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Carole Baskin on CNN talking about a Tiger being on the loose connected to a murder suspect ... @teatime75's photo on Carole
12 May, 12:08 PM UTC
Rolling Stone
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will induct Foo Fighters, Jay-Z, Tina Turner, Carole King, the Go-Go鈥檚 and Todd Rundgren, while LL Cool J, Billy Preston, and Randy Rhoads will receive the Musical Excellence Award
12 May, 12:07 PM UTC
Quinton Reviews 馃幀
the further we get from Tiger King the more convinced I become that Carole Baskin's husband really did just fly his plane into the ocean like a dumb bitch
12 May, 12:21 PM UTC
Karsten Roberts
To be clear is the murder suspect Carole Baskin?
12 May, 12:07 PM UTC
Eric Alper 馃帶
Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees for 2021: 路 Foo Fighters 路 The Go-Go's 路 JAY-Z 路 Carole King 路 Todd Rundgren 路 Tina Turner
12 May, 12:37 PM UTC
Kathy Valentine
OMG!! congrats Tina, Carole, Todd, Foos, JayZ and US!!!!!
12 May, 12:21 PM UTC
When you see Carole Baskin on CNN discussing escaped tigers and murder suspects
12 May, 12:13 PM UTC
The Recount
Tiger King鈥檚 Carole Baskin calls out Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and John Cornyn (R-TX) over loose tiger in Texas. She says Senate should have taken up House-passed Big Cat Public Safety Act, which prohibits private ownership of big cats. @therecount's photo on Carole
12 May, 12:01 PM UTC
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to Induct Jay-Z, Carole King, Go-Go鈥檚, Tina Turner, Todd Rundgren and Foo聽Fighters
12 May, 12:05 PM UTC
Joe Exotic sitting in jail hearing Carole Baskin is still making TV appearances to talk about the tiger that got loose in Houston
12 May, 12:04 PM UTC
Tina Turner, JAY-Z & Carole King Among 2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees鈥
12 May, 12:12 PM UTC
The Wall Street Journal
The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame will add Jay-Z, Tina Turner, The Go-Go鈥檚, Carole King, Foo Fighters and Todd Rundgren. A class which the Rock Hall called it's most diverse in history.
12 May, 12:20 PM UTC
The people in that neighborhood were 鈥渋n extreme danger,鈥 says Big Cat Rescue founder Carole Baskin after a tiger was seen on the loose in Houston. 鈥淐hildren running and screaming ... that would have triggered every instinct in that cat to kill.鈥 @CNN's photo on Carole
12 May, 01:07 PM UTC
2020 was nuts, yes, but 2021 has Carole Baskin being the voice of reason
12 May, 12:15 PM UTC
Foo Fighters, JAY-Z, Tina Turner, Go Go's, Carole King, and Todd Rundgren are being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame: @consequence's photo on Carole
12 May, 12:18 PM UTC
Andy Dehnart
Just a reminder that Netflix used its platform to convince everyone Carole Baskin was a cold-blooded murderer despite a lack of actual evidence, and turned the person who'd actually tried to have her killed into a hero.
12 May, 12:32 PM UTC
Eric Alper 馃帶
Carole King's Tapestry topped the U.S. album chart for 15 weeks in 1971, the most weeks by a female artist for more than 20 years, and remained on the charts for more than 6 years. @ThatEricAlper's photo on Carole
12 May, 01:37 PM UTC
New York Times Music
Jay-Z and Tina Turner lead the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame鈥檚 2021 inductees. Foo Fighters, the Go-Go鈥檚, Carole King and Todd Rundgren were also voted in, meaning nearly half of the 15 individuals in this year鈥檚 class are women.
12 May, 12:10 PM UTC
Bill Weir
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2021 -Tina Turner -Carole King -The Go-Gos -Todd Rungren -Foo Fighters -Jay Z Nominees not inducted -Devo -NY Dolls -Iron Maiden -Chaka Khan -Rage Against The Machine -Mary J Blige -Dionne Warwick
12 May, 12:12 PM UTC
"Story time. Estaba en un avi贸n de regreso a LA de NT, sola, en 2017. Acababa de firmar mi primer trato de grabaci贸n y me sent铆a en la sombra de un matrimonio completamente roto. Escuch茅 'Two Ghosts' de Harry y 'It's too late' de Carole King de ida y vuelta, una y otra vez en+
12 May, 01:32 PM UTC
.@LoveTinaTurner and @Carole_King are among the legendary group of 2021 inductees to the @RockHall!
12 May, 01:28 PM UTC
@Murky__Meg She might call her Frances. Diana was called Frances. Diana's mother was called Frances. She'll want her daughter to complete the triangle. Just like Carole Elizabeth, Catherine Elizabeth and Charlotte Elizabeth.
12 May, 12:06 PM UTC
This year's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees include Jay-Z (@S_C_), @FooFighters, Tina Turner (@LoveTinaTurner), @Carole_King, the Go-Go's (@officialgogos), & @ToddRundgren @stereogum's photo on Carole
12 May, 01:23 PM UTC
Andy Dehnart
In my review of Tiger King last year, I broke down how effective this is, and how the show itself contributes to the narrative by using a stock photo of a huge meat grinder and using b-roll against Carole Baskin.
12 May, 01:10 PM UTC
The newest class of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees is here! Out of 16 nominees, these six music legends made it to the top! 馃憖 #rockhall #inductees #rockandroll
12 May, 12:10 PM UTC
CBS This Morning
The #RockHall2021 inductees have been announced and @RockHall says it's their most diverse class in history. Some of the music legends include: @LoveTinaTurner, Jay-Z, @foofighters, @officialgogos, Carole King and @toddrundgren. @CBSThisMorning's photo on Carole
12 May, 01:27 PM UTC
DonyaRina 馃椊
@NewDay @carole_baskin Really @cnn, of all the qualified tiger experts you get suspected murder @carole_baskin . That鈥檚 blood ratings.
12 May, 12:19 PM UTC
Chicago Tribune
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to Induct Jay-Z, Carole King, Go-Go鈥檚, Tina Turner, Todd Rundgren and Foo Fighters
12 May, 01:38 PM UTC
HSLT Daily
馃摬| "[...] Escuch茅 'Two Ghost' de Harry y 'It's too late' de Carole King una y otra vez durante las 6 horas de vuelo [...] Este disco estuvo ah铆 para mi antes que cualquier otra persona y siempre ser谩 realmente especial para m铆. - Ashe en Instagram sobre el 谩lbum Harry Styles.
12 May, 01:38 PM UTC
The @rockhall Performer Class of 2021: Tina Turner, @Carole_King, @officialgogos, Jay-Z (@sc), @FooFighters and @toddrundgren
12 May, 01:22 PM UTC