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philip lewis
Dave Chappelle made a surprise stop to his former high school this week – and had a heated Q&A session with nearly 600 students about his Netflix special
25 Nov, 03:54 PM UTC
Blake © ™ ®
48 year old Dave Chappelle going to a q+a made up of high schoolers
25 Nov, 07:12 PM UTC
all Chappelle had to do was accept some mild criticism like 4 years ago but instead now he's doing this
26 Nov, 01:18 AM UTC
Tragic Heterosexual
My favorite part of the conversions I'm having around Dave Chappelle on my channel are the people who continue to prove my points. I've never called for Dave's show to be removed and I didn't personally find it offensive. But criticism is, apparently, offense.
25 Nov, 10:11 PM UTC
Jesse Hawken
Chappelle getting roasted by a room full of teens, thinking it would be a friendly room, is very funny
25 Nov, 10:05 PM UTC
man it’s a hot zone,
defiant dave chappelle to high school student: ‘i am more successful than a high school student’
26 Nov, 12:09 AM UTC
Fox News
Dave Chappelle doesn't back down when students at DC alma mater slam him as 'bigot' at surprise visit
26 Nov, 06:00 AM UTC
A Humbug Woolooo
Dave Chappelle right now:
25 Nov, 10:22 PM UTC
Onyx Paradigm⚡️👊🏿💪🏿⚡️
Dave Chappelle literally jokes about everybody & is consistent. Find it interesting when he jokes about Black ppl no one complains. The problem is Trans people want special treatment. As if Black life is cheap and being transsexual is exceptionally outstanding & beyond reproach.
26 Nov, 08:10 AM UTC
Bella Goth
Dave Chappelle goes on a lot of “I’m unbothered” “I don’t care” rants for a man who claims to be unbothered & doesn’t care. 😭😭
26 Nov, 12:26 AM UTC
Hiram Morales
@RenyTure @eclipsesolxr “(White women) You was in on the heist, you just don't like your cut."- Dave Chappelle
25 Nov, 09:50 PM UTC
So fucking childish on Dave’s part. I loved the Chappelle Show, but this is what happens when someone believes their hype as a comedy god. They stop listening to criticism, they don’t let anyone speak to them otherwise, and their art only gets worse as a result.
25 Nov, 10:22 PM UTC
Chappelle has officially gone full "No, it's the children who are wrong."
26 Nov, 08:12 AM UTC
Daily Caller
'Ni**ers Are Killed Every Day': Dave Chappelle Nukes High School Students Complaining About His Comedy
26 Nov, 01:09 PM UTC
Emasculation Proclamation
This is fully who Dave Chappelle is now lol
26 Nov, 01:31 AM UTC
Cindy Lou Who 🐻‍❄️♍️
The way people hate Dave Chappelle for telling the truth is the same way people hate Virgos.
26 Nov, 08:34 AM UTC
Bæ Grylls, AKA Vax Kilmer
Imagine defending Dave Chappelle after this shit show.
26 Nov, 09:02 AM UTC
Mikki Halpin
Can I also say if I was a parent at a school that let Dave Chappelle come in with a camera crew to bully my children I would be fucking irate
26 Nov, 01:41 PM UTC
Meraj Hasan
Dave Chappelle had a bad run-in at his high school visit with pro-trans students and now it is Black Twitter vs Trans Twitter. Pro-tip: Dont descend to the level of literal children.
26 Nov, 01:36 PM UTC
"I'm better than all of you." Fuck Chappelle. He's an old man driven by his own bruised ego at this point.
26 Nov, 01:35 PM UTC
The problem is Dave Chappelle is a hysterically funny comedian in the world of the humorless little twat generation #Chappelle has F-U money, there's nothing you can do to control him nitwits Lol
26 Nov, 01:38 PM UTC
Dave Chappelle is my favorite comedian of all time. As a queer man, I’ve been almost frightened of his last special turning him off to me, but today I’m watching it for the first time, wish me luck.
26 Nov, 01:43 PM UTC
I GOT DAVE CHAPPELLE'S BACK! He articulately+ humorously described how he felt about a controversial subject+tied it all together w/self- deprecation+ grace.AND THEY CAN'T STAND IT! Because it doesn't agree w/their naive diatribe.CANCEL THIS cockroaches🖕
25 Nov, 09:25 PM UTC
Glenn Taibi
@FilmCriticMaybe White Supremacists going after Chappelle again. The same people who called King Richard sexist. Make it stop please
26 Nov, 01:45 PM UTC
Andrew Baker
@EvilDeadGuy @mulkireena @okmoveonb @C_Rich75 Obviously it’s okay to mock the oppressor. How is this confusing? Leveraging the power and privilege of the platform to challenge an oppressive status quo is okay. Chappelle uses it here to reinforce an oppressive status quo.
26 Nov, 01:44 PM UTC
Anything is possible
Dave chappelle needs to go on clubhouse for one time.
26 Nov, 01:44 PM UTC
@makaveliprince @Reco_JR_ @robrousseau Throwing insult I see and then you get upset at Dave Chappelle 😂
26 Nov, 01:44 PM UTC
Mr. E
Oh you guys roasted Dave Chappelle? Wow. Changing the world!
26 Nov, 01:43 PM UTC
@vexwerewolf @Phil_Lewis_ It is. It is perfectly normal for celebrities to insist on that, as you well know. You're trying to make that seem irregular because you don't like Chappelle. It's not irregular, at all.
26 Nov, 01:43 PM UTC