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Sky Sports Premier League
"You're an absolute legend" 👏 Sir Alex Ferguson hails former rival and Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger at the Nordoff Robbins Legends of Football charity night. @SkySportsPL's photo on Charity
08 Oct, 10:31 AM UTC
[INSIDE SEVENTEEN] Ralph Lauren - Pink Pony Charity Exhibition Behind ▶ #디에잇 #THE8 #민규 #Mingyu #세븐틴 #SEVENTEEN #pinkpony #poloralphlauren #인사이드_세븐틴 #INSIDE_SVT @pledis_17's photo on Charity
09 Oct, 08:00 AM UTC
SuperM Updates
SuperM on The Ellen DeGeneres Show - they performed both Jopping and I Can’t Stand The Rain - they donated $50,000 to ellen's charity - kai taught her how to do the “jop” - when asked if they were single, mark responded with “why do you guys always ask that?” #SuperMOnEllen
09 Oct, 05:03 AM UTC
191009 TheEllenShow #SuperM #SUPERMONELLEN SuperM ได้บริจาคเงินจำนวน $50000* ให้กับ ELLEN'S charity พวกเขานำเช็คออกมา เพื่อมาเซอร์ไพรส์เอลเลน *ประมาณ 1,500,000 บาท ©justSona @NCT_SENSATION's photo on Charity
08 Oct, 10:42 PM UTC
Vala Afshar
This charity invented a shoe that can grow up to five sizes, helping to stop children in developing countries walking barefoot. @ValaAfshar's photo on Charity
08 Oct, 12:43 PM UTC
NEO got my GRASS¹²⁷ seeing 127 and SuperM
Y’all #superm literally donated 50,000 USD to Ellen’s charity. That’s why Mark said and I quote, “Oh you think ya big boi, throwing three stacks. I’mma show you how to ball, you a mismatch.” My FAVES JOPPING, PERIODT!!@NCTxForever's photo on Charity
08 Oct, 10:32 PM UTC
Jon Cooper
U.S.'s Biggest Christian Charity Reportedly Channeled $56.1 Million to Purported Hate Groups
08 Oct, 12:57 PM UTC
SuperM Updates
no matter how u look into it $50,000 is still a huge amount of money and sm/superm just donated it to ellen's charity...... my kings
09 Oct, 07:23 AM UTC
Death will not make you famous ijn🙏
09 Oct, 07:07 AM UTC
Dragonhag 🕸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🤐Undeboosted
How much confidence do you have in this charity to protect children? My answer would be “None”. They’re probably hoping we’ve forgotten. No chance.
08 Oct, 05:43 PM UTC
Er.Sahil Saini
पुज्य गुरु संत डॉ. @Gurmeetramrahim सिंह जी इंसा की प्रेरणा पर चलते हुए,यूथ वेलफेयर फेडरेशन यमुनानगर के सदस्यों ने आवारा पशुओं को बांधे रिफ्लेक्टर,ताकि रात को सड़क पर ना बड़े हादसे। #Charity #TrueWarriors #SavingLivesOnRoads @derasachasauda
09 Oct, 01:43 AM UTC
Ian collins
Tory MP Kit Malthouse voted to cut ESA disability benefit by £30 a week, he was then booted out of Andover MS charity for his despicable actions. He also voted for tax credit cuts for 800,000 people
09 Oct, 08:02 AM UTC
We had a volunteer coming to Film contestants & create intro videos to play on the night of Strictly but they’ve not been in touch. Any companies willing to help who can do this type of thing please get in touch. The event is raising funds for a homeless charity ❤️ Please RT
09 Oct, 06:09 AM UTC
Rachel Riley UK
Did you know? We are supporting the Theodora Children’s Charity @giveagiggle 💕 bringing joy to sick children in hospital. £1 of the sale of our heart-themed items will be donated to the charity & you can also make…
08 Oct, 12:04 PM UTC
Scottish Housing News
.@RockTrust_tweet marks #WorldHomelessDay with new campaign to raise awareness of youth homelessness | @GateEdinburgh
09 Oct, 07:57 AM UTC
Dan Ryan
Failing to talk about failure is not just a problem in drowning prevention, it is a problem for the whole social sector. How do we overcome that? #wcdp2019 @JustinScarr @BexSindall
09 Oct, 07:44 AM UTC
Launch of Almajiri Child Goals September 25th
Pics of #Almajiri kids sleeping around 11:pm , Abatcha Umar Strt, Bulabulin ward, Maiduguri. Thats why ACRI launched the #AlmajiriChildGoals to emphasize the need for a holistic/Sustainable solution & not a charity like interventions that conceal the real needs of the children
09 Oct, 08:17 AM UTC
Cafe and Retail are very proud to announce that they raised a whopping £340.68 in aid of @MacmillanNW @macmillancancer The bungalow coffee and cake day was a huge success and very busy! 👩‍🍳👨‍🍳🧁💷🎫 #woolston6thform #charity
09 Oct, 08:17 AM UTC
Girome Medio
Burger King Corporation stopped selling their famous Whopper burger for one day in order to increase the sales of the McDonald's Big Mac. This was because McDonald's were raising funds for children with cancer from sales of Big Mac's. #charity #marketing #joiningforces
09 Oct, 08:17 AM UTC
@TrophyHusbandD Turn my house into Star Wars land, ground floor would be Tatooine, middle floor Star Destroyer and top floor would be the Millennium Falcon. Then we can do that create a charity and gift to it thing , IYKYK
09 Oct, 08:17 AM UTC
Elspeth Massey
Great to be @CharityComms #brandfast today - haven’t been to one for a while so I’m excited to hear about reclaiming your charity branding mojo.
09 Oct, 08:17 AM UTC
@HammerHeadBear Originally it was a matter of naivety for me, I was thinking that the familial values, compassion, and charity existed pre-Christ in the Jewish faith. But now when I say it, it's a slip of the tongue due to habit.
09 Oct, 08:17 AM UTC
The bunting is up and the balloons are at the ready: YAT staff are all set for Global’s Make Some Noise Day on Friday! @makenoise Global’s Make Some Noise: For small charities that change young lives. #InspiringYoungLives #Support #Charity #ThankYou
09 Oct, 08:17 AM UTC
Altered Images Ltd
Day 7 of #meethetheam is Graeme, Senior Support Engineer. With over 20 years experience in the industry, having previously worked for @Avid. He is also a long distance swimmer, having swum the English Channel and Loch Lonan, raising over £40,000 for charity in the last 10 years.
09 Oct, 08:17 AM UTC
Indian cricketer batsman msdhoni playing football for charity and clicking pictures with baby. Bollywood stars latest updates and news and unseen inside new hot vedios of Bollywood celebrities 2019 at Mumbai airport gym dancing singing event parties scr…
09 Oct, 08:16 AM UTC
Katie Wardlaw
On Wednesday 6th Nov I will be taking part in a Firewalk 🔥🔥🔥 to raise money for @MarieCurieSCO. A truly fantastic charity that I’m proud to work for. Read about my story and how you can donate here:
09 Oct, 08:16 AM UTC
Mr “Bills by the Hour”
@Sairs99 PornHub but for charity shop and thrift shop enthusiasts HardlyWornHub
09 Oct, 08:16 AM UTC

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