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Patrick Mahomes II
Let’s bundle up and get Arrowhead packed on Sunday with the best fans in football. #ChiefsKingdom #Ad
16 Jan, 03:20 AM UTC
Bette Midler
The only thing Trumpier about serving fast food in the White House to a championship team would be if he also couldn't resist mentioning that he'd paid for it himself. Oh -- wait.
16 Jan, 05:30 AM UTC
Mike Reiss
Question: Do you mind playing in severe cold? Bill Belichick: “I love to play in a championship game. Schedule it wherever you want. We’ll be there.” Mike Reiss's photo on Championship
16 Jan, 04:34 PM UTC
Franklin Graham
With many White House staff furloughed, @POTUS @realDonaldTrump hosted the National Championship winning @ClemsonFB team yesterday & served them a buffet of fast food that he paid for himself!
16 Jan, 12:25 AM UTC
Daniel Storey
The greatest thing about this Marcelo Bielsa press conference is the massive 'eff you' message being sent to Derby County by giving away all of his extensive analysis on them to the world (and every Championship team) for free. He could have chosen any club, but no. What a guy.
16 Jan, 05:45 PM UTC
Sky Sports
"It was absolutely incredible... everybody was quite amazed by what he was telling us." @LUFC head coach Marcelo Bielsa goes into detail explaining how his team analysed @dcfcofficial ahead of their game in the Championship: Sky Sports's photo on Championship
16 Jan, 08:29 PM UTC
Adam Pope
That was an unparalleled presser in my career. Bielsa’s phenomenal dedication to coaching #lufc revealed along with a deep respect for The Championship & every opponent who he has studied in minute detail. Professional to the ultimate degree.
16 Jan, 08:08 PM UTC
"No puedo hablar ingles, pero sí sobre los 24 equipos del Championship. Derby jugó 31 partidos. En el 49% usó el sistema 433 con el 8 en la derecha. En 22%, 433 con el 8 en la izquierda. Lo mismo para el 4213 con el 8 en derecha e izquierda", Bielsa VarskySports's photo on Championship
16 Jan, 06:10 PM UTC
Liam Canning
Marcelo Bielsa probably knows more about Championship clubs than their actual managers do. What a guy.
16 Jan, 05:56 PM UTC
Marcelo Bielsa: "I can't speak English but I can speak about the 24 teams in the Championship." Inject this into my veins. 😍 #LUFC
16 Jan, 05:45 PM UTC
Championship teams I want to come up to the Premier League. - Leeds -Derby -Sheff Utd Reply with yours
16 Jan, 02:17 PM UTC
Tony Posnanski
Donald Trump serving fast food to elite athletes who won a National Championship is embarrassing. There is no other way to describe it and I truly hope no other championship team goes to the White House during his presidency.
16 Jan, 08:45 PM UTC
Patrick Timmons
Vieira had made 2 senior appearances when Arsène signed him. Henry only managed 3 goals in Italy. Tonight, after 11 league titles, 6 domestic cups, 1 CL triumph, 1 World Cup winners medal & 2 European Championship medals, they line up against each other as managers in Ligue Un.
16 Jan, 06:38 PM UTC
Barrett Sallee
People might have Alabama fatigue, but it is impossible to have Jalen Hurts fatigue. He is a winner. The way he handled himself this year and his performance in the SEC Championship Game make him a legend.
16 Jan, 06:59 PM UTC
New England Patriots
AFC Championship Week Wednesday Pressers: David Andrews, Tom Brady, Devin McCourty and James White
16 Jan, 09:03 PM UTC
Phil Bradley
Biesla and Nuno are leagues above most other Championship managers in years. Attention to detail and total dedication to the job. Whilst the dinosaurs in the media moan about foreigners and advocate giving jobs to dodgy 'Arry they just focus and deliver. Class.
16 Jan, 05:42 PM UTC
RF9 🇧🇷
Marcelo Bielsa knows more about Derby County than Frank Lampard, scenes. The championship is rustled and there's absolutely nothing anyone can do about it. Leeds United need to get promoted, imagine the kind of havoc this lunatic would cause in the PL with a much wider audience!
16 Jan, 06:34 PM UTC
Alan Biggs
Bielsa missed only one trick at his bare-all on #Spygate - an invitation to every other Championship club to attend #lufc training sessions. Or maybe an unspoken invitation was there anyway. Great stuff - can’t think of a press conference to rival it!
16 Jan, 07:31 PM UTC
Albert Ortega
Bielsa: “Tener tanta información no es muy útil. No te coloca en una mejor posición para ganar el partido, pero respetar el fútbol es hacer el esfuerzo de conocer a los rivales. No sé hablar inglés pero puedo hablar sobre todos y cada uno de los 24 equipos de la Championship”.
16 Jan, 06:25 PM UTC
ACC Football
We're still buzzing from a third National Championship in six years. The quest for four starts now: the 2019 #ACCFootball schedule is here! 📅: ACC Football's photo on Championship
16 Jan, 06:55 PM UTC
Tom Martin
the Chiefs respond to the proven fact that the Patriots now suck as they prepare for their eighth straight AFC championship game built on a track record absolutely sucking Tom Martin's photo on Championship
16 Jan, 09:10 PM UTC
Daily Hall of Famers
"I want to win that championship tonight, but I want to win it clean. Old-time hockey, like when I got started, you know? Jeez. Toe Blake, Dit Clapper, Eddie Shore, those guys were the greats."- Coach Reggie Dunlop @Hanson_Brothers #SlapShot40 #oldtimehockey #dailyHOF #HHOF Daily Hall of Famers's photo on Championship
16 Jan, 12:44 PM UTC
Ben Baskin
Chiefs guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif told me that he is pumped to return to the field for the AFC Championship— a big boon for Kansas City on Sunday. Here is my magazine feature on the offensive lineman/doctor from September.
16 Jan, 06:05 PM UTC
Glenn 🇮🇪🇭🇺🇵🇭
.@thunderrosa22 @holidead the #TwistedSisterz are gonna kill it this Saturday at La Boom and retain their #Shine tag team championship belts! #Shine56 #SuchASickPhoto Glenn 🇮🇪🇭🇺🇵🇭's photo on Championship
16 Jan, 08:27 PM UTC
Northmen Sports
Make sure to come and support our Lady Oakies tomorrow at the Oak Park invitational championship game! 🏆🏀 @Northmen_OPHS #ForTheFamily #BlueOnBlue #GetN2it Northmen Sports's photo on Championship
16 Jan, 08:02 PM UTC
Sports Gambling Podcast
Conference Championship #DFS Picks (Ep. 653) w/ @SeanTGreen @KramerCentric @ChristianPina #NFLPlayoffs LISTEN HERE => Sports Gambling Podcast's photo on Championship
16 Jan, 02:00 PM UTC
12u baseball team, games tied in the 6th inning. @Treyglass22 is pitching. Easy pop fly to me at 3rd base. Dropped... We lose the championship.
15 Jan, 09:59 PM UTC
Andy Hart
Tom Brady “This is not the week to have less than our best.” “Everybody at every position has to play well. That’s what Championship games are all about.” #Patriots
16 Jan, 09:12 PM UTC
'El Loco' #Bielsa confesó haber espiado a varios equipos de la Championship ► Marcador's photo on Championship
16 Jan, 08:47 PM UTC
UFC Canada
Flyweight championship superfight goes down at #UFCBrooklyn! Who takes it? UFC Canada's photo on Championship
16 Jan, 09:07 PM UTC
Classic Championship Wrestling
ROYAL RUMBLE | JAN 26TH @ItsTheRealDamon defends the CCW Championship against a former CCW Champion in @iiJustinBlack! Can @iiJustinBlack repeat Rumble History and walk away with the gold or will @ItsTheRealDamon prove everyone right and retain?! #CCW #RoyalRumble Classic Championship Wrestling's photo on Championship
16 Jan, 08:48 PM UTC
WIPA caught up with a few cricketers during the 2018/19 West Indies Championship. This is our interview with Kirk Edwards of the Windward Islands Volcanoes. See full interview here: WIPA's photo on Championship
16 Jan, 09:02 PM UTC
Robert Ryan
#Bielsa shows the Championship and Derby in particular that Leeds do have an unfair advantage, but not because of a spy, but because of his insanely meticulous research and dedication to his team. He has watched every Luton match since last week - man’s a genius #ElLoco @LUFC
16 Jan, 08:30 PM UTC
Steve Caloudas
Forecast: An 'arctic blast' could hit Kansas City for AFC championship game via @YahooSports
16 Jan, 09:13 PM UTC
Greyhound Stud Book
Brilliant video by Fieldsports TV on coursing, featuring our AICC English Invitational Championship at Sevenhouses! Watch it through, it's worth it!
16 Jan, 08:01 PM UTC
The only thing I find ridiculous about this Bielsa stuff is that he is one of the best managers in the game and he's slumming it in the championship
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
The Spread Podcast
Brady. Brees. Mahomes. Goff. The conference championship games are here and so are our picks! Check those, Rob’s props and some new playoff gambling rules on this weeks pod! #PatsNation #chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #Saints #GeauxSaints #rams
16 Jan, 08:57 PM UTC
George Lashley
@ClinicalCrouch Actually have to sweaty it against a championship team
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
@amestheledge I may call the Booster office and see if I can durectvthe $$ to the Soccer and Softball Teams. Those girls are winning National Championships. Mike Martin, 40yrs at Baseball Coach. Not ONE College World Series Championship. WTH?!?!
16 Jan, 09:15 PM UTC
Monday Morning QB
PREDICTION FOR AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME #NFL #NFLPlayoffs #AFCChampionship #AFCChampionshipGame #NEvsKC #KCvsNE #Chiefs #KCChiefs #ChiefsKingdom #Patriots #PatriotsNation #GoPats #TMMQB
16 Jan, 09:15 PM UTC
Skatemind na Street League Skateboarding - World Championship - RIO
16 Jan, 09:15 PM UTC
Bowen (Bo-Win)
@3L3V3NTH Because dinner at the white hide means you don’t respect what it means to win a championship. Lol stfu Bowen (Bo-Win)'s photo on Championship
16 Jan, 09:15 PM UTC
Thing Mao fought for
Mao, nonetheless, won at the World Championship 2008 in Gothenburg, Sweden.
16 Jan, 09:15 PM UTC
Zak Tasty
@Criven__ Lmao he had no plans of going to MD. Dude wouldn’t go from a championship to a school below .500
16 Jan, 09:15 PM UTC
@george_lashley Can’t even beat championship teams in the first game
16 Jan, 09:15 PM UTC
Steve Robinson
@theaisforadam1 @jakeweingarten @TTUHoopsFans I don't recall Texas Tech playing in a national championship game lately.
16 Jan, 09:15 PM UTC
Mirror WWE
EXCLUSIVE: WWE #NXTUK star @WolfgangYoung confirmed for @InsaneChampWres Square Go match Mirror WWE's photo on Championship
16 Jan, 09:15 PM UTC
Tap In Pub
What's for dinner? How about a few holes of championship golf. Learn more: Tap In Pub's photo on Championship
16 Jan, 09:15 PM UTC
Everything Football
Marcelo Bielsa has explained the 'Spygate' incident at a hastily organised press conference. #LeedsUtd #LeedsUnited #Bielsa #BielsaIsGod #LUFC #Leeds #Championship
16 Jan, 09:15 PM UTC
Conner 康纳 罗伯逊
This ain’t about cities like you think it is Dickerson. You brought up a rematch between LA and Boston. Dude is a Legend but don’t get it twisted. LA doesn’t want to see any Boston sports team in the championship 😂
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
Esports Insider
ICYMI: @riotgames' League of Legends European Championship ( #LEC ) partners with energy company @Shell. Shell is amongst the world's largest companies and so its entrance into esports speaks volumes of the industry's current trajectory. 👉 Esports Insider's photo on Championship
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
@nflthrowback @nyjets Ryan ruined sanchez's career.. kid was promising. back to back afc championship games.. Hopefully gaze doesn't ruin darnold.
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
⚽️ Football News
Rangers #Boss Steven Gerrard Interested In Signing Man United Flop - BlameFootball #QPRFC 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #Championship
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
Trojan Wrestling
Way to go Fuccio on your victory in the badminton singles championship match. We weren't lying when we said wrestling will make you a better athlete. #fullsend (sorry for posting and deleting this 3 times) Trojan Wrestling's photo on Championship
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
⚽️ Football News
WBA FA Youth Cup tie to be live streamed - QPR official website #QPRFC 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #Championship
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
⚽️ Football News
17th #January 2019 Features QPR players visit Hammersmith Hospital - QPR official website #QPRFC 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #Championship
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
⚽️ Football News
16th #January 2019 Ticket News Portsmouth v QPR: Full allocation taken - QPR official website #QPRFC 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #Championship
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
Norwich City Updates
Leeds boss Bielsa admits he has spied on Norwich City and every other Championship team this season #OTBC #NCFC #Canaries #NorwichCity
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
🇮🇪 Rictainment™ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
@northantsfisher @FrankSt57352570 I think it speaks for itself with the TV Revenue constantly going up I mean clubs are now getting over 100m each now and we are looking at the championship for players because we lack ambition to actually win things, scammed thousands by selling a lie with the new stadium 1/2
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
Donia 👏🏻👏🏻🐺
In the last 8 years NE has played in the AFC Championship 8 times, advanced to the Super Bowl 4 times, winning 2 of them……but sure the Pats are the underdogs and no one gives them a chance 🙄🤣
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
Laura Albanese
Van Wagenen: "I fully expect us to be competitive and to be a winning team and our goal is to win a championship and it starts with the division, so come get us."
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
Leeds fans are the Liverpool fans of the championship
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
Jim Ragan
@RealMattlanta Matt.....mention this also that Chris Chandler and the Falcons offense had ZERO false start calls the entire game of the NFC Championship game in the loud Metrodome
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
Final tweet tonight comes in the form of a quiz question - how many current players in the squads of Premier League and Championship teams have been coached by @YourStMarys @stmarysPFC @FootballEd_Dev academic staff for one season or more? 🤔⚽️
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
Greg Beacham
Sean McVay rocking the official NFC Championship merch in Thousand Oaks today Greg Beacham's photo on Championship
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
Jordan Sims
@3HL1045 Jalen Hurts didn’t face any adversity... Went 26-2 as a Starter, led his team to a national championship but then lost his job to a better QB. If that’s adversity, than sign me up. Adversity is UCF going 0-12 & then going undefeated
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
@stephenasmith So @willcain was told by @Tedy_Bruschi #BobbyCarpenter who both went to the White House they had no food. I would like to hear from National Championship team members who went to White House when Clinton and Obama were president, what they were served to eat?
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
Damon "Karma" Barlow at the 2013 Call of Duty World League Championship. Energize's photo on Championship
16 Jan, 09:14 PM UTC
⚽️ Football News
Report: #Leeds United weigh up Callum O'Dowda transfer deal - HITC #LUFC 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #Championship Pls RT
16 Jan, 09:13 PM UTC
Stephen Barrett
@PaulCalafiore_ @ChallengeMTV Everyone does that😂. It’s a movement that is implying a championship belt😂 lmao, just because Aaron Rodgers mad it famous does not mean “he is stealing someone else’s move”😂 Grow tf up man
16 Jan, 09:13 PM UTC

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