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Research uncovers mechanism behind #water-splitting #catalyst @Caltech @Joule_CP https://t.co/IVdVJ3iIJK
06 Feb, 06:06 PM UTC
Tom Quigley
Coming to a paddock near you! The possibility’s are endless #swagbot #ausag #nuffieldag #catalyst Tom Quigley's photo on #catalyst
06 Feb, 10:26 AM UTC
Beautiful latest edition of #Catalyst for @CIM_Exchange is now available, looking at strategy in the year ahead and why #marketing leads #business growth CPL's photo on #catalyst
06 Feb, 09:40 AM UTC
Free 4day youth leadership training with #Catalyst in central Birmingham for 16-26 year olds - great to build confidence, contacts and make a difference in your community! Apply online at https://t.co/cbuW1yBgVr beckygracebrookman's photo on #catalyst
06 Feb, 11:29 AM UTC
Amanda Davies
Really worth watching #Catalyst episode 'Farmer needs a Robot'. Rural Aust. continues to be a site for incredible innovation. https://t.co/CKl9BLEbej
06 Feb, 01:28 PM UTC
The clubof.info Blog
#Synbio-related: Autonomous weapon systems and military #AI are a necessary #catalyst to: (1) promote #pacifism as the norm for livi… https://t.co/WadDxxnoDp https://t.co/8wZaSJGca7 The clubof.info Blog's photo on #catalyst
06 Feb, 01:26 PM UTC
Lauri Kinnunen
New nanofoam catalyst generates hydrogen from water quickly and cheaply https://t.co/RRCfuuo4EU #nanofoam #catalyst #WaterSplitting #HydrogenGeneration
06 Feb, 12:52 PM UTC
Miranda Kenny
Really interesting program tonight on #Catalyst on using robots to muster & feed cattle #swagbot https://t.co/nPfYHqAh6c
06 Feb, 11:03 AM UTC
Janine Milne
Hard core geeking out tonight watching #catalyst #ABC program talking #agtech #agrobots #swagbot #agteacherlife is great
06 Feb, 11:05 AM UTC
Brett McLachlan
Great to see Sydney University creating automated robots for small scale horticulture reducing fert & chemicals #catalyst #abc
06 Feb, 10:19 AM UTC
Tony Anstatt
#Catalyst is jumping on board 'Robots 4 Farmers'! #Agriculture is a natural Ozzy use. Brisbane still has #ICRA2018, #myriad18 & #WoDC18 for our rapid-growth #Robotics #UAV #drones! Tony Anstatt's photo on #catalyst
06 Feb, 10:37 AM UTC
⬛Deluxe Minimalist
#SwagBot for PM. #Catalyst
06 Feb, 10:03 AM UTC
VCU Chemistry
Congratulations to Indika Arachchige as a recipient of an inaugural Catalyst Award in the College of Humanities and Sciences. The awarded project is titled "Low-Dimensional SiSn Alloys for Low-Cost and High-Efficiency Solar Cells" @VCUCHS #Arachchige #RenewableEnergy #Catalyst
06 Feb, 07:57 PM UTC
Harry Bentham
Autonomous weapon systems and military #AI are a necessary #catalyst to: (1) promote #pacifism as the norm for living beings (2) #stopwar by removing war-making powers from human decision-makers, resulting in a national defense system incapable of evil acts
06 Feb, 12:32 PM UTC
Greg Barila
Fascinating #catalyst tonight. Using robots and big data for better, more efficient farming.
06 Feb, 10:50 AM UTC
stephen anthony lyon
#catalyst ; swagbot, robotics taking manual labour first.
06 Feb, 10:42 AM UTC
Gina V Dow
#catalyst Loving the longform program!
06 Feb, 10:23 AM UTC
#Safety at work. Do not take risks using a #peroxide and make use of a #catalyst dispenser. Squeezy type and graduated. #composites https://t.co/CLbIG3nEtj https://t.co/J6GxUEExeO
06 Feb, 08:35 AM UTC
David Williams
Fantastic episode of #catalyst last night and how the robotics will change the future workforce of #farming in #Australia. Watch it on demand here https://t.co/nPi9voguyj #digitaltechnologies #swagbot David Williams's photo on #catalyst
06 Feb, 09:56 PM UTC
Spokane Public Radio
@AvistaUtilities announces plans to build a new #Catalyst building in @SpokaneUD. The structure will be made of cross-laminated timber by @Katerrainc. @EWUEagles will be anchor tenant. https://t.co/01DtGkTvha
06 Feb, 10:03 PM UTC
How to Support muscle tone, enhance strength and energy to boost your fitness results!https://t.co/7656WbusDo #advocare #catalyst #wellness GrowthInFitness's photo on #catalyst
06 Feb, 09:30 PM UTC
Dominic De Souza
31 hours - yikes! Though I kind of feel as if I’ve done that in Jan/Feb alone, lol. Thankfully the time was redeemed! #Podcasts 😀 It was a 7 hour drive to/from SE London today but really good to be w/ @dcelim #Elim #MetWest leaders to continue regional breakfast #Catalyst talks https://t.co/yCCUkI75bS
06 Feb, 08:23 PM UTC
Chandramouli Venkatesan
Sharing the second video of the #Catalyst leader series, @govpan, CEO of TBWA. His main advise is to have long stints where you get to complete what you start as well as take up atypical assignments in your career. https://t.co/xHhrA9T6x5
06 Feb, 11:50 AM UTC
Tony Anstatt
I can't wait until #Swagbot v2, or #Swagbot Jr! #catalyst Tony Anstatt's photo on #catalyst
06 Feb, 11:26 AM UTC
They say dogs are like people so chances are if you're a dog person, you're a people person; if you don't like people then you're probably a cat person. Therefore I'm probably a cat. #idontknowwhatimtalkingabout #catalyst
06 Feb, 08:56 PM UTC
Carbonero ⚽️
Almost time ! So much respest for @elonmusk for always striving for greatness and reaching for the stars! #catalyst #FalconHeavy
06 Feb, 08:40 PM UTC
neil c pickford
Tonight's #commute music was #Catalyst, the #4th studio album by @newfoundglory. #punk #poppunk… https://t.co/zkNLxgztCW
06 Feb, 08:00 PM UTC
Chris Trueman
How to configure secure email with @livecompare, Blat and stunnel. https://t.co/fhFYdsjjot #catalyst Chris Trueman's photo on #catalyst
06 Feb, 06:43 PM UTC
Chris Trueman
What's new in @LiveCompare 3.7R3: Audit Apps and Workflows. https://t.co/lZhvlALn66 #catalyst
06 Feb, 06:07 PM UTC
catalyst Apple Watch 38mm シリーズ 2 完全防水ケース ブラック 【日本正規代理店品】 CT-WPAW1638-BK 最安値 ⇒ 8,181円 https://t.co/4bBajmyoqO #catalyst
06 Feb, 06:03 PM UTC
Chris Trueman
What's new in @LiveCompare 3.7R3: Purge Vaults. https://t.co/w2duJ8tOnZ #catalyst
06 Feb, 05:43 PM UTC
Chris Trueman
Maximising the testability of most-at-risk objects @livecompare https://t.co/YHjCDrDG1t #catalyst
06 Feb, 04:43 PM UTC
One of the biggest #misconceptions about #travel is that it's not #safe for #women to travel alone. 22 women tell their #stories about pre-trip #nerves, making friends while traveling, staying safe on the #road and fears of #sexualassault. https://t.co/3jZb8wgWZB #catalyst
06 Feb, 04:31 PM UTC
Chris Trueman
Link your YouTube videos to your @livecompare apps. https://t.co/FnUG65Yn3M #catalyst
06 Feb, 04:07 PM UTC
Straw Man
3 honestly how many inside jokes can u have with friends that you just dont use for years and years? #catalyst
06 Feb, 03:01 PM UTC
Hemant Upadhyay
"ये संगदिलों की दुनिया हैं, सम्भल कर चलना 'ग़ालिब', यहाँ पलक़ों पर बिठाते हैं, नज़रों से गिराने के लिए.._" #Catalyst 😊✅
06 Feb, 02:40 PM UTC
Hemant Upadhyay
ये संगदिलों की दुनिया हैं, सम्भल कर चलना 'ग़ालिब', यहाँ पलक़ों पर बिठाते हैं, नज़रों से गिराने के लिए.._" #Catalyst 😊✅
06 Feb, 02:40 PM UTC
IL Medical District
The February edition of our #Catalyst newsletter features an update on the IMD Gateway project, and our friends @ChiLighthouse are featured in this month's partner spotlight! Check it out here: https://t.co/UpbBSr58V5
06 Feb, 02:28 PM UTC
Chris Trueman
Get results faster in @LiveCompare 3.7. https://t.co/jyDmufomx5 #catalyst
06 Feb, 01:43 PM UTC
Shoaib Ibn Abdullah
Mirrors Edge Catalyst Faith #2560x1440 #Catalyst #Edge #Faith #Mirrors WallpapersBae - https://t.co/16TdYSfOOC Shoaib Ibn Abdullah's photo on #catalyst
06 Feb, 12:41 PM UTC
New Kelvin
#catalyst #DubaiTour #TheCheckout Working on a Soul or RnB album? Buy the rights to the right #beats https://t.co/GfkTDrGfNC #Sydney #Brisbane #Queensland #Artists
06 Feb, 11:50 AM UTC
New Kelvin
#catalyst #DubaiTour #TheCheckout Working on an album? Buy the rights to the right #beats https://t.co/AaPf3BgpCl #Sydney #Brisbane #Queensland #Artists
06 Feb, 11:49 AM UTC
Anne Carlin
Waiting for #NCIS I've watched the #Checkout & #Catalyst on @abcaustralia which were good but #DaveHughes keeps on keeping on & on & on...#hughseywehaveaproblem #boringasbatshit.
06 Feb, 11:46 AM UTC
Tony Anstatt
Next wk: 'Back to the Moon' opens up more of the modern #Space age! #catalyst
06 Feb, 11:28 AM UTC
Kristin Lee
An interesting take on the future of Australian agriculture: "Farmer Needs a Robot". #catalyst #AI https://t.co/I90Lzp1ASM
06 Feb, 11:28 AM UTC
pblakez ™
great #catalyst more in depth focus on the subject, I wonder if the learning data is shared? that would truly make a difference
06 Feb, 11:19 AM UTC
No wonder robot share is going up #catalyst
06 Feb, 11:14 AM UTC
Tony Anstatt
#Swagbot gets proclaimed as "a giant leap for mankind"! #catalyst
06 Feb, 11:03 AM UTC
stephen anthony lyon
#catalyst ; do i give michelle guthrie credit? yes.
06 Feb, 10:56 AM UTC
Tony Anstatt
Wonderful seeing #solarcells in use, with the testing-#robots! #catalyst
06 Feb, 10:54 AM UTC
stephen anthony lyon
#catalyst; f*ck the literary giants, sci-fi rules, we're building r2d2, this is cool, imagine it, build it. we are magic.
06 Feb, 10:54 AM UTC
Tony Anstatt
#ElonMusk would luv to see the flamethrower on #catalyst!
06 Feb, 10:51 AM UTC

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