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Josh Stein
I have a message for the women of North Carolina: you still have a legal right to an abortion in our state. North Carolina state law protects women's reproductive freedoms. 1/
24 Jun, 02:30 PM UTC
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25 Jun, 06:22 AM UTC
Taylor Nation
The #Carolina Lyric Video is out and it’s bound to leave a pivotal mark! Watch now https://t.co/uXieiKBY5Z @taylornation13's photo on Carolina
24 Jun, 01:18 PM UTC
trechos taylor's version
"Perdida eu nasci, solitária eu me tornei, solitária sempre ficarei" — Carolina, Taylor Swift
24 Jun, 03:05 PM UTC
Luna Gil
¡Viva la revolución cubana! ¡Viva la pobreza franciscana! ¡Viva Fidel! ... ¡Ah! y ¡Viva Carolina Herrera, Givenchy y Cartier! 😏 https://t.co/GkcyhJIGXe
25 Jun, 12:06 AM UTC
north carolina is the closest state for nearly all of the southeast that people will be able to access abortion now and our clinics are gonna be unbelievably overwhelmed so please donate to nc abortion funds if you can https://t.co/ZHhEATntJN
24 Jun, 03:04 PM UTC
Mundo Swift 🌎
Mi mamá: Ofrécele algo a la visita Yo: Quieres escuchar "Carolina" de Taylor Swift ? https://t.co/7gU4LUnMFS
24 Jun, 09:01 PM UTC
Nina Espina ♥️🇺🇲❤️🌎
@JoshStein_ North Carolina citizens, today it is abortion rights. Soon it may be interracial / gay marriage, voting rights. Wake up and vote Democrat local, state and president.
24 Jun, 02:54 PM UTC
Sara Pequeño
North Carolina does not have a trigger ban on abortion. We need to codify access now.
24 Jun, 02:15 PM UTC
Timothy Burke
The NCAA banned North Carolina from hosting championships after it passed the bathroom bill. It banned South Carolina due to the Confederate flag. Certainly the NCAA must do the same with states that mandate forced birth on their women athletes.
24 Jun, 03:35 PM UTC
Chise 🧬🧫🦠🔬💉
Just a heads up for those that need it. California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and
24 Jun, 04:39 PM UTC
Sara Pequeño
Learn how you can support @CarolinaAbtnFnd now, as North Carolina is one of the only states in the southeast that has legal abortion for the time being. https://t.co/n4CBBRiP9t
24 Jun, 02:24 PM UTC
Taylor Media📙
Taylor Swift - Carolina (Dolby Atmos Stems) https://t.co/IIp2n1UOht
25 Jun, 07:26 AM UTC
Fifty Shades of Whey
Asheville, North Carolina turned the fuck out to protest the fascist Supreme Court https://t.co/MXDBiUFnxG
25 Jun, 03:00 AM UTC
eu fico acordada até tarde e não faço nada de útil taylor swift fica acordada até tarde e escreve carolina deve ser tão bom ter talento
24 Jun, 01:27 PM UTC
Universal Music Publishing Group
Carolina, the dreamy new @taylorswift13 single from the major motion picture @CrawdadsMovie is out now. 🌾 ↳https://t.co/nFmyfdCeAc @UMPG's photo on Carolina
24 Jun, 09:22 PM UTC
Catz Meow 🗝
People who say voting doesn't matter didn't live in North Carolina during a pandemic, when a level-headed Democratic governor saved thousands of lives.
24 Jun, 06:45 PM UTC
🔀 Fácil Desviarse
La activista disidente cubana dijo que le "hubiera encantado" reunirse con integrantes del Frente Amplio, pero no quisieron recibirla oficialmente pese a que lo pidió "muchas veces". Agregó que solo pudo tomar un café con "alguien" de manera "informal". https://t.co/Q19orxT2mW
24 Jun, 11:22 PM UTC
mehreen ( Taylor's version ) 💜
Taylor swift " Carolina" meaning and song review🧵 https://t.co/VMciyamnJk
25 Jun, 11:13 AM UTC
Juliana Palacio
Algo tuvo que haberle prometido Carolina Corcho al gremio médico, porque muchos estaban con Petro.
24 Jun, 11:30 PM UTC
Oludayo Sokunbi (Deewon)
📍Accounting and Management: (1)University of Arizona. (2)Bentley University. (3)University of Iowa. (4)Ohio State University. (5)North Carolina State University. (6)University of South Carolina.
25 Jun, 10:56 AM UTC
Carolina Corcho será la ministra de salud del gobierno de Gustavo Petro, bajo su batuta estará devolvernos al seguro social, aunque afirma que no perseguirá a los hospitales o clínicas privadas.
24 Jun, 06:31 PM UTC
Luis Gramajo
Mientras la intendente Carolina Cosse se pasea por los medios tratando temas que no le competen deja de lado su función y deja más que claro que no hay una idea de cómo mejorar Montevideo. Estas son algunas de las realidades que vivimos quienes vivimos en la capital. @Diego__RS https://t.co/enQwAPKADU
24 Jun, 04:59 PM UTC
Carolina Forward
LG @markrobinsonNC said yesterday that he's been praying for the end of Roe "for decades" (by which we assume he means well after 1989, when he paid for one himself), and also called for a total ban on abortion in North Carolina. This is where they're going. Eyes open. #ncpol
25 Jun, 12:13 PM UTC
To protect abortion rights, we must elect Inman and Ervin to the North Carolina Supreme Court Today’s Supreme Court decisions overturning Roe and Casey have a lot of people asking what they can do. https://t.co/BNYYllm2d1
24 Jun, 05:32 PM UTC
Stephen Skrocki
South Carolina Shane Beamer 7v7 Camp | 6.23.22 | Full Highlights | Link in Bio🎥 https://t.co/YnHieUaXDg
24 Jun, 11:33 PM UTC
Taylor Swift Polska (Taylor's Version)
Jeżeli chcielibyście nieco bardziej zagłębić się w analizę „Carolina” polecamy analizę Emilii na jej kanale! https://t.co/Gk0vk6KszH
25 Jun, 12:17 PM UTC
Woods Windham
Went 7-0 to win Coastal Carolina’s 7v7 tournament Thursday! @CoachColtonKorn @willykorn @CoachChadwell https://t.co/Bg0BdfXiqi
25 Jun, 11:55 AM UTC
claire donnelly
Been hearing some say abortion will be the big issue in North Carolina's 2024 governors race. Actually, it's the big issue now. If Republican lawmakers win a supermajority in the statehouse in the fall, they could pass stricter abortion laws and override a veto from Gov. Cooper.
25 Jun, 12:06 PM UTC
Marvin E. Adams
@chaddehunt @CarlaRK3 And Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! 😔
25 Jun, 12:11 PM UTC