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เปลี่ยนจากล็อคดาวน์ 100% เป็นรัฐบาลลาออก100% เชื่อเถอะประเทศดีขึ้นแน่นอน
18 Jul, 06:31 AM UTC

"i want a boyfriend" no you just want sangyeon jacob younghoon hyunjae juyeon kevin chanhee changmin haknyeon sunwoo and eric from the boyz
18 Jul, 03:04 AM UTC
Naz // the end of cloud era😮‍💨
if changmin had an instagram acc, pls i need it🥲🤚🏻 - a thread @nanazgl's photo on changmin
18 Jul, 05:17 AM UTC
#CHANGMIN: bye guys, hi ladies @juye8ns's photo on changmin
18 Jul, 02:09 AM UTC
Last year or 2 years ago, Changmin taught Chanhee, who can’t swim, how to do dog paddle. So Chanhee thought that he’s really good at swimming, because he was teaching from the basic. But it turned out that Changmin only knows how to do dog paddle🤣
18 Jul, 11:09 AM UTC
210718 🪐 Changmin’s painting~ @changgyu02's photo on changmin
18 Jul, 11:26 AM UTC
210718 - Changmin🌌🪐 Changmin asked if the temporary tattoos are cute. He applied it with water in 10 seconds. It’s already erased and he bought it around 1 year ago.
18 Jul, 11:22 AM UTC
juyeon being whipped for changmin — a jukyu thread 🐱🐿
18 Jul, 09:30 AM UTC
210716 최강창민의 프리허그 퇴근 #최강창민의프리허그 #freehug #최강창민 #changmin #チャンミン @TVXQ
17 Jul, 10:21 PM UTC
mei 💗
mini compilation of changmin’s paintings!!
18 Jul, 11:29 AM UTC
changmin doing things
changmin’s work <3
18 Jul, 11:27 AM UTC
아 ㅁㅊ 돼지 금지어여서 지창민. 트위터말투 됨.. 돼.지 in the 프메
18 Jul, 11:37 AM UTC
Changmin ate Siraegi-guk and Gamjajeon with Younghoon today~
18 Jul, 11:35 AM UTC
daily 🌙
changmin and kevin at the ball pit in nyc is still one of my favorite moments
18 Jul, 01:33 PM UTC
carla // 📌
we've reached that point where changmin is known as kingdom mc 😭
18 Jul, 11:23 AM UTC
210718 Changmin on 🪐 🐿: Hello 🐿: What is everyone up tooooo 🐿: Ah ‘Listen’ (Radio) is on nowwwww 🐿: Are Juyeon and New doing well?? 🐿: Last time I went together (with them) we got used to it very well so I was very relieved 🐿: It was very funnn(cutely) hehehe
18 Jul, 12:19 PM UTC
chichi ◡̈ | on limit
changmin being sandwiched by moonbae is probably the cutest thing i've seen today 😭
18 Jul, 11:45 AM UTC
#CHANGMIN : 𝐁𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐀𝐧𝐠𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐛𝐢𝐫𝐝 𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤
18 Jul, 08:11 AM UTC
sunhak au 📌
ㅤ— #JUKYU au prompt ateneo’s spiker, ji changmin was never blocked by any of his opponents before. what if lee juyeon from la salle blocked all of his attacks? he finds it cute how changmin would always frown after. sama ng loob pa ba ang madedevelop or feelings?
18 Jul, 12:51 PM UTC
Tika;🍑🍒| Changmin’s Freehug🤗
His long eyelashes 🥲💜 #최강창민 #Changmin #MAXCHANGMIN #チャンミン
18 Jul, 02:24 AM UTC
changmin doing things
this changmin ‘get it’ fancam 🥴 (2019) #지창민 #큐 #더보이즈
18 Jul, 02:11 PM UTC
( ´•J• )🍫
Cover | MAX CHANGMIN 최강창민 | 어떻게 이별까지 사랑하겠어, 널 사랑하는 거지 (AKMU 악동뮤지션) #최강창민 #MAX_CHANGMIN #チャンミン #동방신기 #TVXQ #東方神起
18 Jul, 12:32 PM UTC
( ´•J• )🍫
551,672 (2021.07.18 21:18) [STATION] MAX CHANGMIN 최강창민 'All That Love' MV #MAX_CHANGMIN #최강창민 #チャンミン 동방신기 TVXQ 東方神起 #AllThatLove
18 Jul, 12:23 PM UTC
ic wts lfb ph ony chase pob (apple music) - unit pc — will sell as set only dm if interested ! 🏷 tbz the boyz jacob chanhee new changmin q juyeon sangyeon kevin haknyeon younghoon
18 Jul, 02:09 PM UTC
Changmin - TAEYEON 'Weekend' MV Reaction 🎬 resume:
18 Jul, 11:48 AM UTC
thea ⟬⟭⁷ 𖧵 || talo na si me
18 Jul, 02:14 PM UTC
【美韓】チャンミンに投票完了!現在の得票数:3524票 チャンミン「逢いたいすぐに飛んでいきたい♡」 人気投票はこちらから↓ #チャンミン #Changmin #창민 #チャンミンからのメッセージ
18 Jul, 02:10 PM UTC
cess ecg
you’re so gwapo talaga changmin like nakakaasar you, im so dukha lng here e
18 Jul, 02:16 PM UTC