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Loz Argyle
A&E today reminded me of war zones I've been to, i can't believe I'm saying this,our NHS staff were magnificent, fu… https://t.co/mCeR8Bg7PB
11 Jan, 08:30 PM UTC
Rosie W-S
#channel4news Not sure where the Tory is coming from. Last time I looked state pensions were based on National insu… https://t.co/N8IoSxJsgt
11 Jan, 07:24 PM UTC
Bob Gill
#channel4news narrow focus on 'more money' but no discussion of where money is being siphoned away to Market bureau… https://t.co/kamC0EVQMc
11 Jan, 07:24 PM UTC
Rural Conservative Movement
Very Left-wing #channel4news plod round a Trump heartland, desperately seeking out a mutiny among once-staunch Trum… https://t.co/RDOlsBHDnL
11 Jan, 07:45 PM UTC
The Hon. M C G Young
#Conservative MP on #Channel4News says we all need to pay more for the #NHS How about you get your rich #Tory frien… https://t.co/SHtUHd2OdJ
11 Jan, 07:20 PM UTC
Michael dowling
£12,000 to have dinner with David Cameron #allinittogeather #channel4news
11 Jan, 07:55 PM UTC
Louise McDaid 🌟
#channel4news Tony Blair and David Cameron make me sick.
11 Jan, 07:54 PM UTC
Went to a photo exhibition by Irish photographer Tom Wood...who lived in Merseyside for years and took pictures of… https://t.co/N2fHQWEdEu
11 Jan, 09:22 PM UTC
Donal McCarthy
Nice work by @krishgm and @TomClarkeC4 on #channel4news just now. Sadly, Environment Minister @theresecoffey failed… https://t.co/76ePwxg7BE
11 Jan, 07:47 PM UTC
"You're not gonna find a President that does everything you want. But I do want a President that doesn't act like I… https://t.co/Y6B9dcz0YA
11 Jan, 07:45 PM UTC
Edward Harkins
Tory MP Sarah Woollaston unimpressive in putting so much emphasis on the 'NHS system's' failure to change; it's the… https://t.co/hFi5MjnCdM
11 Jan, 07:21 PM UTC
Uncommon Sense
Who did you vote for in the last election, and who would you vote for now? Retweet for a larger sample! #bbcqthttps://t.co/HSYgU13r4T
11 Jan, 09:41 PM UTC
Jason Reid #FBPE
Chinese business leaders are paying...£12,000 to have dinner with David Cameron. 🐷#Channel4News Jason Reid #FBPE's photo on #channel4news
11 Jan, 07:55 PM UTC
Paul O'Hagan
"Blair took no fee for his role as middle East peace envoy". How kind. I would have thought the region is owed a re… https://t.co/Aft9WKl70O
11 Jan, 07:56 PM UTC
Round Tower
#channel4news Yeah, she’d make a great President because of a speech last week. For frig sake. Round Tower's photo on #channel4news
11 Jan, 07:47 PM UTC
John Smith #FBPE
Pro green inept #channel4news has another piece mentioning plastic waste without mentioning over 90% of all plasti… https://t.co/FTstPPxs5w
11 Jan, 07:26 PM UTC
Uncommon Sense
I urge you. Stop and think. How will you cope when Jeremy Corbyn is elected? When the currency crashes. When capi… https://t.co/I5K2QLo6wK
11 Jan, 09:32 PM UTC
Jim Peyton
#channel4news The NHS? Those screaming to get the Tories out. Collective amnesia? They appear to have forgotten the… https://t.co/6k9C9BER2f
11 Jan, 07:42 PM UTC
The Hon. M C G Young
#Labour MP says houses with Council Tax Band E & above should have big rises #Channel4News Band E houses aren't hug… https://t.co/TliIazLhBn
11 Jan, 07:54 PM UTC
Nick Hopkinson #FBPE
@GaryGibbonBlog #channel4news is wrong about another #EURef A clear majority want a vote on the terms of any… https://t.co/3sd5JgMTfy
11 Jan, 07:31 PM UTC
andy blackmore
#channel4news WFT Therese Coffey, so many words to basically say fuck all - can you only speak in meaningless buzz… https://t.co/0JYB7yOqVU
11 Jan, 07:33 PM UTC
Edward Harkins
Hollow 'green' Theresa May: Ludicrous into-the-long-grass timescales, plastic manufacturers/suppliers let off scot-… https://t.co/N1diZFTmKn
11 Jan, 07:29 PM UTC
Uncommon Sense
It pains and frustrates me to see an electorate who lack the economic and historical knowledge to understand the ut… https://t.co/X8gJzGMFxg
11 Jan, 09:38 PM UTC
Sue Murphy
#channel4news I know where the odd £5M is, on Nectar Island tax free with Robbing Richard Branson; @VirginCare stea… https://t.co/47PbR3J0zD
11 Jan, 07:22 PM UTC
Jeremy Bonington-Jag
#FFS can #Channel4News+#BBCNews please STOP saying NHS can't cope/not enough beds/needs more money They tell us we… https://t.co/BZLjvwMjAw
11 Jan, 08:32 PM UTC
Kate Conway
Brilliant reporting @vsmacdonald! Fascinating insight into ambulance services under pressure #channel4news
11 Jan, 07:23 PM UTC
Jeremy Bonington-Jag
#FFS #Channel4News+#BBCNews STILL whinging about #PlasticBags in sea NO SUCH PROBLEM! Original report on packing… https://t.co/StneAUEBIG
11 Jan, 08:54 PM UTC
Trevor Goodwin's
I honestly think it's time #channel4news was renamed #Toryhating#Trumploathing#Tw@s..News
11 Jan, 08:12 PM UTC
Wai Yip
Lock the thieving scum up and Phillip Green at the same time! #bhs #channel4news #chappell
11 Jan, 07:52 PM UTC
Matt Bond
What kind of a loser would pay to see UK politics' leading chump @David_Cameron? #channel4news
11 Jan, 07:52 PM UTC
anita chaudhuri
Brilliant, @paraicobrien “like some sort of two-bit journalistic Attenborough.” #channel4news
11 Jan, 07:46 PM UTC
Diana Connolly
@glasterlaw1 Every time I watch #channel4news I notice left wing bias
11 Jan, 07:45 PM UTC
The Hon. M C G Young
Reducing the amount of #plastic bottles, containers, wrapping etc would be a good start, blood bags and syringes? I… https://t.co/PV7ylU6ref
11 Jan, 07:30 PM UTC
Matt Bond
Labour should eschew attempts at cross party agreement on NHS funding. #channel4news
11 Jan, 07:18 PM UTC
Steve Hawker
#channel4news This Tax for the NHS? Does that mean that all the other taxes I pay will definitely NOT be given to t… https://t.co/gFuP16u1fG
11 Jan, 07:18 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from United Kingdom.

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