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17 Sep, 03:00 AM UTC
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16 Sep, 09:03 PM UTC
The first look at Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes in ‘TRUE STORY’. The series follows a fictional version of Kevin Hart named Kid and his older brother Carlton. The series releases on November 24 on Netflix.
16 Sep, 04:03 PM UTC
Carlton FC
Welcome to Carlton, Brian Cook. We have secured arguably the country’s most highly regarded sports administrator in the role of Chief Executive Officer.
17 Sep, 10:26 AM UTC
Sharri Markson
I'm not going to post it because I do not want to drive traffic to it. But the SMH painting Mike Carlton as the VICTIM of bullying is a fucking joke. He is a sexist bully, as @NicolleFlint and myself can attest. This is too far, even for the SMH.
17 Sep, 06:57 AM UTC
Sam McClure
Brian Cook is Carlton’s new CEO.
17 Sep, 09:15 AM UTC
Carlton name former Geelong Cats CEO Brian Cook as new CEO of the Club. @7AFL's photo on Carlton
17 Sep, 09:28 AM UTC
Real Footy (AFL)
Blues lands Cook: Veteran AFL administrator Brian Cook goes to Carlton @sam_mcclure with the story
17 Sep, 09:13 AM UTC
Alan Tudge
The left look after their own, don’t they? Even casting the vicious troll Mike Carlton as a victim. I guess it doesn’t count if you are only denigrating Jews and conservative women as he has done. He is one of the most vile contributors on Twitter but is a victim to the SMH. @AlanTudgeMP's photo on Carlton
17 Sep, 08:38 AM UTC
Sharri Markson
As @NicolleFlint reports in this piece, Carlton called me a "weapons-grade halfwit and Murdochracy toady" and he called Judith Sloan "fat-headed", "dim witted" and "Miss Piggy". He said Daisy Cousens is "as thick as cow shit" and said she is "crazy".
17 Sep, 07:01 AM UTC
🇮🇳 🚩मुमुक्षु #इदं_राष्ट्राय🇮🇳
Delhi Durbar 1903 - American Photographer James Carlton with the famous Kashmir Giants. Twin brothers, bodyguards of the King of Kashmir Hari Singh. One brother 7.9 m, shorter brother 7.4 m.😳
17 Sep, 07:19 AM UTC
@AlanTudgeMP Frankly speaking Mike Carlton is not a friend of mine, but this must be coming from a parody account, considering Tudge dark and shameful history with women, starting from intimidating and bullying his female staffers for sex, along with of course the rest of his shitty business?
17 Sep, 09:07 AM UTC
Rolling Stone
Nick Cave, Vanessa Carlton, and more appear in the new trailer for 'Karen Dalton: In My Own Time,' a new documentary about a cult folk singer you should know.
16 Sep, 09:52 PM UTC
Hilly #MaintainTheRage #FullyVaccinated
@AlanTudgeMP As a Red Sea Pedestrian myself I have never found Mike Carlton to be anti-Semitic just critical of some of Israel's military & Likkud Party behaviour. The only time I have seen him attack a woman is when she says something repugnant. Wrong tree, mate. Go bark somewhere else.
17 Sep, 09:57 AM UTC
FOTA (Friend Of The Australians.) OHF
I see Mike Carlton is trending again. Was he polite to a woman or something?
17 Sep, 09:19 AM UTC
💧Elizabeth Marr
@hollieahughes @AlanTudgeMP Thank you Hollie🌸 for standing up for Mike Carlton’s right to free speech & showing your disgust for Alan’s nasty erroneous commentary. It’s up to the Ladies to show the way
17 Sep, 10:49 AM UTC
Carlton Cheersquad
Hey @barrettdamian how good does Carlton appointing Brian Cook feel, hey?! Moron.
17 Sep, 11:41 AM UTC
Anna 13.... Hold truth to power! ✊✳️✳️
@1Alboforpm I grew up in Footscray, I’m a Carlton supporter who has no beef with either but because I grew up in the west it’s the Doggies for me, they deserve it.
17 Sep, 09:03 AM UTC
Brian Cook: Welcome to Carlton. Do a good job, will you. #GOBLUES
17 Sep, 11:58 AM UTC
Tim W
Just got up to walk to the kitchen. Wife said “you’re walking differently. I haven’t seen you walk like that for 20 years” I replied “I’ve got my Carlton strut back” #allofus #briancook
17 Sep, 12:01 PM UTC
Carlton receives much-needed boost after snaring former Geelong CEO
17 Sep, 11:51 AM UTC
Diana number 111
Damn! I see Mike Carlton trending - which little 14 yr old girl has he stalked this time?
17 Sep, 10:05 AM UTC
@AlanTudgeMP @SharriMarkson He must have gone to a two carton daily sup.... have another stub Carton Carlton.
17 Sep, 08:43 AM UTC
ABC News
Carlton receives much-needed boost after snaring former Geelong CEO
17 Sep, 12:01 PM UTC
STUasaurus Rex 🦖 ©
Oh @josefsalvat really can not any wrong. What a god damn serve *does Carlton dance around the living room*
17 Sep, 11:50 AM UTC
Terence Carter
@SharriMarkson @NicolleFlint Compared to your fellow Sky contributor, Alan Jones, Mike Carlton is a feminist warrior.
17 Sep, 11:14 AM UTC
Brighton & Hove City Council
Young people from Carlton Hill, Elm Grove and St Luke’s primary schools were asked to draw what their perfect street would look like and have them displayed as part of an exhibition at Jubilee Library. Read more 👉 @BrightonHoveCC's photo on Carlton
17 Sep, 12:01 PM UTC
Three seconds after commenting, and sticking up for proper grammar. This from Mike Carlton.
17 Sep, 12:09 PM UTC
Anthony Bergelin
@markc01 @rohancct @jack_usaf @GrayConnolly You win a pot of Carlton Draught. 👍😂
17 Sep, 11:56 AM UTC