day! Lots of beer, race clips, bits and more! @93wibc “It’s not a lie......if YOU believe it.” -George Costanza
22 May, 02:02 PM UTC
Steve Wittich
We should be just starting to get some great @Indy500Pics tweets right about now. #CarbDay - I’m really missing the best people watching day of the year.
22 May, 01:48 PM UTC
Matt Archuleta
Right now I'd be getting pumped for another wild #Freedom100 #Showtime #CarbDay #IndyLights https://t.co/0zN3KNGoIw
22 May, 04:46 PM UTC
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Though we aren't at the track, we can come together to enjoy @MillerLite #CarbDay moments. Our top picks from the past 4 years: 2016: https://t.co/XhtqvJBtZQ 2017: https://t.co/tLWqucKDFr 2018: https://t.co/mG32HSm6lV 2019: https://t.co/YoEkfjnNP4 More: https://t.co/JISGRe0DVR https://t.co/FXvE9d8ToQ
22 May, 05:08 PM UTC
Angie Holt
Gonna be another tough day race fans. 😔 #CarbDay 🏁 https://t.co/4j6WRbYPG7
22 May, 11:18 AM UTC
Shoutout to @MillerLite #CarbDay and we will celebrate with you today after 3p. @1075thefan @jdouglas4 Join us a celebration today. https://t.co/MGCdKazqPm
22 May, 04:44 PM UTC
Arni Sribhen
The people watching from home is slightly suboptimal compared to where I am usually found on the Friday before Memorial Day. #CarbDay.
22 May, 03:40 PM UTC
Chris Hagan
A #carbday throwback with @JMV1070 - Should have been there today! @ChrisHaganIndy's photo on #CarbDay
22 May, 04:11 PM UTC
Marc Mullins
Well, this was supposed to be #Indy500 weekend. Today should be #CarbDay. @MarcMullins1's photo on #CarbDay
22 May, 01:19 PM UTC
Indy Lights
We miss being at @MillerLite #CarbDay @IMS today, but we can look back on the memories - and look ahead to August! Join us all day today as we remember some of the great #Freedom100 races. https://t.co/MSNkWaP5P8
22 May, 03:19 PM UTC
Fast Cars Fast Girls 🦩🏁🦩
Molly brought some @MillerLite #CarbDay spirit to a virtual work meeting for #500FashionFriday #500AtHome we’ll all be at the @IMS soon!! #IsItAugustYet https://t.co/9Su1jX7Slz
22 May, 04:05 PM UTC
Angie Holt
August @ebarnes442 ... August. @IMS @SpeedwayPagoda #CarbDay #FrontStretch #IsItAugustYet? 🏁🏁 https://t.co/IBDvGpC6M5
22 May, 04:42 PM UTC
I have countless great #Indy500 memories but this was my absolute favorite day at @IMS. I had just had surgery & should not have been there but I didn't care. I was NOT missing my boy, @bretmichaels & Poison! 🤣🥰 #500atHome #CarbDay #Indy500 #CarbDayPorchParty #FlashbackFriday @KJonair's photo on #CarbDay
22 May, 04:11 PM UTC
Kirby Arnold
I miss everything about #CarbDay at @IMS, including this oft-repeated scene. https://t.co/wejgEGTOK1
22 May, 04:03 PM UTC
Charlie McAtee
This is normally my view on #CarbDay 😥 https://t.co/Q5tuQjmAVR
22 May, 03:31 PM UTC
Should be in Indy doing the best people watching on the planet right now. #CarbDay
22 May, 04:07 PM UTC
Unstable RaceFan
Happy #CarbDay @TheOrangeCone #ThrowBackCarbDay https://t.co/P2kRDp85j1
22 May, 04:54 PM UTC
Dave Lindquist #DavesOldInterviewTapes
In the immortal #TheLastDance words of Dennis Rodman: "I don't care, whatever. What's up?" https://t.co/qAmqXkNDI1 #CarbDay #Indy500
22 May, 03:05 PM UTC
Coke Lot Radio
Missing these sounds and views today...#Indy500 #CarbDay https://t.co/zGlDfDwYyu
22 May, 03:17 PM UTC
Coke Lot Radio
Wow what a finish in the Indy lights race!! @IMS #CarbDay #Indy500-our thoughts last year around this time https://t.co/FvDk2IBR7A
22 May, 04:24 PM UTC
It’s shortly after noon, which means @laurajheidel and I should be time traveling right now. #CarbDay 🍋🍻
22 May, 04:07 PM UTC
Angie Holt
Oh screw it. I'm drinking. Shoulda popped a beer first thing this morning. Bring back some damn normalcy ... at least in May. Who's with me? #Cheers #CarbDay #IsItAugustYet? 🍻🏁
22 May, 04:55 PM UTC