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Eagles Fan Problems
Bryce Harper’s first at-bat with Charlie Manuel in the dugout. Off Cole Hamels. In Philadelphia. How cool is that. #RingTheBell @EagleFanProbs's photo on Charlie Manuel
14 Aug, 11:30 PM UTC
Matt Gelb
The Phillies have scored 11 runs, fans are chanting for Charlie Manuel, and bald Wheels made his broadcast debut. What a night at the ballpark.
15 Aug, 01:10 AM UTC
Matt Breen
“I never tried to teach walking,” new Phillies hitting coach Charlie Manuel said.
14 Aug, 07:17 PM UTC
Charlie Manuel makes it clear: "I'm not interested in managing. I'm not interested in managing at all. I'm 75 years old." #Phillies
14 Aug, 07:07 PM UTC
Phillies Nation
The "Charlie!" chants at Citizens Bank Park got deafening after J.T. Realmuto's grand slam. The Phillies are winning 10-0 in the third inning, and Charlie Manuel is casually sitting in the dugout chomping on gum, the same thing he would be doing if they were losing 10-0.
15 Aug, 12:24 AM UTC
Pat Egan
Charlie Manuel when Gabe Kapler tries to talk to him. #Phillies
14 Aug, 11:30 PM UTC
Did the Phillies lose?
Thank you Charlie Manuel for teaching Aaron Nola how to hit a baseball #RingTheBell
14 Aug, 11:47 PM UTC
Matt Breen
Phillies win. They scored eight runs off Cole Hamels, Bryce Harper homered twice, J.T. Realmuto hit a grand slam, and Charlie Manuel started Hitting Season.
15 Aug, 01:56 AM UTC
Bob Nightengale
Bryce Harper making Charlie Manuel look like a genius, going 3-for-3 with 2 HRs, 3 RBI and not a single strikeout. The #Phillies up 11-0 over the #Cubs in the 6th.
15 Aug, 01:12 AM UTC
Cindy Webster
Cole Hamels, Aaron Nola & Charlie Manuel all at Citizens Bank Park tonight. Quite a night!!!!!!
14 Aug, 10:34 AM UTC
Jim Salisbury
On their recent 2-5 trip to Arizona and San Francisco, Phillies scored eight runs in first four games. They made change in hitting coach after that trip. Charlie Manuel took over tonight. Phils scored 10 runs in first three innings.
15 Aug, 12:31 AM UTC
Mike Meech
Thinking about a team name change from Philadelphia Phillies to Charlie Manuel Presents: The Philadelphia Phillies
15 Aug, 12:27 AM UTC
John Clark
Charlie Manuel is back like old times He tells reporters he felt an obligation to John Middleton and Phillies because they’ve been paying him the last 5,6 years He says he has no interest in managing: “I’m 75 years old.” But he can talk and teach hitting 📸 @phillies @JClarkNBCS's photo on Charlie Manuel
14 Aug, 07:16 PM UTC
Kevin Negandhi
Give Charlie Manuel a raise! #HittinSeason
14 Aug, 11:30 PM UTC
John Clark
Charlie Manuel is back tonight August 14. The exact date he managed his last game 6 years ago Cole Hamels is back pitching at CBP for first time as an opponent #BackToTheFuture on @NBCSPhilly @JClarkNBCS's photo on Charlie Manuel
14 Aug, 11:05 PM UTC
Did the Phillies lose?
Gabe Kapler on the Charlie Manuel effect: “He believes in our hitters, and I think he’s going to make sure [they] know that. . . . And our hitters looked like they believed in themselves today.” #ThankYouCharlie #RingTheBell [via @MrUram]
15 Aug, 02:48 AM UTC
Ryan M. Spaeder
The #Phillies are batting .382/.450/.735 with Charlie Manuel as their hitting coach.
15 Aug, 01:59 AM UTC
John Foley
Your Philadelphia Phillies remain undefeated in the new Charlie Manuel Era. #RingTheBell
15 Aug, 03:42 AM UTC
Philly Nation
Bryce Harper on Charlie Manuel being with the #Phillies
15 Aug, 02:32 AM UTC
Jeff Skversky 6abc
👏 Phillies have scored 11 runs with Charlie Manuel on his 1st day as #Phillies hitting coach Phillies knocked Cole Hamels out of game early - ONLY 2 innings - 8 ER Huttin’ Season!!!! 📸 via @Phillies @6abc #Philies @JeffSkversky's photo on Charlie Manuel
15 Aug, 01:28 AM UTC
bryce harper’s boyfriend
holy shit phillies with rights: aaron nola, bryce harper, jt realmuto, charlie manuel, and pretty much everyone else on the team! keep playing ball like this please
15 Aug, 02:02 AM UTC
Todd Shaner
AIN'T IT GRAND @PhillyInquirer Sports Aug. 15: @ScottLauber on #Phillies win; Story: @bobfordsports & @matt_breen on all things Charlie Manuel ; @LesBowen on #Eagles @APSE_sportmedia @PrideInPrint
15 Aug, 03:19 AM UTC
Dennis Chambers
*a real tweet not from an alternate universe* Bryce Harper just hit a home run, off of Cole Hamels, in a Phillies uniform, at Citizens Bank Park, with Charlie Manuel on the bench. In 2019.
14 Aug, 11:35 PM UTC
Jeff Skversky 6abc
Charlie Manuel: “I'm not interested in managing. I'll make that clear right now. Something would have to go really big for me to change my mind." @6abc #CharlieManuel #Phillies #RingTheBell @JeffSkversky's photo on Charlie Manuel
15 Aug, 03:54 AM UTC
Dylan Lee
In some lighter news, Charlie Manuel is the best hitting coach of all time
14 Aug, 11:47 PM UTC
Jessica Quiroli
A sidenote about Charlie Manuel. I've interviewed him one on one once, and he's more relaxed away from cameras. I loved talking hitting with him. My most cherished memory of my career. And truly happy he's back in the dugout, teaching hitting. #Phillies
15 Aug, 03:17 AM UTC
Benny the Butcher and the Jets
15 Aug, 12:27 AM UTC
97.3 ESPN FM
Reaction: #Phillies win in Charlie Manuel's return. Harper, Realmuto have big nights...
15 Aug, 03:39 AM UTC
Natalie Parker
The #Phillies score 11 runs in Charlie Manuel’s first game as hitting coach...
15 Aug, 02:21 AM UTC
Adrian Garro
I don't know if there's a more wholesome baseball image than Bryce Harper crushing two homers and promptly delivering a fresh cup of water to Charlie Manuel afterwards. via @Cut4
15 Aug, 04:13 AM UTC