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23 Sep, 05:31 AM UTC
Elimar 伊丽莎白 🇵🇷
Dentro de 5 días Florida podría ser impactada por un Huracán Cat 3 o más. Si esto pasa, los esfuerzos del gobierno federal se concentrarán en Florida. Si PR no resuelve su crisis esta semana me temo que dejaremos de ser prioridad para Fema.
23 Sep, 04:13 PM UTC
Jamie Morrison
Today Hurricane Fiona will hit Sable Island 150 miles off Nova Scotia. The island is a large strip of sand dunes and grasses. The 500+ feral horses that live on the island will have to survive a Cat 3 hurricane hunkered behind sand dunes. Hopefully they will survive. https://t.co/z515Ge8We8
23 Sep, 03:07 PM UTC
Scot Pilié
Growing confidence in the threat for a significant #hurricane strike in Florida early-middle next week. Official @NHC_Atlantic track brings intensity to 110mph, 1mph shy of Cat 3, major hurricane as it approaches Florida next week. Prepare for a category higher. @weatherchannel @ScotPilie_Wx's photo on Cat 3
23 Sep, 12:14 PM UTC
E the Educator
My dear sweet Nova Scotians: Please do what you need to finish battening down the hatches this morning. Remember when planning emergency treats to plan for your animals. Fiona will hit in the morning as a strong cat 3, with no signs of slowing down. This is worse than Juan. https://t.co/cqdzVY26fv
23 Sep, 02:18 PM UTC
NBC News
LATEST: Hurricane Fiona hammers Bermuda with heavy rains as the now Cat. 3 storm marches toward northeastern Canada. https://t.co/jZCfiFm1XT
23 Sep, 12:14 PM UTC
Kelsey McEwen
#Fiona back up to Category 4, looking to make landfall as a Cat 3, in Cape Breton early Saturday morning. Strongest winds (160+km/hr) & surge (up to 2.4m with waves 11-15metres) will be east of landfall. Highest rain (up to 250mm, or 10”) is north & west of track. @YourMorning @KelseyMcEwen's photo on Cat 3
23 Sep, 04:52 PM UTC
Alex Harris
11 a.m. update from NHC: We're now expecting a Cat 3 Hurricane aimed at SW Florida. Plenty of time for that track to windshield wiper a bit as the models come into agreement. https://t.co/NDkVtG9OJG @harrisalexc's photo on Cat 3
23 Sep, 03:09 PM UTC
Mike Bettes
The high end wind forecast with #TD9 is 115mph(Cat 3) https://t.co/Kj0l79uN84
23 Sep, 03:58 PM UTC
Florida Storms
Latest NHC update for Tropical Depression Nine has the possible, initial impacts to the central-south parts of the Florida Gulf Coast as a Cat 3. This system is constantly evolving & this path will adjust daily. For now, stay plugged in & prep so you can calmly execute your plan. https://t.co/0HvFGBva08
23 Sep, 04:12 PM UTC
Lee Southwick
No surprise, the intensity has been bumped up to a Cat 3 at landfall in Florida. Those in the southern half of the state and all along the Gulf coast of the peninsula should prepare now for a landfalling major hurricane by the middle of next week. @LeeWDSU's photo on Cat 3
23 Sep, 03:06 PM UTC
Gary Fineout
`Briefing this a.m. - NHC tells Floridians "don't panic" - it's still the "early stages of the forecast." But tells residents to start planning since it appears right now the forecast has the storm hitting the state as a Cat 3 https://t.co/0UTvG3rSHa
23 Sep, 03:52 PM UTC
Mike Masco
NEW NHC TRACK SHOWS A POTENTIAL LANDFALLING CAT 3 HURRICANE.. Soon-to-be #Hermine is organizing over the Caribbean.. The new NHC track as well as early-intensity forecasts show a potential CAT 3 over SW Florida by early next week @MikeMasco's photo on Cat 3
23 Sep, 04:24 PM UTC
Guys kalian kalo ketemu acc ini fix ini scam yaaa 🥲🙏🏻 btw aku masih nyari wtb the link section cat 1, sama cat 3 buat temen aku Wts/wtt/wtb NCT The Link in Jakarta https://t.co/ToUA2E0GXq
23 Sep, 03:25 AM UTC
Angela Del Río
🌀Un huracán en ¡¿#Canada?! Habitantes de #NuevaEscocia se preparan para el impacto de #Fiona Cat.3 mañana sábado por la mañana 🔜Su trayecto tambien incluye la costa de #Quebec y #Labrador ‼️Se prevé que su impacto sea histórico https://t.co/kDP0eYhqs2
23 Sep, 06:27 PM UTC
Kimberly Miller
TD9 now expected to intensify to Cat 3 strength before reaching Florida's west coast. But 5 days out the track is still uncertain and could wobble around a little bit over the weekend. Palm Beach County could begin feeling TS force winds early Tuesday. https://t.co/Egz8kDCzxp
23 Sep, 03:04 PM UTC
Cat 3 heading to Florida. You know what to do @GovRonDeSantis https://t.co/Pu3lMLk0KU
23 Sep, 06:40 PM UTC
Marco La Manno
The latest track for #TDNine hasn't changed much w/ exception of a Cat 3 landfall instead 2. I can't stress enough: the cone is BIG, so don't freak out that we're in the middle. Anywhere from the Nature Coast to the Keys should get essentials for now. FB live coming soon. https://t.co/nNz9PaFyST
23 Sep, 02:59 PM UTC
Turn the hurricane Lord this morning projected at a Cat 2 now a Cat 3. Please Lord turn it. Make it nothing dissolve it Lord https://t.co/1Gnv79r56a
23 Sep, 04:51 PM UTC
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23 Sep, 01:38 PM UTC
Cat 3 heading to SW Florida https://t.co/mj0xiM4aPP
23 Sep, 04:54 PM UTC
Atlanta Sports Guy
Tropical Depression Nine growing in confidence for an initial landfall as a Cat 3 hurricane near Naples, but now the Myrtle Beach/Wilmington area needs to be on alert as it looks like the storm may come offshore of Florida, strengthen again, and make landfall again. https://t.co/MeEl0Bb3p7
23 Sep, 06:41 PM UTC
Alejandro Figueredo
Atención al suroeste de la Florida. El pronóstico de lo que será en unas horas #Hermine lo proyecta como huracán Cat. 3 (uno de los mayores) para la llegada a la costa sobre la mañana del miércoles… @afigue2010's photo on Cat 3
23 Sep, 03:09 PM UTC
Dave Skutnik
Oh boy. 12z Euro with multiple landfalls for #Hermine. Near Ft. Myers, FL Wednesday morning as a Cat 3. Then near NC/SC border Friday morning as a Cat 2, then decaying and tracking up near Pittsburgh by Saturday. https://t.co/A3QqzA4wcC
23 Sep, 06:53 PM UTC
They call me Michael
So a hurricane has not hit Tampa in almost 100 years. I move here and we may have a cat 3 heading straight for us
23 Sep, 06:12 PM UTC
@NASA8500 Not really this storm will make landfall as Cat 3-4.Storm surge will destroy homes. Power will be out for 2-3 weeks in certain areas. This isn’t just afternoon storm. I hope people take this storm seriously.
23 Sep, 06:54 PM UTC
♥️EOendgame🔥Elliot♥️Olivia🔥Love always wins❤️🔥
So, a little story…last week while Fiona hit Puerto Rico I was at home , therefore went thru the brunt of it,loss of power, water…debris everywhere. These few weeks I am in Florida, guess…Hermine will be here middle of the week, cat 3. Keeping fingers crossed that it does not
23 Sep, 06:51 PM UTC
🥊 Punk Hog 🥊 🦔 🏳️‍⚧️ A*C*A*B B*L*M
I mean, at most it looks like it'll maybe be a Cat 3 and I've dealt with those before but I wish I could just stamp it out beneath my boots;;;
23 Sep, 06:50 PM UTC
Frederick Nietzsche
Well, a Cat 3's coming. I know what to do. Hold my beer. I'm gonna get a sharpie. https://t.co/fW3UVcMJat
23 Sep, 06:47 PM UTC
@sweetgeorge48 Cat 3? Does that mean you're getting a third cat, just to be safe, LOL? Seriously, batten down the hatches, move the chickens and get ready as you've been through this before.
23 Sep, 06:46 PM UTC