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Josh Vitale
Some frustration on Auburn's sidelines after that last offensive possession. Chad Morris trying to be the mediator between Bo Nix and Seth Williams. @JoshVitale's photo on Chad Morris
17 Oct, 06:26 PM UTC
Tiger Commenter
Y'all should have know a team with Chad Morris and Kevin Steele on the sideline wasn't going to win in Columbia.
17 Oct, 07:44 PM UTC
The best thing Chad Morris ever did was get Jalen Catalon to Arkansas. Still hate that dude though.
17 Oct, 08:32 PM UTC
Hey Auburn, welcome to the Chad Morris experience.
17 Oct, 06:49 PM UTC
Barrett Sallee
Bo Nix is 11-for-20 for 152 yards, one touchdown and one interception in a quarter-and-a-half. Chad Morris is definitely calling the plays.
17 Oct, 05:11 PM UTC
The honeymoon phase with Bo Nix, Seth Williams and Chad Morris is officially over.
17 Oct, 06:41 PM UTC
Sidelines - Barry Odom
A Chad Morris QB stuggling? I thought I’d never see that
17 Oct, 06:54 PM UTC
Jama Lynn Domerese
Chad Morris should never get to coach a game of football again
17 Oct, 08:32 PM UTC
Sam Blum
What a brutal stretch it's been for Chad Morris since he left SMU.
17 Oct, 07:44 PM UTC
Bryce J
Tyson Morris > Chad Morris
17 Oct, 08:56 PM UTC
Gamecock Traditions
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Death. Taxes. Chad Morris leaving WILLY-B with a L!!!!!!!!! LET’S GOOOOO!!!!!!!!
17 Oct, 08:31 PM UTC
The Auburn Joker
We get Chad Morris and guess who we've become?......AUrkansas!
17 Oct, 07:43 PM UTC
Auburn really lost three straight games. Chad Morris’ mere presence brings Ls to your program
17 Oct, 08:51 PM UTC
Audra Prince
Fire chad Morris
17 Oct, 07:55 PM UTC
Blake Moss
Thank you Chad Morris, Bret Bielema, John L Smith, and Jessica Dorrell for helping make this moment so sweet
17 Oct, 08:36 PM UTC
Chad Morris should be put on trial for war crimes
17 Oct, 08:56 PM UTC
Nicholas Horton
I don’t want to take anything away from this team or staff but I can’t help but think...Chad Morris must’ve been even worse than we thought. #wps
17 Oct, 08:36 PM UTC
Lol let’s just face it the chad Morris experience is dead..
17 Oct, 08:28 PM UTC
Trey Daerr
Super impressed by Arkansas, a lot of confidence and swagger on that field. Remarkable job by Sam Pittman. And I’ll take a shot at Chad Morris, shame on him for getting blown out every game and basically saying we need better players. Pittman getting the most out of these kids.
17 Oct, 08:41 PM UTC
Brian Holland
Chad Morris right now @BHollandSports's photo on Chad Morris
17 Oct, 08:33 PM UTC
Stan in the..8.7.0....😜🙄🤔
SSOOO.. Chad Morris goes to Arkansas and sucks, goes to Auburn and they suck, Chandler Morris goes to OU their struggling...Does anyone know if Paula Morris is in a book club that NO ONE is showing up too?? 🤔🤔
17 Oct, 08:30 PM UTC
Chad Morris & Kevin Steele have still never won in Williams Brice.
17 Oct, 08:36 PM UTC
Reid Clark
Chad Morris is going to be searching for a new identity by sundown tonight.
17 Oct, 08:40 PM UTC
Ted McCain
@sully7777 Because, Chad Morris. The Pit Boss is the biggest upgrade ever.
17 Oct, 08:38 PM UTC
Robert Wisener
What does one call a coaching staff without Chad Morris? Addition by subtraction.
17 Oct, 08:45 PM UTC
You can just tell how much our players didn’t wanna play for chad Morris
17 Oct, 08:39 PM UTC
💎🏁Keenan Watson🏁💎
Time for change? Gus Malzahn, Chad Morris, Bo Nix all take major heat after Auburn's loss at South Carolina
17 Oct, 08:39 PM UTC
Gamecock Fandom
Has Chad Morris ever won inside Williams-Brice?
17 Oct, 08:39 PM UTC
Chad Morris was definitely without question the problem
17 Oct, 08:39 PM UTC
Mason Choate
How did Chad Morris watch Treylon Burks in practice every day and not give him the ball on gameday...
17 Oct, 08:54 PM UTC

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