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Joe Gatto
If you feel alone, it’s ok. If you’re scared, it’s ok. If you messed up, it’s ok. If you feel trapped, it’s ok. If you’re lost, it’s ok. It’s ok to not be okay. Remember that. You’ll figure it out. Take it one step at a time. Dig deep. Find the strength. Get help. #staystong
18 Feb, 03:54 AM UTC
2019 NBA All-Star
From Charlotte to Chicago! #NBAAllStar 2019 NBA All-Star's photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 04:19 AM UTC
#DIRKNOWITZKI BACK-TO-BACK FROM DOWNTOWN! ☔️ End of Q1 in Charlotte: #TeamGiannis 53 #TeamLeBron 37 #NBAAllstar on @NBAonTNT
18 Feb, 01:58 AM UTC
Miami HEAT
Pass the tissues! 😭We had an awesome #NBAAllStar moment in Charlotte tonight. NBA Legends. Miami HEAT's photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 03:39 AM UTC
4HW are history makers. Becky Lynch: first ever Smack Down Live Women’s Champion. Charlotte Flair: first ever Raw Women’s Champion. Sasha Banks and Bayley: first ever Tag Team Champions.
18 Feb, 12:52 AM UTC
kurashiru [クラシル]
中からたっぷりチーズ🧀 『チーズとろーり 牛キムチチャーハン』 キムチのピリ辛さとチーズの相性は抜群です。今回は牛バラ肉を使用しましたが、他のお肉でもおいしく召し上がれますよ。簡単に作れるのでぜひ一度作ってみてくださいね。 ▼レシピページはこちら kurashiru [クラシル]'s photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 03:00 AM UTC
Charlotte is a Dope city . Also Kemba may be MVP tmrw .. just my guess
17 Feb, 08:32 AM UTC
REPORT: Dennis Smith is still in the arena in Charlotte, trying to make his first dunk from the final round of the dunk contest. He still hasn’t succeeded.
18 Feb, 04:29 AM UTC
18 Feb, 03:19 AM UTC
Fr. John Huber, CSB
Men of CC: your brother Drew Poet, brother of CC grads Nick and Matt, is suffering. His cancer has returned and treatment is no longer effective. He begins hospice care tomorrow in the family home in Charlotte NC, where I will anoint him next week. Please pray for him! Fr. John Huber, CSB's photo on Charlotte
17 Feb, 05:34 PM UTC
Camisa 23
Tem que ter algum tipo de momento especial pro Michael Jordan hoje. Tipo, tem que ter. Em Charlotte e no dia do seu aniversário. Tem que ter.
18 Feb, 01:25 AM UTC
Wrestling Facts
Each member of the 4 Horsewomen have been an inaugural champion in WWE. (Charlotte: 1st RAW Women's Champion. Becky: 1st Smackdown Women's Champion. Sasha & Bayley: 1st Women's Tag Team Champions.)
18 Feb, 12:56 AM UTC
.@KarlTowns did us proud in Charlotte 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Timberwolves's photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 04:57 AM UTC
nx 🔱
Kemba is now 0-28 vs Bron and Bron remains undefeated in Charlotte in the Kemba Walker era. Lebron continues to try and show up retirement MJ.
18 Feb, 03:58 AM UTC
2 more days in Charlotte book me VIRGO PERIDOT's photo on Charlotte
17 Feb, 04:51 PM UTC
Giannis put up big numbers in Charlotte! 🇬🇷💪 📊: 38 PTS, 11 REB, 5 AST #NBAAllStar NBA TV's photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 05:13 AM UTC
SLAM Kicks
From Charlotte, with love.
18 Feb, 03:15 AM UTC
Robert Littal
How Steph Curry Told Under Armour He Didn't Want Any Splashy All-Star Weekend Parties, But to Put That Money Into Renovating His Old Rec Center to Help Kids in Charlotte (Video) Robert Littal's photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 01:59 AM UTC
Charlotte Hornets
“Kemba, he’s breaking all these records… He’s established himself as a premiere #NBA player. To do it here in charlotte and get the city behind him… it’s truly special.” #StephCurry on #KembaWalker after the #NBAAllStar Game Charlotte Hornets's photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 05:05 AM UTC
Katie Peralta
Hope we don’t see another 28 years go by before Charlotte hosts another #NBAAllStar. This has been fun, and the city’s done an impressive job
18 Feb, 02:46 AM UTC
Anthony Slater
Steph Curry on Dell Curry's connection to Charlotte: "I've been trying to get him to move out to the Bay, but this is home. It's been a hard selling point."
18 Feb, 04:49 AM UTC
J.A. Adande
Hope there will be lots of alternate logos on the merch like there was in Charlotte, because the main logos have become 😐(Also, bring back the script Finals logo) J.A. Adande's photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 04:56 AM UTC
Divine Breasts
Charlotte Jiggly Soft Tits in Motion see more at Divine Breasts's photo on Charlotte
17 Feb, 02:00 PM UTC
Charlotte Agenda
This event was a tremendous undertaking on the part of CMPD, CATS, the entire service and hospitality industry, every single major venue in town, creatives, residents, everyone. Way to go, Charlotte.
18 Feb, 04:17 AM UTC
7 Sports Xtra
ICYMI... @DwyaneWade live with @sshapiro7 from Charlotte after the #NBAAllStar game. 7 Sports Xtra's photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 05:01 AM UTC
Steph Curry on his Charlotte #NBAAllStar experience: “one I’ll remember for a very long time despite missed shots and a loss.” LetsGoWarriors👌💛💙's photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 04:57 AM UTC
This is why the NBA is a better league than the NFL. They pay attention & get the hip hop influence right everytime. Wouldn’t have been right if Cole didn’t perform in Charlotte. 🔥
18 Feb, 02:45 AM UTC
J Cole in Charlotte and I'm sitting on the couch smh
18 Feb, 02:33 AM UTC
Clint; #Beckyisbreakingallbarriers
Charlotte: I’ll bring the ice. Ronda: Okay, I’ll get the Advil. Becky: 😁 Clint; #Beckyisbreakingallbarriers's photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 04:38 AM UTC
Alex Kennedy
One name keeps popping up during #NBAAllStar Weekend in Charlotte and this player isn't even in the NBA. Duke star Zion Williamson (@ZionW32) was praised by LeBron James and Stephen Curry, plus countless NBA players pushed for him to be in the Dunk Contest next year as a rookie: Alex Kennedy's photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 12:07 AM UTC
Amber O'neal
Yaaaaas! @KingJames team did it and I’m in Charlotte for this historic moment 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 my fave player in @NBA did IT!!!
18 Feb, 03:56 AM UTC
i love this height difference So Much charlotte literally looks like she could snap ronda in half anna's photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 04:27 AM UTC
17 Feb, 02:57 PM UTC
btv notícies
🎨🖼️ L’exposició de Charlotte Salomon 'Vida? o Teatre?' supera totes les expectatives de públic amb 40.000 assistents en quatre mesos 👉
17 Feb, 08:40 PM UTC
NBA Australia
🇦🇺 Ben Simmons reflects on historic #NBAAllStar debut: 'It was just fun to be out there' NBA Australia's photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 05:28 AM UTC
Michael Fleming
#Charlotte shined this weekend! Let’s host more big events.
18 Feb, 04:08 AM UTC
Team Giannis 127 Team Lebron 127 NBA All Star Game in Charlotte NC in the 3rd quarter Its officially tied going to a Commercial break on TNT
18 Feb, 05:31 AM UTC
Nasir C. Qadree
So much fun in #Charlotte, incredible vibrant city you are!! Bonus spending time with special people! #Family + #NBAAllStar
18 Feb, 05:28 AM UTC
@stevenwwefan98 Like a scenario where Becky & Charlotte vs Sasha & Bayley at evolution
18 Feb, 05:28 AM UTC
Model Shanti ♎️
Anthony Leon #PJTucker Jr. of the Houston Rockets and his angels 😌 #VIP #NBAAllstar2019 #allstarweekend2019 #Charlotte #NC #TissotStyleLounge #TissotStyleWatch #TissotBuzzerBeater #ThisIsYourTime ⌚️ Model Shanti ♎️'s photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 05:28 AM UTC
Basketball Stuff
New video by NBA: Giannis Puts On Historic All-Star Performance In Charlotte | 2019 NBA All-Star
18 Feb, 05:31 AM UTC
@charlotte_pwa ああ、言ってたぞ。私はテストの回答を一段ずつずらして書いた大馬鹿ものでーすって
18 Feb, 05:31 AM UTC
Indie Music Success
AWARD winning music video ! I MISS YOU - R&M The story of two inseparable souls, Tank and Charlotte. Circumstances separate them. #goodvibes #friendship Indie Music Success's photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 05:31 AM UTC
@ASweetieForGold ‘I don’t air my business like Niles does. You’ll know what you need to know when the time comes.’ Selena snickered and winked at Charlotte though she was quite pleased that the woman had gone utterly silent. Then told her she was “cheating”. ‘Duh, assassin, of course I’m gonna-
18 Feb, 05:31 AM UTC
Resources - EGuru
Nuggets coach Michael Malone leads Team LeBron to All-Star Game victory: CHARLOTTE, N.C. — One day before making his All… @environmentguru
18 Feb, 05:31 AM UTC
King of Podcasts
#EliminationChamber : #EliminationChamber: Enter Charlotte Into #WrestleMania Main Event Story
18 Feb, 05:30 AM UTC
so tired of charlotte
18 Feb, 05:30 AM UTC
Elimination Chamber was pretty goddamn great. Highlights were def Sasha & Bayley winning, Finn's win, Becky's annihilation of Charlotte & Ronda. Kofi, Becky, Usos, Finn, and Samoa Joe were all super over. Oh, & Bobby Lashley for like 5 seconds when he dropped Lio. #WWEChamber AngelOfDeathGripsYAH's photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 05:30 AM UTC
Tara Lee Bautista
@BeckyLynchWWE @sethxdean Yay Go Becky Lynch I want see Becky Lynch back from suspended I want see Becky Lynch more attack & put broken arm to Charlotte F
18 Feb, 05:30 AM UTC
Julian .K
As much as I do personally enjoy the cast of Fire Emblem Fates Conquest, I've kinda realized how there's really only 1 or 2 conversations where I can appreciate their characters. The only characters who survive this trend are Xander, Camilla, Nyx, Charlotte, Kaze and maaybe Silas
18 Feb, 05:30 AM UTC
Grading Durant, LeBron, Giannis and every All-Star in Charlotte
18 Feb, 05:30 AM UTC
Muchas rosas y un jazmín en el medio #charlotte
18 Feb, 05:30 AM UTC
@charlotte_pwa オレメシの支度で忙しいんだけど
18 Feb, 05:30 AM UTC
Don Baloncesto
El #TeamLeBron remontó para ganar el #NBAAllStar Charlotte 2019 por 178-164. #KevinDurant 31 PTS (MVP) #KlayThompson 20 PTS, 6 3PM #KawhiLeonard 19 PTS #LeBronJames 19 PTS, 8 REB #Giannis 38 PTS, 11 REB, 5 ASIST Don Baloncesto's photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 05:30 AM UTC
FOX Sports: Hornets
👏 THANK YOU, CHARLOTTE 👏 -- @ashahahmadi puts a cap on an epic #NBAAllStar Weekend. FOX Sports: Hornets's photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 05:30 AM UTC
@BeckyLynchWWE You are the man!! I loved what you did out there. You are more deserving of the opportunity to face Rousey at mania than Charlotte. I hope you are able to be added to the match at mania and win it. You are my favorite WWE Diva.
18 Feb, 05:30 AM UTC
Indianapolis NewsCh
Indy News Kevin Durant steals the show in Charlotte, wins second All-Star MVP - ESPN Indianapolis  NewsCh's photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 05:30 AM UTC
HCE Partners
Lab Manager - Charlotte, NC
18 Feb, 05:30 AM UTC
WIS News 10
Superstars ready to put on a show for the 2019 NBA All-Star Game in Charlotte >>> WIS News 10's photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 05:30 AM UTC

finalllly back home from charlotte! I am delusionally tired I have no clue how I just pulled that off😂
18 Feb, 05:29 AM UTC
Used to have that same charlotte hornets jersey when I was a kid haha! #nbaallstar
18 Feb, 05:29 AM UTC
@mam_charlotte 僕の推しも、かわいいデスヨ
18 Feb, 05:29 AM UTC
Tevin Eugene Howard
@ErikSahndoors yeah bro, charlotte is my first new love the city is amazing. ill be back down soon for sure, already told jarrod the original big three getting back at it soon 💯
18 Feb, 05:29 AM UTC
Via Nike⁠ SNKRS: SB_DROPS_STOCKS's photo on Charlotte
18 Feb, 05:29 AM UTC
友利 奈緒
@imoutoknayu …怒ってるのか?(撫で
18 Feb, 05:29 AM UTC
Charlotte Dann
@callmevlad @dan_abramov can't like bc it's on 69 but 👏
18 Feb, 05:28 AM UTC
솜사탕 (わたあめ)
@nimochi555 いーえ!!😌
18 Feb, 05:28 AM UTC
@WWE E: The Man destroying Ronnie and Charlotte.
18 Feb, 05:28 AM UTC

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