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Bryan Hoch
Sonny Gray pitches around a Carlos Beltran double and he's through two scoreless. #ALCS
17 Oct, 09:39 PM UTC
Brian McTaggart
The first hit of the game belongs to 40-year-old NY resident Carlos Beltran, who rips a double to right field in the second.
17 Oct, 09:36 PM UTC
Carlos Beltran is the Vince Carter of baseball in that he won't go away, but no wants him to go away either.
17 Oct, 09:37 PM UTC
Texas Sports History
Today in 2004, Carlos Beltran sets a new postseason record, hitting a HR in 5 consecutive playoff games, & 8 total…
17 Oct, 01:00 PM UTC
Aaron Gleeman
All-time postseason OPS leaders (min. 150 PA): 1.214 Babe Ruth 1.214 Lou Gehrig 1.056 Carlos Beltran 1.030 Albert Pujols 1.023 George Brett
17 Oct, 09:41 PM UTC
Cork Gaines
Carlos Beltran the last time he was in the playoffs with the #Astros.
17 Oct, 09:39 PM UTC
Andrew Simon
Thirteen years ago today, Carlos Beltran hit his 8th HR in his 9th game of the 2004 postseason for the Astros.
17 Oct, 09:41 PM UTC
Chip Reiderson
Carlos Beltran just became the oldest player to hit a double in the ALCS at the age of 74.
17 Oct, 09:36 PM UTC
Enrique Rojas/ESPN
H2 de Carlos Beltrán con 2 outs en el 2do.
17 Oct, 09:36 PM UTC
Buster Olney
Podcast: @MarlyRiveraESPN on the players' concern over Puerto Rico; Carlos Beltran's future; Alex Cora's candidacy.
17 Oct, 06:52 PM UTC
#PRSeLevanta 🇵🇷
Carlos Beltrán conecta el doble #15 de su carrera en #Postseason y se coloca en la 5ta posición de todos los tiempos entre boricuas.
17 Oct, 09:39 PM UTC
Bob Slovak
Ok now here we go. Carlos Beltran with a ripped double. Nice to see Beltran in line-up. #earnhistory @abc13houston
17 Oct, 09:37 PM UTC
Jesse Spector
Carlos Beltran ends Sonny Gray's no-hit bid with a two-out double to right field in the second inning.
17 Oct, 09:36 PM UTC
Barry McCockiner 🅥
Carlos Beltran might be the best postseason hitter in baseball history. Seriously, go look at his stats.
17 Oct, 09:57 PM UTC
Megan Restivo
Carlos Beltran??? What a throwback
17 Oct, 09:36 PM UTC
Art Stapleton
If Sonny Gray keeps this up, Carlos Beltran can present him with his Monument Park blazer after the game.
17 Oct, 09:39 PM UTC
Paul Hembekides
Carlos Beltran now has 32 career extra base hits in the postseason, 8th all-time. Next up - Reggie Jackson & David Justice, both with 33.
17 Oct, 09:42 PM UTC
Joe Trezza
Yankees clearly think Carlos Beltran's bat slowed with age, shifting OF way over the opposite way. The old wonder promptly pulled a double.
17 Oct, 09:40 PM UTC
Christopher Smith
Carlos Beltran always has stepped his game up a notch in the postseason.
17 Oct, 09:37 PM UTC
Justin Russo
Carlos Beltran is now a career .319/.425/.633 hitter in the postseason.
17 Oct, 09:40 PM UTC
The Straw Hat Ladies
First hit of this weird start time game goes to Carlos Beltran!
17 Oct, 09:38 PM UTC
Michael Mayer
Carlos Beltran has 131 total bases in only 248 playoff plate appearances.
17 Oct, 09:56 PM UTC
Doug Kern
Carlos Beltran: 3rd visiting player to double at Fenway Park & Yankee Stadium in same postseason. Torii Hunter 2009, Jhonny Peralta 2007.
17 Oct, 09:51 PM UTC
Isaac Rodriguez
Most playoff hits 14-17 Roberto Alomar (72) Yogi Berra (71) Marquis Grissom (69) Matt Holliday (69) Carlos Beltran…
17 Oct, 09:46 PM UTC
Mike Mata
@JoshInnesShow I sure hope the Astros don't waste Carlos Beltran going 4 for 4 today!! Geeez, Get a Freakin hit!!! #ALCS
17 Oct, 09:48 PM UTC
Z101 Digital
[ AUDIO ] Carlos Beltrán sueña con ganar su primera Serie Mundial. #ZDigital
17 Oct, 09:43 PM UTC
Benjamin Kelly
For which team do you most remember Carlos Beltran with during his 20-year career?
17 Oct, 09:41 PM UTC
SportsTalk 790
Astros get a two out double from Carlos Beltran, but strand him there. Still scoreless as the Yankees go back to the plate for bottom of 2nd
17 Oct, 09:39 PM UTC
Chris Iseman
Carlos Beltran with two-out double to right in the second.
17 Oct, 09:36 PM UTC
Dale Robertson
2-out double for Carlos Beltran. Only the Astros' 16th hit of the series. #Astros
17 Oct, 09:37 PM UTC
Astros Daily
10/17/2004: Video: #Astros' Lance Berkman doubles to center, scoring Carlos Beltran and Jeff Bagwell:
17 Oct, 10:00 PM UTC
Best hitting team in baseballs first two runners on base are Carlos Beltran & Brian McCann. That is so Yankees.
17 Oct, 09:57 PM UTC
Texans SZN 😅😤
Deadass I see Carlos Beltran coaching
17 Oct, 09:52 PM UTC
I miss Carlos Beltran, not so much McCann
17 Oct, 09:51 PM UTC
Stephanie Murillo
I’m watching the game at work and one of my students yells “that’s the guy from my apartments” she was talking about CARLOS BELTRAN!!Wth lol
17 Oct, 09:43 PM UTC
Rich Ruggiero
@LouDiPietroYES Inexplicable. I want him to go 0-for-4 but I'd never boo Carlos Beltran in a billion years for wearing another uni.
17 Oct, 09:41 PM UTC
dante diMartini
Wow Carlos Beltran got fat
17 Oct, 09:41 PM UTC
Michael Grant
Wait a minute. Carlos Beltrán is still alive?!? #ALCS
17 Oct, 09:40 PM UTC
Ben Poplin
One of greatest #PostSeason hitters of all time, @astros Carlos Beltran can still make you pay. #ALCS
17 Oct, 09:40 PM UTC
Jerry Conner
#ALCS2017 Carlos Beltran just got an extra base hit in the playoffs... doesn't that always happen? 0-0 Top of 2, 2 out
17 Oct, 09:39 PM UTC
Every time I see Carlos Beltran in a baseball game, I remember how much I miss Carlos Beltran.
17 Oct, 09:39 PM UTC
Frank Gantz
Carlos Beltran of the @astros has been a great pro and enjoyable to watch for a long, long time. #ALCS
17 Oct, 09:38 PM UTC
Chris Rodriguez
@VeniceMase @LAIreland And Carlos Beltran records the 1st basehit by a left handed batter for the Astros in the CS. 0-28 as a team prior.
17 Oct, 09:38 PM UTC
Standing Room Only
Carlos Beltran is proof that any #Postseason team needs a few veterans #EarnHistory
17 Oct, 09:38 PM UTC
ness with an L
i hope Carlos Beltran retires as a Met.
17 Oct, 09:38 PM UTC
Carlos beltran is no less than 400 years old
17 Oct, 09:38 PM UTC
Carlos Beltran still doing the damn thing.
17 Oct, 09:38 PM UTC
⚾️ Carlos Beltrán fue 1 Súper Pelotero. El Doble que le da a Gray, se lo da por Bruto. Como le tiran curva a ese? 1 Veterano, con Bate Lento
17 Oct, 09:38 PM UTC
Matthew Sloane Sr.
It’s heartwarming seeing Carlos Beltran back in Orange in blue in a postseason game even if it’s not the orange and blue I want him in
17 Oct, 09:38 PM UTC
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