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FOX Soccer
That is just unfair! 😱 Carli Lloyd with a sublime chip makes it 3-0, USWNT! 🏌️♀️ @FOXSoccer's photo on Carli Lloyd
08 Nov, 01:15 AM UTC
FOX Soccer
What a start for the USWNT! 🇺🇸 Christen Press feeds Carli Lloyd for the early 1-0 lead vs Sweden. @FOXSoccer's photo on Carli Lloyd
08 Nov, 12:49 AM UTC
FOX Soccer
The Vlatko Andonovski era starts with a W! Carli Lloyd (x2) and Christen Press lead the way in a close 🇺🇸 win over Sweden in Ohio. @FOXSoccer's photo on Carli Lloyd
08 Nov, 02:27 AM UTC
Planet Fútbol
Carli Lloyd's second goal of the night was just filthy 😤 (via @FOXSoccer) @si_soccer's photo on Carli Lloyd
08 Nov, 01:25 AM UTC
FOX Soccer
Update: Carli Lloyd is still v good at soccer. 90' in 90" takes you through her night and Vlatko Andonovski's debut win as @USWNT head coach. ⬇️ @FOXSoccer's photo on Carli Lloyd
08 Nov, 03:19 AM UTC
Caitlin Murray
Takeaways from the #USWNT game: -Carli Lloyd convincingly auditions to keep her job. -Tactics and style of play look like they'll evolve and... dare I say be more fun to watch? -The players frankly seem thrilled to have a new coach. Make of that what you will.
08 Nov, 03:21 AM UTC
The Equalizer
FULL TIME: #USWNT 3, Sweden 2 Vlatko Andonovski wins his first game as U.S. head coach. Two goals and an assist from Carli Lloyd lead the way. RECAP: #USAvSWE
08 Nov, 02:29 AM UTC
The American Outlaws
Carli Lloyd... human after all. Misses the PK. #USWNT 3-2
08 Nov, 02:18 AM UTC
it's a beautiful game and i am a horrible goose
A new formation, happy players, and well-worked goals outweigh a couple of defensive flubs in Andonovski’s #USWNT debut defeating Sweden 3-2
08 Nov, 02:57 AM UTC
Erica L. Ayala
I hope y’all keep hating on Carli Lloyd, because I’m convinced she thrives off it! I’ll take her on my squad every day of the week.
08 Nov, 12:47 AM UTC
Raíssa/ mundinho RaiZika
toda frieza de Carli Lloyd
08 Nov, 01:26 AM UTC
Listen if polar bear Carli Lloyd is cold... it’s cold. #USWNT #USAvSWE
08 Nov, 12:38 AM UTC
Stars and Stripes FC
#USWNT looks mostly bright and happy in 3-2 win over Sweden #USAvSWE
08 Nov, 02:54 AM UTC
toe 🦃 bee
carli lloyd’s block list:
08 Nov, 12:00 AM UTC
toe 🦃 bee
carli lloyd........ & captain....... i have to laugh
07 Nov, 11:35 PM UTC
𝙗𝙚𝙘𝙠𝙮 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙘𝙖𝙥𝙩𝙖𝙞𝙣
08 Nov, 02:19 AM UTC
Keeper Notes
#USAvSWE halftime trivia! Who has scored the most #USWNT goals all-time vs. Sweden? First to EMAIL correct answer to wins a USA Women's World Cup champs magnet. (and no, the answer is not Carli Lloyd)
08 Nov, 01:28 AM UTC
SBI Soccer
Carli Lloyd’s brace helped the #USWNT hand Vlatko Andonovski his first win as head coach.
08 Nov, 02:46 AM UTC
Updated on 11/7, after Vlatko's first game (Sweden). Carli Lloyd and Christen Press' numbers are impressive. Carli leads the team in goals with 15 (!!), Press has 12 assists, which is more than the second and third on the list combined. #USA #USWNT
08 Nov, 02:55 AM UTC
Yahoo Soccer
Carli Lloyd scored two goals and Vlatko Andonovski started his #USWNT 🇺🇸 tenure with a victory over Sweden. @HenryBushnell from Columbus ➡️ @FCYahoo's photo on Carli Lloyd
08 Nov, 03:12 AM UTC
Foot Fem HT
La sélection Américaine 🇺🇸, future adversaire des Grenadières aux éliminatoires des JO de Tokyo 2020 a affronté la Suède 🇸🇪 ce jeudi à Columbus. Victoire (3-2) des championnes du Monde en titre. Carli Lloyd a marqué 2 buts dans ce match.
08 Nov, 02:51 AM UTC
lu arrogante
Carli Lloyd meteu dois gols hoje com direito a GOLAÇO e deu ass pra Christen, errou pênalti e acontece! Pq essas gringas n agem assim quando é pênalti perdido pelas queridinhas delas?
08 Nov, 02:53 AM UTC
FD Sports
🌐 AMISTOSOS INTERNACIONAIS ⚽️ 07 de novembro de 2019 Estados Unidos 🇺🇸 3-2 🇸🇪 Suécia 🇺🇸⚽️ Carli Lloyd (6'), Christen Press (29') e Lindsey Horan (31') 🇸🇪⚽️ Anna Anvegard (75' e 79') #WomensInternationals #USWNT #USAvSWE #USA #Sverige #Sweden
08 Nov, 02:37 AM UTC
Carli Lloyd scores twice, US holds off Sweden. MORE: @TSN_Sports's photo on Carli Lloyd
08 Nov, 03:10 AM UTC
Love getting a notification from espn saying carli lloyd won the game tonight as if she was the literal only player that played
08 Nov, 03:10 AM UTC
The Mane Land
USWNT 3-2 Sweden: Carli Lloyd’s brace leads the Yanks to victory in Vlatko Andonovski’s first match as coach. Our match recap and highlights:
08 Nov, 02:43 AM UTC
Dest chose the US
Last goal of the Jill era —> Carli lloyd First goal of the Vlatko Era —————> Carli Lloyd #uswnt #USAvSWE
08 Nov, 03:06 AM UTC
AP Sports
Carli Lloyd scores twice, US holds off Sweden 3-2.
08 Nov, 03:03 AM UTC
We fight for Carli Lloyd’s rights in house. Especially against morons who’s faves can’t seem to play themselves onto the field🤷🏾‍♀️ we don’t listen to stans of people who ride the bench.
08 Nov, 03:03 AM UTC

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