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Jordan 🕵🏽‍♂️
Retweet if you miss them. @Jord_45's photo on Cassidy
10 Apr, 02:07 PM UTC
★イベント★ 👑Disney 声の王子様 Voice Stars Dream Live 2021👑神戸公演、応援してくださった皆様ありがとうございました✨ #声の王子様
11 Apr, 11:07 AM UTC
Boston Bruins
Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy begins his pregame presser with condolences and thoughts to the family and friends of University of Maine coach Red Gendron, who passed away yesterday. “The hockey world is a little less fortunate today.”
10 Apr, 04:49 PM UTC
Conor Ryan
Cassidy said that the Bruins gave Jeremy Swayman — who played for Red Gendron for three seasons at Maine — the option to take the day off. But Swayman said he's ready to go.
10 Apr, 04:47 PM UTC
ILovesMyUSA 🇺🇸
🥺😢😭 Can someone close to our greatest @POTUS we’ve ever had let him know We The Ppl MISS HIM SO MUCH. Pretty bad when you’re sitting at a stop light, see Pres Trump in a video like this, & just start bawling.☹️🥺😢 America NEEDS more elected ppl like HIM‼️ @JasonMillerinDC
10 Apr, 07:59 PM UTC
Wayne Dupree Media, LLC
"Many spread the story that DMX had overdosed on drugs and was left in a vegetative state...According to his family, DMX died after getting the COVID vaccination..." - Wayne Dupree
11 Apr, 10:45 AM UTC
Vatican News
Fallece el cardenal Edward Cassidy: una vida al servicio de la #SantaSede - #VaticanNews ⬇👇
10 Apr, 11:46 AM UTC
Fox News
Portland ICE building set on fire during Saturday night protest
11 Apr, 11:05 AM UTC
【フォーミュラE】ニック・キャシディ、初ポールポジションを喜ぶ「肩から重荷を下ろせた!」|第4戦ローマePrix予選 #フォーミュラe #FEjp #FormulaE #ローマePrix #RomaEprix #キャシディ #SuperGT #Sformula
11 Apr, 09:33 AM UTC
Chain Bear
Don't know why Nick Cassidy stole that ancient amulet from the sacred tomb tbh #RomeEPrix
11 Apr, 11:15 AM UTC
Envision Virgin Racing
Contact with Rowland pushes Nick Cassidy into the barrier. After a quick pit, he’s back out onto the track. @RFrijns - P18 @NickCassidy_ - P24 #RomeEPrix
11 Apr, 11:16 AM UTC
Inside Electric⚡️
Oh no! @NickCassidy_ who started from pole position has spun! This gives @NatoNorman the lead followed by Wehrlein and Vandoorne! Cassidy has continued but is now down in P11. ⚡#ABBFormulaE 🇮🇹#RomeEPrix
11 Apr, 11:08 AM UTC
Ziggo Sport F1
Aiii, Nick Cassidy 😖 De polesitter verliest aan de start van de race direct zijn koppositie 🤯 #ZiggoSportF1 #FE #ePrix @ZiggoSportF1's photo on Cassidy
11 Apr, 11:15 AM UTC
Saetta McQueen ⚡️
Sta facendo un Cassidy (Brutta questa) #RomeEprix #FormulaE
11 Apr, 11:14 AM UTC
The Race
🗣️ | @sniffermedia 'Majorly ambitious from Rowland and likely to be penalty inducing. He's been quick but wild this weekend. Cassidy has gone from pole to spin to puncture to probable retirement in 10 minutes!' #FormulaE | #RomeEPrix
11 Apr, 11:15 AM UTC
Inside Electric⚡️
.@NickCassidy_ has found himself in the @TecproBarriers, adding insult to his race start misfortunes. Cassidy sustains front wing damage and also a right rear puncture, and has returned to the pits. ⚡#ABBFormulaE 🇮🇹#RomeEPrix
11 Apr, 11:15 AM UTC
Cat 🐱
Ew idk why the one with both glitched so bad but heres eruri again🥺❗ #attackontitan #eruri #leviackerman #erwinsmith #attackontitanlevi #attackontitanerwin #digitalart #attackontitanfanart #erurifanart #aot #aotfanart #catcoffeenart
11 Apr, 11:06 AM UTC
@beingrealmac 💯🇺🇸💯🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️💯🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️
11 Apr, 10:40 AM UTC
Simpsons F1 Memes
Oliver Rowland on Nick Cassidy #FormulaE #RomeEPrix #FIAFormulaE
11 Apr, 11:20 AM UTC
O Formule E
⚠️ FULL COURSE YELLOW. Chwila odpoczynku, więc wspomnę, iż Oliver Rowland dostał 10 sekund kary za spowodowanie kolizji z Cassidy'm. Co do di Grassiego, było to mocne zderzenie z barierą na prostej przed T7, najwyraźniej winny Buemi. #ABBFormulaE #RomeEPrix #FEPL
11 Apr, 11:19 AM UTC
Le Bulletin GP
C'était une attaque (un peu) trop osée d'Oliver Rowland sur le pauvre Cassidy 🙈 #ABBFormulaE #romeeprix
11 Apr, 11:15 AM UTC
11 Apr, 11:15 AM UTC
Sarah Sahadin 🇲🇾🏎️⚡
*hugs for Cassidy* #RomeEPrix
11 Apr, 11:15 AM UTC
@_jaszczurka__ Cassidy spadł z 1 na ostatnie Były tam jakieś stłuczki ale tak to nic powaznego
11 Apr, 11:28 AM UTC
Let's Go Dogging
Turriff is known for secret dogging sessions and Cassidy enjoyed herself so much she's now signed up to the newly updated site #carsex
11 Apr, 11:24 AM UTC
@photo_gt97 formula E, nick cassidy my favourite was on pole, he spun and then someone crashed into him so now he’s last
11 Apr, 11:24 AM UTC
Yoshi Tsunoda
@lady_ayma Yaya, pero yo hablaba de lo de Cassidy
11 Apr, 11:22 AM UTC
Friday Night Smackdown!
Then We Will See Orange Cassidy (@KayfabeEmpire) Take On MJF! (@MJNdon)
11 Apr, 11:21 AM UTC
Motion E
At the front with 31m+1l it's Wehrlein versus Vandoorne, both having the speed to get ahead of Nato, who is falling down the field to 6th. Rowland, trying a move he had no right to attempt against Cassidy who had the corner, forces the Envision off. #ABBFormulaE #RomeEPrix
11 Apr, 11:18 AM UTC