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Sarah Jeffery
I hope that we can bring some joy to your self-isolation with an all new #Charmed tonight. Tweet my your thoughts!! This one gets crazy. @sarahjeffery's photo on #charmed
28 Mar, 12:28 AM UTC
They will face their deepest fears. New episode tonight at 8/7c. Stream tomorrow free only on The CW! #Charmed @cw_charmed's photo on #charmed
27 Mar, 04:00 PM UTC
It’s time to battle. #Charmed starts NOW on The CW! @cw_charmed's photo on #charmed
28 Mar, 12:00 AM UTC
Seeing double. West Coast, #Charmed starts NOW on The CW! @cw_charmed's photo on #charmed
28 Mar, 03:00 AM UTC
Charmed Writers
@cw_charmed_ones You did it! We trended! So...here it is...a hint. Or three! Before Episode #219: - More New Powers. - A meaningful Kiss. - A revealing Flashback! #charmed #hints #thankyoufans #staysafe #seeunextweek😘🙏
28 Mar, 01:25 AM UTC
Charmed Writers
12 minutes!!!!! Where are you quarantining from today? #Charmed
27 Mar, 11:48 PM UTC
Carolyn Townsend
We’re trending - thanks Charmed Ones! #Charmed
28 Mar, 01:02 AM UTC
Alex Onega-Martìnez
The Power of 3 is back! #Charmed https://t.co/aK4PbtfXd4
28 Mar, 12:58 AM UTC
Potentia Trium
That’s the same red dress Macy wore! #Charmed https://t.co/BcEUS30ZOx
28 Mar, 12:23 AM UTC
Animals That Look Like Harry
A true nightmare #charmed https://t.co/WPPzQZpGym
28 Mar, 01:44 AM UTC
Joey Falco
With the apocalypse and all, I forgot there was a new #Charmed tonight! Luckily our biggest 63-year-old fan, my dad, reminded me and engaged in some hardcore #hacy talk. https://t.co/lz4N1aumWA
28 Mar, 02:12 AM UTC
➳ mrs. chαsє
because evil Jordan 💓 #Charmed https://t.co/2ubAIxrY2i
28 Mar, 02:33 AM UTC
sarah #whitelighter
They are back #charmed #spoilers https://t.co/iBgcb9IfCJ
28 Mar, 01:09 AM UTC
sarah #whitelighter
This was intense #charmed . Amazing scene imo #spoilers https://t.co/3LSpXwUzvo
28 Mar, 01:12 AM UTC
Oh hello, it’s the best cast on television ever!!! #charmed https://t.co/GA30YZZQ42
28 Mar, 01:54 AM UTC
HikarielizabethBloom 🤡
So Macy's worst fear is to lose her sisters and not being married with Harry? #Charmed
28 Mar, 12:26 AM UTC
This was BEAUTIFUL. “Happy anniversary, bitch.” #charmed https://t.co/gqqVSRDiSq
28 Mar, 01:26 AM UTC
Always Interpretive Dance
I tell you. I was looking at those little girls calling Harry daddy and was like "Why is their hair not curly? Why are they not clinging to Macy and calling her mom?" The only way Harry procreates in this century is with Macy. End of story #Charmed #hadtobeanightmare #hacy
28 Mar, 03:22 AM UTC
IF JORDAN DIES WE RIOT #Charmed https://t.co/3Vhkl5UkI9
28 Mar, 01:03 AM UTC
Baby Maggie with her baby baton is the cutest thing I’ve seen today #Charmed https://t.co/wyUejcyRcT
28 Mar, 03:49 AM UTC
Carrie Williams
Okay, Mel’s nightmare wins for most terrifying. This is some Handmaid’s Tale level shit. #Charmed
28 Mar, 12:36 AM UTC
The fact that the only way Abby gets to shag Harry is when it's a part of Macy's nightmare though #charmed https://t.co/jjAgieOA2N
28 Mar, 03:30 AM UTC
jade loves tarlos✨
I love how the fandom is somewhat united again! It makes me really happy how we could come together and put our preferences aside for the POWER OF THREE🥰 #charmed #CharmedFam #PotentiaTrium #TCOs #AreBack
28 Mar, 01:40 AM UTC
Mary Waugaman 📚🐭
Jordan did a great job tonight with switching between characters. #Charmed He was scary when he was playing the Witch Hunter.
28 Mar, 01:33 AM UTC
Our cast are pawsitively adorable #Charmed https://t.co/5f02fNT12c
28 Mar, 03:31 AM UTC
That knife in Maggie's chest was like a knife in my heart as Macy cried and Maggie died #charmed
28 Mar, 02:03 AM UTC
#HappyAnniversaryBitch is my new favorite line. Served up by Dr. Macy Vaughn herself. #Charmed https://t.co/Ds3K1m3tbM
28 Mar, 03:04 AM UTC
Shari Gable
@leticia_creates I was looking for the Melanin like: #Charmed https://t.co/Qb2UUQiKEB
28 Mar, 04:14 AM UTC