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The person who pays for Netflix and everyone else who watches it
13 Oct, 10:13 PM UTC
You glow different when you’re doing better
14 Oct, 03:40 AM UTC
Jamie Moir
When yeh forget to take the hanger aff yer jersey Jamie Moir's photo on caulfield
14 Oct, 04:43 PM UTC
melenchon 🌿
"comment se passe ta vie amoureuse?" melenchon 🌿's photo on caulfield
14 Oct, 06:47 PM UTC
Piers Morgan
Remoaners should just collectively move to a position of 'Brexit is going to kill every single person in Britain' - it's what I think most of them now actually believe.
14 Oct, 06:47 PM UTC
WATCH: Caulfield Guineas winner The Autumn Sun and champion mare #Winx enjoy their recovery at Altona Beach this morning.'s photo on caulfield
14 Oct, 03:22 AM UTC
Vince Caligiuri
Caulfield Guineas winner The Autumn Sun very relaxed and happy to pose for the media today ☀️📸 Vince Caligiuri's photo on caulfield
14 Oct, 03:20 AM UTC
THE AUTUMN SUN, sold to @cwallerracing, @MulcasterBS and Hermitage at the 2017 Inglis Easter Sale... Fast forward to the 2018 Caulfield Guineas where the colt demolished his rivals in stunning fashion. Inglis's photo on caulfield
14 Oct, 05:32 AM UTC
Femme du peuple
attendez donc la on est dimanche j’ai eu cours hier j’ai cours demain c quel vie ça ?
14 Oct, 05:44 PM UTC
Nick Quinn
Michael Walker will ride Herbert Power Stakes winner Yucatan if he runs in the Caulfield Cup Owner Lloyd Williams will have 3 or 4 runners in the race Homesman @BMelham The Cliffsofmoher @HugeBowman The Taj Mahal @mcacajamez Williams won the Caulfield Cup in 2013 with Fawkner. Nick Quinn's photo on caulfield
14 Oct, 07:57 AM UTC
Barry Collier
1956 Caulfield Cup. Riderless Better Boy ahead of the winner Redcraze. Barry Collier's photo on caulfield
14 Oct, 09:04 AM UTC
Mr. G 📽️ 🎞️ 📺
Maxwell Caulfield - The Supernaturals (1986) Mr. G 📽️ 🎞️ 📺's photo on caulfield
14 Oct, 06:16 PM UTC
Seany Caulfield
Well did that goalkeeper get a good wallop...
14 Oct, 07:01 PM UTC
Isa 🐾
Seguidme en instagram si queréis 😊
14 Oct, 06:55 PM UTC
John Cheek
@artey2 @davidmarkwatts @jayjay_sings @ringbark @crowdyke @pete_caulfield @davidwaters79 @MartinBashir @PauldeMello_Jnr pls rt: GARTH HEWITT in interview with John Cheek: Tuesday, 16th October, 8-9.00pm; 1521 medium-wave/AM (Merseyside) or #troubadour John Cheek's photo on caulfield
14 Oct, 07:00 PM UTC
@Isa_Caulfield Aun no hemos llegao xdddd Pero bieen :3
14 Oct, 07:17 PM UTC
Sofia 🎃✨
271/365 ♡ ˗ˏˋ Max Caulfield ˊˎ˗ ♡ ~Listen, whatever happens, I want you to be strong. Even if you feel like I wasn't there for you... because I will never abandon you Chloe. I'll always have your back. Always.
14 Oct, 06:52 PM UTC
Seany Caulfield
@RobC551 Will you start sending me your Fuckjng bets serious
14 Oct, 06:43 PM UTC
Speed Form
2018 Caulfield Stakes Strong performance by both Benbatl and Blairhouse but if Winx is 100% going into the Cox Plate there is no real threat based off these figures. Very strong run by Cliffsofmoher in spite of the 2L slowdown from 400-200. Speed Form's photo on caulfield
14 Oct, 08:50 PM UTC
@Caulfield @melbRacingClub @springcarnival @godolphin @patCosgrove @dkweirracing @cwallerracing @lindsayparkrace Likely Caulfield Cup Field – 2018 via @justhorseracing
14 Oct, 08:28 PM UTC
Will Sinclair
Best three weeks in Australian support coming up - Caulfield Cup, Cox Plate, Melbourne Cup Week. Just brilliant. Can’t wait!
14 Oct, 08:22 PM UTC
Elías Gómez 🦉
@Isa_Caulfield 😰😰😰😰😰
14 Oct, 07:50 PM UTC
@Bizz_Caulfield @ybnmlkey Toxic indeed lol
14 Oct, 07:49 PM UTC
@Isa_Caulfield No uso Instagram pero me lo creo solo por esto.
14 Oct, 07:39 PM UTC
Isa 🐾
14 Oct, 07:03 PM UTC
Maldito Ginés.
@Isa_Caulfield Es que ya te sigo.
14 Oct, 07:02 PM UTC
@Isa_Caulfield Aquí también hay que pagar?
14 Oct, 06:59 PM UTC
Seany Caulfield
@RobC551 Next bet you do you tell me !👍👍👍👍👍
14 Oct, 06:59 PM UTC
@seany_caulfield Hahahahahahahaha no one would of copied that
14 Oct, 06:55 PM UTC
☣️ Maximum ☣️
@AstridOblivion_ Vale Max Caulfield
14 Oct, 06:54 PM UTC
@Fishy1368 @thegeneralwkr @racing_qld @springcarnival @Caulfield_Cup @MelbRacingClub @qldtrials @KPMcEvoy @cwallerracing Looking that way. I just hope M.Walker isn’t the Melbourne Cup jockey I don’t have a wrap on him at all. He was engaged to ride if ran in Caulfield Cup.... Maybe @mcacajamez will get back on in big one!
14 Oct, 06:25 PM UTC
Speed Form
2018 Caulfield Guineas The win of The Autumn Sun looked spectacular but the figures don't back it up with this run rating well inferior to his stunning Golden Rose win. 3WNC but early speed only fair so hard to justify a big adjustment for that. Speed Form's photo on caulfield
14 Oct, 08:59 PM UTC
The Grumpy Guru
Whew. I need 5 days to recover from a brilliant weekend of racing and punting @racing_nsw @Caulfield #TheEverest   .#caulfield We real lovers of the sport and the punt really don't care to bitch which state has the better race meet - it's quality and the racing that matter.
14 Oct, 08:59 PM UTC
Léa Caulfield
@nelicoptere Y’a de plus en plus de cirque qui ne travaillent plus avec des animaux, peut être que d’ici 10 ans y’aura plus d’animaux dans les cirques ( du moins en France j’espère )
14 Oct, 08:50 PM UTC
Léa Caulfield
J’en ai les larmes aux yeux BON SANG Léa Caulfield's photo on caulfield
14 Oct, 08:38 PM UTC
Trevor Carey
@timoffski @Dave_Alton @DeclanCarey I don’t have great faith in this board, some of their attitudes and some decisions the past 2/3 years. On Caulfield, I’ve huge respect for him and what he has done. I don’t like how we play. A cup run beating two non league and two part time teams doesn’t sugar coat it for me.
14 Oct, 08:23 PM UTC
Secret Design Studio
Smart #midcenturymodern #mosaic floor tile spotted on a #drretrohousecall in #caulfield @ Caulfield, Victoria, Australia
14 Oct, 08:23 PM UTC
2007 Britney
@keith_caulfield when is the Billboard 200 coming up?
14 Oct, 08:21 PM UTC
Paul Dean
@carvillshill You reckon he’ll run in the Caulfield Cup?
14 Oct, 08:20 PM UTC
Vivi 🍕⭐
@keith_caulfield Hey where is the new Billboard 200 top 10 please?
14 Oct, 08:18 PM UTC
Victorian Slang🍂
The most surprising part of cheating death is that Timothy Caulfield is married to a woman.
14 Oct, 08:15 PM UTC
Matt Lyke
@TylerWS Holden Caulfield
14 Oct, 08:09 PM UTC
@Elias_Trejo I mean.....JD Salinger? I don’t know......seems harsh. Holden Caulfield was an epic character
14 Oct, 08:09 PM UTC
Espuki ReM 🎃 ⚛
@Isa_Caulfield Ojalá ver uno irl
14 Oct, 08:04 PM UTC
@Jo_Caulfield I'd be DJ Lotus Root Vermiculite.
14 Oct, 08:03 PM UTC
Ben Wood
@mehgdom @PaulKeighery @MayneReport @SydOperaHouse @JoeABCNews @theprojecttv @AlanJones @Minister_Harwin Same day of the year, 4 group 1’s, fine weather and Caulfield only get 22,000 in attendance...
14 Oct, 08:01 PM UTC
Trevor Carey
@timoffski @Dave_Alton @DeclanCarey Tim. The Euro revenue drop is €550k. 300k of that is being cut from Caulfield’s budget, and it’s hoped the other €250k comes from increase sponsorship. The average league attendance is down approx 600 people per game (across 17 games so far). What do you think of that?
14 Oct, 08:01 PM UTC
Calamardo del chino
@Isa_Caulfield @AkmaiosAlex Es gracioso porque en Jesucristo de hecho llega a aparecer en JoJo. Es más, todo el argumento de SBR consiste en buscar las partes de su cadáver por toda América
14 Oct, 08:01 PM UTC
@Jo_Caulfield @RedRose_Lucy I remember how trippy they used to sound. Glad to know they've not been forgotten.
14 Oct, 08:00 PM UTC
Brilliance Racing
Owner Lloyd Williams will make a decision tonight if the G2 Herbert Power winner #Yucatan will back up this weekend in the G1 Caulfield Cup (2400m) and then potentially press on for the G1 Melbourne Cup (3200m). Penalty announcement today. Lloyd already has 3 entries in Sats race Brilliance Racing's photo on caulfield
14 Oct, 08:00 PM UTC
20/1 The Cliffsofmoher looks too big for the Cup now. Every time I watch the Caulfield Stakes rerun he takes my eye out- looked very preppy.
14 Oct, 07:59 PM UTC
Lauren Wood
It's nearly 365 days since Cory Parish hit boom time in the #CaulfieldCup. So where is the "very good winter grazer" at, 12 months on? "I probably work even harder than when I was an apprentice."
14 Oct, 07:56 PM UTC
@Jo_Caulfield DJ Potato Fiddlers Cap
14 Oct, 07:56 PM UTC
stan malloch
@Jo_Caulfield I was assaulted by one of the Slits at the Edinburgh Playhouse during the White Riot tour with The Clash, then again I did ask her for an autograph, terribly uncooli know. True story.
14 Oct, 07:50 PM UTC
stan malloch
@Jo_Caulfield @alstewitn Aren't you a local treasure then?
14 Oct, 07:46 PM UTC
chloe price and max caulfield just watched #tvtime 𝐜𝐡𝐢,,'s photo on caulfield
14 Oct, 07:45 PM UTC
@BruceDevlin @GrantStottOnAir @Jo_Caulfield dreadful comic she bores me to tears
14 Oct, 07:20 PM UTC
David Caulfield
My week on Twitter 🎉: 2 Mentions, 1.7K Mention Reach. See yours with David Caulfield's photo on caulfield
14 Oct, 07:02 PM UTC
MILON Philippe
@caulfield_lea c'est qui glauque dude ?
14 Oct, 07:01 PM UTC
Yoga Akbar S.
Beberapa bloger terlalu takut bilang tulisan temennya sendiri jelek~ Pujian-pujian palsu telek wedhus. *dibajak Holden Caulfield
14 Oct, 06:47 PM UTC
Léa Caulfield
@griffondorr C’est juste glauque dude
14 Oct, 06:46 PM UTC
@Jo_Caulfield Hopefully followed by I Heard it Through the Grapevine.
14 Oct, 06:45 PM UTC
Dr. Bioblogo
@Isa_Caulfield Las que llevas subidas yo las veo bastante bien en el ordenador.
14 Oct, 06:42 PM UTC

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