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Slim Beam
It's y'all pretending Casamigos just gets y'all so irrationally drunk. It's just good tequila. It don't call for all that extra
24 Jul, 05:49 PM UTC
Casamigos turn me into a casafreakhoe 🥲
24 Jul, 05:23 PM UTC
5 shots of casamigos and suddenly im at la casa de su amigo oops
24 Jul, 08:38 PM UTC
casamigos just the hyped liquor right now, in a few months it will be another liquor popularized on social media that ppl claim makes them irrationally drunk and dangerously horny
25 Jul, 01:19 AM UTC
niggas drinking casamigos every night but don’t have a CASA where they can freely listen to the MIGOS (atlantan trap group)
25 Jul, 01:51 AM UTC
Xclusive Shit
My eyes fell straight on the weed and casamigos bottle 😂 Soulja be getting fucked up!
24 Jul, 06:08 PM UTC
Chosen One 🏳️‍🌈
It’s #NationalTequilaDay the Casamigos is calling me & I will be answering this evening 🍸
25 Jul, 12:23 AM UTC
Casamigos not even that wild. Y’all just keep drinking the whole bottle like some junkies.
25 Jul, 01:34 AM UTC
Slim Beam
"Casamigos had me so drunk I shit my clothes" Man lock the country back down.
24 Jul, 08:50 PM UTC
𝔅𝔦𝔤 𝔖𝔱𝔢𝔭𝔭𝔢𝔯 💫
🗣 I’m Convinced Y’all Mixing Casamigos With Fentanyl 😩😭😭😭😭
24 Jul, 11:03 PM UTC
They might as well just put the vaccine in Casamigos, that’s the only way they gone get us 😭
24 Jul, 05:55 PM UTC
Tried Casamigos and Henny shots last night. Just put my old ass on a shirt at this point.
25 Jul, 10:45 AM UTC
Bella 🦋
Casamigos got me feelin like a casafreakho wassup
25 Jul, 01:34 AM UTC
It’s national tequila day and I’m in the District of Casamigos.
24 Jul, 05:26 PM UTC
I wonder if George Clooney knew that Casamigos was gonna hit the streets running. Like "mfers love me in the movies, wait til they take a shot of this" 😂
25 Jul, 12:41 PM UTC
Shine to the 9 🩸
What Casamigos do to ya’ll? Why ya’ll hate it so?
25 Jul, 02:37 AM UTC
That casamigos don’t be playing fair
25 Jul, 12:38 PM UTC
Tried that casamigos shit last night, 2 shots in i said “yea we gone stop right here”
25 Jul, 12:52 PM UTC
olajuwon oshinowo
Bro why is Casamigos trending? This whole generation going to hell lmao
25 Jul, 12:56 PM UTC
Big Al
I like casamigos bec it’s smooth and doesn’t give me a hangover but okay.
25 Jul, 12:54 PM UTC
Casamigos 7/10.
25 Jul, 12:53 PM UTC
sydney denise
Lol. My momma told me to leave the casamigos alone 🥴 and i most definitely will for a while.
25 Jul, 12:51 PM UTC
Clooney sold Casamigos back in 2017 for $700M.
25 Jul, 12:48 PM UTC
la demonia
I can’t believe me and jazzy really almost finished that bottle of Casamigos and we wasn’t even that folded 🤣
25 Jul, 01:00 PM UTC
Fat mack ju
That casamigos n henny ain’t no joke got me in n out my feelings
25 Jul, 01:00 PM UTC
MyLoveGoes BANG³
Y'all mixing casamigos with henny???!! Whew...I feel sick just thinking about it.
25 Jul, 12:58 PM UTC
Which casamigos is the strongest one? Cause them brown ones don’t be doing shit for me
25 Jul, 12:58 PM UTC
The FuPA & Titty Collector
Good morning that casamigos had y’all on tilt
25 Jul, 12:58 PM UTC
Couldn’t pay me to drink the casamigos shit again
25 Jul, 12:58 PM UTC