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truz powerpoint template a lil thread
27 Apr, 01:41 PM UTC
Ron Weasley (na Toca 🏡)
"O Harry perdeu o bv com a Cho Chang" Tem certeza? @EuRonWeasley's photo on Chang
27 Apr, 02:53 PM UTC
病み系女子の育成アドベンチャー『ニーディガールオーバードーズ』6月5日に発売決定 承認欲求が強いインターネットアイドルの「ピ」として、すぐ病む精神と配信活動を支える作品。電波ソングでおなじみのKOTOKOさんが歌う主題歌ミュージックビデオも公開された @denfaminicogame's photo on Chang
28 Apr, 08:20 AM UTC
𝙍𝙤𝙨𝙞𝙚 𝙋𝙤𝙨𝙞𝙚🌻
น้องบอกว่าสัญญากับตัวเองไว้ว่าวันนึงอยากจะมีอพาร์ตเม้นเล็กๆอยู่ในเมืองนิวยอร์ก🥺 รู้สึกว่าเป็นความฝันเล็กๆที่น่ารักมากเลย ขอให้ความฝันเป็นจริงนะคะ คงเป็นชีวิตที่มีความสุขมากๆเลยเนอะ #ROSÉ #로제 @BLACKPINK
27 Apr, 02:43 PM UTC
そしてアプリ内での生配信も決定しました! 5月7日(金)23:45~です! 遅い時間にすみません💦 8日が誕生日なもんで皆様にカウントダウンで祝ってもらおうという魂胆です← 今回は初回限定で【アプリをダウンロードをした方全員無料】で視聴できるそうです! ダウンロードだけでもしてみてくださいなー
28 Apr, 10:20 AM UTC
Tuấn Anh
Chàng trai gân guốc....!!!!!
27 Apr, 03:30 PM UTC
Sky News
'This is a Prime Minister who during a pandemic was nipping out of meetings to choose wallpaper at £840 a roll... why doesn't the PM just tell the investigation who paid for the refurbishment?' "I have covered the cost" says Boris Johnson. Follow PMQs: @SkyNews's photo on Chang
28 Apr, 11:26 AM UTC
✨JoaBel 🥞
No digan mucho ot7 que lxs que no son ot7 se enojan que digamos a cada rato que Chang dijo ot7, ya hay que calmarnos con el ot7, ya sabemos que ot7 pero les molesta que gritemos ot7 y más si somos ot7 @OfficialMonstaX @official__wonho
28 Apr, 05:32 AM UTC
Emiruvy@ tired
[CN server] This mechanic skin (Velvet Puzzle????), this gardener accessory (I have no idea what's the name of) and Wu Chang-Troubled emote are coming back to event shop
28 Apr, 09:43 AM UTC
"손등kiss" 실화라고 나 이제아무것도안들려
28 Apr, 11:40 AM UTC
i always liked the fact that ji chang wook never showed off his abs whenever fans in fanmeetings asked him to do. "you only welcome things like this" and "young ppl are here" no matter how disappointed he made them but it's still the best choice
28 Apr, 08:28 AM UTC
NYT Obituaries
Erica Chang, armed with degrees in biomedicine and engineering, wanted to help manage the pandemic. She has died of complications of Covid-19 at 24.
27 Apr, 09:53 PM UTC
이태민 📹
예쁨받는 태민이 타래
28 Apr, 11:11 AM UTC
leena misses joo. 🥞
¿por qué dicen que changkyun no quería estar ahí? yo en ningún momento lo vi "incómodo", más que nada estaba algo nervioso, pero vamos, es un podcast, tienes que hablar la mayor parte del tiempo y sin cortes. todxs sabemos que chang no es precisamente muy platicador
28 Apr, 04:55 AM UTC
#MarkYourCalendars for this conversation with Keisha N. Blain, Jeff Chang, Rosa Clemente & Tim Wise & moderated by Ula Y. Taylor! “American Reckoning: A Conversation on Anti-Blackness in Post George Floyd America.” @UCBerkeley @JAAHistory @ABWHTruth June 9th at 12-2pm PST @JAAHistory's media on Chang">
27 Apr, 02:39 PM UTC
Masidi Manjun
UPSR exams abolished from this year
28 Apr, 07:51 AM UTC
I didn't understand why she couldn't tell vansh about it , I mean how is chang related to this and why did Gayu turn into Sara, what did Riddhima want from Vyom , how does vyom know about her past 🤯🤯 #IshqMeinMarjawan2
27 Apr, 02:24 PM UTC
Jawatankuasa Pengurusan Bencana Covid-19 Negeri
27 April 2021: Kenyataan Media YAB Ketua Menteri Sabah
27 Apr, 08:49 PM UTC
가장 뽐내고싶은 나의 매력은? ....몸
28 Apr, 11:42 AM UTC
"Vì đôi lúc anh thấy em giận anh quá nên thôi Hình bóng ấy có thể phai nhòa nhưng chẳng xa xôi ..." #JackJ97 #J97 #LayLaLay
28 Apr, 05:01 AM UTC
@simasyodes 次の敗因に如何でしょうか。
27 Apr, 05:54 PM UTC
2日連続あほくさまけほ 横浜さんには悪いけど明後日からの3連戦は3タテ必須 てか祝日やきうないとかどーなってんだよ
28 Apr, 11:42 AM UTC
27 Apr, 10:21 PM UTC
Happy Birthday to our Magnus Bane, Mike Chang, and Solomon Chao Mr.@HarryShumJr may God bless you all the time, Keep safe, more movies and TV shows/series to come, I as your fan, I'm so proud of you and I will support you always no matter what I love you so much❤
28 Apr, 02:26 AM UTC
@38sirionpapa した。 あっさりした口当たりに紅茶の香りなかなか
27 Apr, 10:25 PM UTC
@38sirionpapa これは「敗北する」
27 Apr, 08:33 PM UTC
おしごと終わり!!!!😭🙏😭 GW突入!!!!✨✨✨✨
28 Apr, 11:42 AM UTC
뵵 트친소맞괄
스테이씨 포카 양도 판매 구해요 구매 지마켓 오왓 타워레코드 비트로드 아이사 자윤 세은 시은 수민 재이 위드드라마 애플뮤직 1차 2차 3차 분철 메이크스타 마뮤테 미화당 뮤직코리아 조은뮤직 DMC 간절한 갈망포카들... 와주세요 저한테
28 Apr, 11:46 AM UTC

28 Apr, 11:45 AM UTC
美 咲
@chang_swallows 一軍に来るのかと思ってたのにな・・・
28 Apr, 11:45 AM UTC