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Bleacher Report
14 wins in a row! #Celtics
17 Nov, 03:41 AM UTC
Jaylen Brown rocks the rim on @NBAonTNT! #Celtics
17 Nov, 01:36 AM UTC
注目が集まったウォリアーズ vs セルティックスの東西首位対決は92-88でセルティックスが逆転勝利をおさめ、見事14連勝☘ 第3クォーターの17点差ビハインドを ひっくり返しました。 #Celtics https://t.co/Tn4zxQeOqU
17 Nov, 03:50 AM UTC
Kyrie Irving hits the floor to warmup, leading his #Celtics with a 13-game winning streak into tonight’s game vs Go… https://t.co/qbfS0I15xI
17 Nov, 12:31 AM UTC
王者・ウォリアーズとの激戦を制し、 セルティックスの14連勝に貢献した カイリー・アービングのハイライト☘ 誰も疑いようのない、本物の強さ。 そして、このチームにヘイワードが加わると考えると脅威です。 #Celtics via… https://t.co/d83a6E2VPj
17 Nov, 09:39 AM UTC
Adam Kaufman
The #Celtics held the #Warriors to 88 points. Their previous low this season was 97. Worth mentioning, Golden State was fully loaded.
17 Nov, 03:44 AM UTC
Recap the thrilling 4th in Boston as the #Celtics rallied for 14th straight W!
17 Nov, 02:00 PM UTC
Jaylen Brown is giving BOS a spark on @NBAonTNT! Here come the #Celtics.
17 Nov, 02:11 AM UTC
#Celtics rookie Jayson Tatum (14.0 PPG, 5.7 RPG) gets loose for tonight’s big one vs the @warriors on TNT! #NBARooks
16 Nov, 11:21 PM UTC
Adam Kaufman
The #Celtics have now overcome two 18-point deficits and a 17-point gap during this 14-game winning streak. It's in… https://t.co/pslshK46cS
17 Nov, 03:45 AM UTC
Donnie Wahlberg
Ya wanna be the best, you gotta beat the best. Let's go @celtics! #Celtics #Warriors #Believe in Boston ☘️🏀
17 Nov, 01:56 AM UTC
Celtics Direct
Gordon Hayward is at the Garden for tonight's game. #Celtics
17 Nov, 12:49 AM UTC
Hayward in the house! #Celtics
17 Nov, 01:18 AM UTC
Adam Kaufman
Charles Barkley: "I was wrong. They played terrific. Hat's off to the #Celtics. The MVP so far this year is Kyrie I… https://t.co/FR43ZQ1TC1
17 Nov, 01:06 PM UTC
WCVB-TV Boston
MAKE IT 14 IN A ROW FOR THE CELTICS!!! ☘️❤️🏀 #Celtics beat the #NBA champion Golden State #Warriors! #GSvsBOS
17 Nov, 03:41 AM UTC
Mike Dynon
Barkley just did a 180 — admitted he was wrong about the #Celtics and said Kyrie is MVP so far.
17 Nov, 05:14 AM UTC
Adam Kaufman
The #Celtics lead the #NBA in Wins (14) and Defensive Rating (95.4). They're second in Rebound % (53) and Def. Reb.… https://t.co/BsJh8PT6Vc
17 Nov, 12:29 PM UTC
Boston Celtics
Celebrate last night's #Celtics win! Find your favorite game face in last night's @PutnamToday Fancam 🔍➡️ https://t.co/EyJTUqt3vM
17 Nov, 03:18 PM UTC
The #Celtics have won 14 in a row. When will the #Bulls win their 14th game? March?
17 Nov, 03:42 AM UTC
NBA Spain
17 Nov, 09:00 PM UTC
Celtics News
Steph Curry predicts that the #Celtics will make it to this year’s #NBA Finals. Says “it’s looking very, very likel… https://t.co/h2Rtr7xcJJ
17 Nov, 08:02 PM UTC
Jota Junior
Tô começando a ver mais mulheres torcedoras do #Celtics
17 Nov, 05:51 PM UTC
Culler Sports
Jaylen Brown with the steal on Steph Curry and than the nasty finish at the other end! #Boston #Celtics #NBA
17 Nov, 01:44 AM UTC
Savage Boston Fans
I fucking hate this showboating Douchebag warriors team. Insufferable. RT. #celtics
17 Nov, 01:51 AM UTC
Red Nation BR 🇧🇷
Corrida para o MVP no @NBAcom - Week 5: 1. JAMES HARDEN - #Rockets 2. Kyrie Irving - #Celtics 3. Stephen Curry -… https://t.co/CSubHkEqGs
17 Nov, 10:04 PM UTC
Guy Boston Sports
Will He Stay or Will He Go: Kyrie Found his Home in Boston - Guy Boston Sports https://t.co/HCxtv9MeTb #Celticshttps://t.co/2KXhQJ02QL
17 Nov, 01:41 PM UTC
Culler Sports
Jaylen Brown was not messing around last night 💪 #Boston #Celtics #NBA
17 Nov, 10:43 PM UTC
Culler Sports
Jaylen Brown inspired his teammates Thursday night, as he triumphed in the face of tragedy and pushed the #Bostonhttps://t.co/H35A87US5h
17 Nov, 10:15 PM UTC
Tom Hart
If this tweet gets 10,000 retweets I will get “Boston Celtics 2018 NBA Champions” tatted on my chest. #Celtics
17 Nov, 02:54 PM UTC
Celtics Roundtable
☘️☘️☘️Jaylen Brown, #Celtics Beat #Warriors with Elite Defense | Powered by CLNS Media https://t.co/jRsXcP8SKY
17 Nov, 05:32 AM UTC
Culler Sports
We're going streaking! It was a battle last night but in the end, we got the W ☘️#Boston #Celtics #NBA
17 Nov, 10:44 PM UTC
Jesse Nadelman
Let's go!☘️☘️☘️ 14 in a row! #Celtics are a prime example of a well coached, fundamental team that fights hard on e… https://t.co/2QWAjOfDrA
17 Nov, 03:41 AM UTC
Elizabeth Gillis
On #SeasonTicket, @cgasper and @ByJayKing break down the #Celtics' triumph over the Warriors. LISTEN/SUBSCRIBE:… https://t.co/EAu1M7Ly5q
17 Nov, 10:44 PM UTC
Evan Lazar
@TonyMassarotti Tatum looked overwhelmed, no doubt. It’s easy to forget his just a rookie the way he plays in some… https://t.co/F69gCzkApm
17 Nov, 10:43 PM UTC
Comedy College
"RU STaNDUP COMiC material? Move over Chris Rock!" https://t.co/QFiTv59C2m  #Celtics #NASCAR #bulls #bulldogshttps://t.co/IlwvXMbiNB
17 Nov, 10:16 PM UTC
Scott Souza
Scott Souza: Wth win over Warriors, #Celtics prove win streak is no fluke (column) https://t.co/GGcv2U8EJZ
17 Nov, 10:57 PM UTC
14 STRAIGHT LETSSSS GOOOO #kyrieformvp #celtics
17 Nov, 03:43 AM UTC
Parquet Diem
@RealEddieHouse If you do, throw on your #Celtics jersey! Once a Celtic always a Celtic! #BeatLA ☘️
17 Nov, 10:56 PM UTC
أحمد إدريس #اليمن
Save the Children says "estimated 130 children die every day in #Yemen" - in crisis caused by Britain, USA and the… https://t.co/9vT7DurOGn
17 Nov, 10:56 PM UTC
Evan Lazar
What’s strange is that LeBron and Giannis didn’t phase him but it was obvious that KD did. Maybe it was just the wi… https://t.co/7tY7jxVvjZ
17 Nov, 10:47 PM UTC
Nick Gelso
Jaylen Brown led the way in the #Celtics win over the #Warriors with a heavy heart #celticstalk https://t.co/jszv7psg9x
17 Nov, 10:43 PM UTC
Henry Long
Well I️ mean he was right, we held them to 88..... #celtics #CelticsWarriors
17 Nov, 11:00 PM UTC
#RD #Celtics ganan pulseada a #Warriors en choque de grandes de la #NBA https://t.co/LqJKTZ4ehe #deportes
17 Nov, 11:00 PM UTC
Brett Aronwicz
The question peeps have to ask themselves is, after seeing my take pre #celtics warriors game come true, how much m… https://t.co/qKfog76F2J
17 Nov, 10:57 PM UTC
#Celtics gönlümün efendisi sizsiniz bundan sonra 😍
17 Nov, 10:55 PM UTC
Dual Threat Sports
Is the #nba better when the #lakers , #celtics ,and #knicks are good? We discuss on today’s episode ! Check it out,… https://t.co/rg9XtKkNen
17 Nov, 10:54 PM UTC
Vincent Palazzo III
#Celtics Curry said. "They're playing the best right now in the East. We'll see, but I heard the weather's great here in June."
17 Nov, 10:54 PM UTC
Bernard Castro
@ADR_NYS How about those #Celtics? 14 wins in a row. Latest win came against the #Warriors. Thoughts?
17 Nov, 10:54 PM UTC
New Right News
how the #Celtics be feeing rn #Kyrie #JaylenBrown
17 Nov, 10:51 PM UTC
@NBATV We're gonna need more wagons!! #Celtics
17 Nov, 10:49 PM UTC
Planète NBA
J.Brown #Celtics : artiste sur le terrain et en dehors 😏
17 Nov, 10:49 PM UTC
@FCHWPO thoughts and prayers are w/you. I know the pain, my best friend passed away suddenly 3 years ago. Although… https://t.co/we2uzoTKGb
17 Nov, 10:48 PM UTC
Celtic Rookie
When it comes to integrity, it's an easy grading scale. It’s either 100 percent or it’s 0 percent. – Jim Harbaugh #sportstar #celtics
17 Nov, 10:48 PM UTC
Los #Celtics recurren a la épica para vencer a los actuales campeones en Boston https://t.co/zZw2Qg7G8T #NBA #BOSGSW
17 Nov, 10:43 PM UTC
#Celtics showing 'anything is possible' | The Jump | ESPN https://t.co/OYVmlXxawm via @YouTube
17 Nov, 10:43 PM UTC
CLNS Media Network
Jaylen Brown led the way in the #Celtics win over the #Warriors with a heavy heart #celticstalk https://t.co/PQEFMlZd0y
17 Nov, 10:43 PM UTC
Jaylen Brown led the way in the #Celtics win over the #Warriors with a heavy heart #celticstalk https://t.co/3VefCJwPEj
17 Nov, 10:43 PM UTC
Edward Santiago
Jaylen Brown led the way in the #Celtics win over the #Warriors with a heavy heart #celticstalk https://t.co/Eiyn5O6JG1
17 Nov, 10:43 PM UTC
Mike Walsh
Jaylen Brown led the way in the #Celtics win over the #Warriors with a heavy heart #celticstalk https://t.co/Q557dwtgnj
17 Nov, 10:43 PM UTC
The final countdown. Best 5 teams in NBA history ranked read more at https://t.co/2Rp37bbvfv #nba #basketballhttps://t.co/BDeU03sINh
17 Nov, 10:40 PM UTC
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