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Smokey Vol
Chaney is going to eat a vegetable before he calls a pass play for JG
12 Oct, 05:42 PM UTC
Barrett Sallee
Georgia might miss … … Jim Chaney ?
12 Oct, 06:37 PM UTC
Russell Smith
Jim Chaney trying to think of a pass play for JG to run that doesn't end in disaster
12 Oct, 05:50 PM UTC
Un saludo 👋 al sportinguista Café Bar Rodrigo, en Pontón de Vaqueros. Creo que los Oviedistas sabemos dónde NO ENTRAR.
12 Oct, 04:00 PM UTC
Brilliant call by Jim Chaney there! Tyler Byrd has a breakout game? Who saw that coming? #TENNvsMSU
12 Oct, 06:46 PM UTC
Reed Carringer
I would hate to be Chaney here. Need a first. But you don’t trust your QB. Can’t count on an 8 yard run. Rollout with 1-2 reads? I dunno.
12 Oct, 06:42 PM UTC
US Athletics
Game Day for ⁦@USFootball1890⁩. Kickoff vs. Youngstown Chaney is set for 2:00 at ⁦@UnivSchool⁩. @UnivSchoolSport's media on Chaney">
12 Oct, 02:01 PM UTC
Jacob Gilliam
If you execute the offense, Jim Chaney has some beautiful plays in there.
12 Oct, 06:47 PM UTC
Chaney's Champions
Many thanks to @GarnerPolice​ and @ChiefZuidema for allowing us to come and donate 100 of our @GUND Chaney Bears on October 11, 2019. Here are a few pictures from the donation event. #ChampionOn
12 Oct, 11:08 AM UTC
Austin Stanley
What a ballsy play call by Jim Chaney and a good read/throw by JG and a better play by Tyler Byrd
12 Oct, 06:46 PM UTC
Joe Rexrode
LOVE the second-down call by Jim Chaney there. They are loading the box, obvious running situation, give Guarantano an easy throw. TD. Who had Guarantano and Chaney as today’s saviors for the Vols?
12 Oct, 06:48 PM UTC
@SmallwoodTrent Coley is no upgrade from Chaney. At this point it's a push at best
12 Oct, 06:45 PM UTC
@MoonsOverMyCami @TennesseeDonkey He sucks so bad they won’t call a pass. Even Chaney knows.
12 Oct, 07:03 PM UTC
Youngstown Chaney 7 University School 7 Halftime @NEOhsAthletics @MayorNEOPrep @Malutic_Live
12 Oct, 06:56 PM UTC
Boxing News 24
Boxing results from the weekend: #PaddyDonovan, #ChadDawson, #CassiusChaney
12 Oct, 06:51 PM UTC
Evil Dead Parrot Sketch
CREW MEMBER: Hey, Lon Chaney Jr., they’re serving free drinks at the commissary. LON CHANEY JR.:
12 Oct, 06:49 PM UTC
Tim Eckhart
@UGAUnited Run, run, pass. Who let Chaney in the box?
12 Oct, 06:46 PM UTC
Tim Eckhart
@dawgsontop2017 It’s like Chaney never left
12 Oct, 07:07 PM UTC
21 WFMJ Sports
H.S. Football: HALF Chaney 7 University School 7
12 Oct, 07:01 PM UTC
Dana Balash
.@21WFMJSports Half Chaney 7 University School 7
12 Oct, 06:59 PM UTC
John McNair
The big dog is gonna eat! Congrats @Cassius_Chaney 👊🏼💪🏻
12 Oct, 06:55 PM UTC
Amanda Turner
@VondaLEverett I am legit over this crap! Get rid of Mark Richt and Chaney for THIS???? 😡😡🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
12 Oct, 06:54 PM UTC
@AXdawgEL I'm more pissed about the screen passes. No good team has ever won with screen passes. Even Chaney didn't use those like we do.
12 Oct, 06:52 PM UTC
Austin Davis
James Coley getting exposed more than Chaney. 10 points through 3 1/2 quarters with this level of talent is unacceptable
12 Oct, 06:49 PM UTC
Michael Gibson 🍊
Wow! JG to Tyler Byrd. Chaney letting JG throw and it pays off. So happy for them right now.
12 Oct, 06:48 PM UTC
Chaney has been setting that play call up since :54 seconds remaining the second quarter.
12 Oct, 06:48 PM UTC
Stan Ledbetter
@Lucky931 That’s why ya hire Chaney man, they sealed that edge to perfection
12 Oct, 06:48 PM UTC
Corey 🌐
@JayDed1990 Comey is a step back from Chaney, as an OC. From what I’ve seen, Fromm has basically only one target for the majority of the game.. Cager
12 Oct, 06:46 PM UTC
Drew Guffey
@AtlFrye5 Chaney part 2 and it’s showing. No one wanted him preseason but it is what it is.
12 Oct, 06:45 PM UTC

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