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Rania Khalek
Here is Chelsea Clinton accusing Ilhan Omar of anti-semitism for critiquing AIPAC. You hear that? Being anti-AIPAC is now anti-semitism.
11 Feb, 07:44 AM UTC
Max Blumenthal
Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton have earned over $3.5 million in paid speeches to pro-Israeli apartheid groups. At a $1000 a plate dinner, Bill Clinton said he would “grab a rifle and get in the trench and fight and die” for Israel.
11 Feb, 02:06 AM UTC
Adam Friedland
Chelsea Clinton isn’t even Jewish she’s just ugly
11 Feb, 07:59 PM UTC
Carl Beijer
I love how Chelsea Clinton is so completely committed to the motions of smile-through-your-teeth bourgie passive aggression that she'll begin every single tweet with "Hello X" even if it's "Hello Maple Cocaine" or "Hello BonerHitler"
11 Feb, 04:19 AM UTC
corey robin
Sorry, this New York Jew is not taking instruction about what constitutes anti-Semitism from Kevin McCarthy, Chelsea Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi. corey robin's photo on Chelsea Clinton
11 Feb, 08:07 PM UTC
KT Nelson
CHELSEA CLINTON (from inside her huge mansion): where on earth is cum town?
11 Feb, 11:52 PM UTC
Karl Barks
Chelsea Clinton responding to and agreeing with an open neo Nazi that we need to do something about anti-semitism on the left is almost too on the nose
11 Feb, 12:07 PM UTC
David (The Gay Republican)
Wow... anti-Semitic much??? This woman is a piece of work. She should be stripped of all titles and apoomtmemts in Congress. Make her a lame duck. We have no room for hatred for Jews in Congress.
11 Feb, 08:08 AM UTC
Michael Salamone
Chelsea Clinton has a PhD from Oxford. She knows that critique of an apartheid state isn't critique of a religion. She knows using language that denigrates a Congresswoman of color who was a refugee as less than American is racist language. Coddling her or her supporters is gross
11 Feb, 01:49 PM UTC
Glenn Greenwald calls out Chelsea Clinton's disgusting racist Islamophobic smear against Ilhan Omar ☀️👀's photo on Chelsea Clinton
11 Feb, 04:02 PM UTC
Ashley Rae Goldenberg
I got Chelsea Clinton to admit that Ilhan Omar is making antisemitic statements. In response, people accused me of being a Nazi and demanded Chelsea Clinton condemn me. People will do anything to defend anti-Semitism on the left, even accusing Jews who bring it up of Nazism.
11 Feb, 01:12 PM UTC
Rep Omar (D-MN) still using Anti-Jewish smears! Her FLIPPANT rants raised ire from both parties- even Chelsea Clinton. ‘She might as well call us Hook-Nosed’ & accused a pro-Israel group of being paid to back Israel: “It’s all about the Benjamins baby 🎶”
11 Feb, 08:33 AM UTC
Rep. Paul Mitchell
I condemn Rep. Omar's anti-Semitism, and I expect Democrat leadership will do the same. It has no place in the halls of Congress, the United States, or anywhere.
11 Feb, 01:16 PM UTC
IPA lot when I drink
[Chelsea Clinton]: Sorry Representative Omar, but I must respectfully dogwalk you on account of your anti-Semitic remarks regarding our friends in Israel. [guy who 2 months ago found out that Palestine and Pakistan aren't the same country]: You. Are. Simply. My. Kween.
11 Feb, 08:27 PM UTC
zooey béchamel
cant even tell chelsea clinton to retire bitch bc she hasn't worked a damn day in her life
11 Feb, 11:00 PM UTC
the dialectic daughter
nobody: chelsea clinton: i’m an american. as an american, i believe we have a duty to america. america? america. co-signed, a fellow american.
11 Feb, 03:11 PM UTC
Tim Young
Even Chelsea Clinton called Ilhan Omar an anti-semite. 😯 Tim Young's photo on Chelsea Clinton
11 Feb, 12:51 PM UTC
Bryonny GreenNewSmirky💚
Anti-Israeli, Pro-Hezbollah ACTIVIST, freshman congresswoman @Ilhan must NOT ONLY Be Removed from All Committees, but from Congress, Itself!! Her Comments, Behavior & Attitude r Extremely Offensive, Unbecoming of a US Representative. #IlhanOmar
11 Feb, 04:03 PM UTC
Leonard Pierce
Chelsea Clinton just baselessly accused an elected US representative of being an anti-Semite, and was so proud of her brave moral stance that she had a pleasant interaction with an actual white supremacist
11 Feb, 04:21 AM UTC
Wayne Allyn Root
It’s just bizarre that we allow Jew haters in US Congress. Bizarre that anyone elected these 2 that would be more at home in Iranian Congress. Bizarre that AMERICAN Jews vote Democrat- now clearly a party of Jew haters.
11 Feb, 02:03 PM UTC
gay waiter Paul
i don't care what chelsea clinton thinks about anything do you ?
11 Feb, 02:12 PM UTC
Nancy Chamberlain
@AdamFriedland Chelsea Clinton is a compassionate, kind, and giving human being. You should try it sometime.
11 Feb, 10:48 PM UTC
Chelsea Clinton said she left the church at age 6 because it opposed abortion. What 6 year old even thinks like this? They are more concerned with playing with Barbies than weighty theological and moral issues so excuse me if I’m sceptical to the point of incredulity
11 Feb, 04:53 PM UTC
Garbage 🦍
imagine being a freshman member of congress and having to have a sit down scolding with a dippy scion of privilege like chelsea clinton because you had the gall to define AIPAC the same way as its wikipedia page does
11 Feb, 04:24 AM UTC
I fucking hate liberals so much. Seeing all this shit they are doing to Ilhan right now and Chelsea Clinton's tone-deaf-as-fuck comments are enough to make me sick. When will you realize (or acknowledge) that criticism is a good thing? Probably never. Just go away.
11 Feb, 06:22 PM UTC
Sarah Palin
Chelsea Clinton Calls Out Democrat Rep After Wave Of Anti-Semitic Tweets
11 Feb, 10:25 PM UTC
Sarah Jaffe
@IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib Thinking back to birtherism: how a black President was imagined as Muslim therefore both *scary* and *illegitimate* and definitely un-American. Why Chelsea Clinton's "as an American" hit such an awful note.
11 Feb, 07:24 PM UTC
World's Fastest Sloth
Make Chelsea Clinton work at arby's
11 Feb, 06:18 PM UTC
Anoa J. Changa 🖤
Should I be shocked that there are white people in my mentions defending Chelsea Clinton by claiming either I'm the racist or by pointing out fragility or privilege I am being hateful?!? So much work that won't get done because not my emotional labor or burden to carry.
11 Feb, 01:26 PM UTC
Jared Holt
Chelsea Clinton quote-tweeted a Cumtown host, confirming that we are in the weird timeline. Jared Holt's photo on Chelsea Clinton
11 Feb, 11:49 PM UTC
Mike Pejčinović Fan Acct 🇨🇦
The Chelsea Clinton account is one of the main NPC programming bots. The account only tweets completely empty, buzzword laden rhetoric with no personality, emotion or humanity to it at all.
11 Feb, 11:24 PM UTC
MintPress News
What unites Republicans and Democrats, a former Jewish terrorist, the Republican leader in the House of Representatives, Nikki Haley, Chelsea Clinton and Liz Cheney? A Muslim lady with a mouth and some opinions, apparently.
12 Feb, 12:40 AM UTC
Jennifer Carnahan
So will @SenAmyKlobuchar denounce @IlhanMN for her continued anti-Semitic remarks? Will House Leadership strip her of her committee assignments? Even Chelsea Clinton has weighed in on this one.
11 Feb, 04:51 PM UTC
The news that Chelsea Clinton is going to be rapping at the Oscars makes me excited.
12 Feb, 01:24 AM UTC
Michael Salamone
Also worth noting from that experience: the anti-AIPAC protesters at 2016 DNC were all led various US Jewish groups. So, again, protesting a right-wing, pro-apartheid lobby is NOT antisemitic. Chelsea Clinton to Jake Tapper know the difference between Zionism, race & religion.
11 Feb, 02:28 PM UTC
Chelsea Clinton: I Left the Church When I Was 6 Because It Opposed Abortion's photo on Chelsea Clinton
12 Feb, 02:00 AM UTC
Ruck Cohlchez, the Truest Detective
As someone roughly Chelsea Clinton's age, I would love for the fact that people were mean to me when I was 12 to give me a lifetime pass on saying ignorant shit as an adult in my late thirties. No one made her take a public stance against Ilhan Omar today.
12 Feb, 02:00 AM UTC
Chelsea Clinton: I Left the Church When I Was 6 Because It Opposed Abortion #prolife #AbortionIsInfanticide LifeNews's photo on Chelsea Clinton
12 Feb, 01:45 AM UTC
unrepentant botched shit piglet
Since Chelsea Clinton is cyber bullying him I feel the need to state that Adam Friedland is hot and has a hot gay voice
12 Feb, 02:00 AM UTC
Steven Ertelt
Chelsea Clinton: I Left the Church When I Was 6 Because It Opposed Abortion #prolife #AbortionIsInfanticide Steven Ertelt's photo on Chelsea Clinton
12 Feb, 02:00 AM UTC
Wacko Watcher
@emrazz @ChelseaClinton Chelsea Clinton is an absolutely amazing woman. I honestly do not understand how she does not lose her shit some days on here.
12 Feb, 02:00 AM UTC
ms brexit
Chelsea Clinton absolutely does not know any of that. I loathe her parents but they are smart while she is mind-bogglingly stupid for someone with her background.
12 Feb, 02:00 AM UTC
Inaction Jackson
Why does Chelsea Clinton tweet like she's writing a letter in 3rd grade with a greeting, body paragraph, and signature?
12 Feb, 01:59 AM UTC
Steve Pomplun
@lindachilders1 @ChelseaClinton Chelsea Clinton is clearly one of the most gracious people on this planet. I greatly admire her.
12 Feb, 01:58 AM UTC
Ellie 🌟
Chelsea Clinton, you are now one of my favorite Democrats.
12 Feb, 02:00 AM UTC
Robbie Goodwin
.@Adamfriedland after the Chelsea Clinton tweet
12 Feb, 02:00 AM UTC
Exactly...sooo agree. If true, everything to do with the influence at home. Chelsea Clinton does not know God’s word to walk away from a church opposed to abortion. Sad.
12 Feb, 02:00 AM UTC
AAP-CA Chapter 3
Chelsea Clinton Visits to Talk Child Welfare, Juvenile Justice via @SanDiegoCounty
12 Feb, 02:00 AM UTC
Patrick Farrell
@ben_geier @IlhanMN didn't this start because of chelsea clinton
12 Feb, 02:00 AM UTC
@QTAnon1 @IlhanMN I can’t say I’m a fan of anyone Clinton, but at least Chelsea said we must call it out from all sides... Omar literally comes back with only GOP... The Dems aren’t even HIDING their selective hearing anymore🤦🏼‍♀️
12 Feb, 02:00 AM UTC
‘What unites Republicans & Democrats, a former Jewish terrorist, the Republican leader in Congress, Nikki Haley, Chelsea Clinton and Liz Cheney? A Muslim lady with a mouth and some opinions, apparently. Rep @IlhanMN has been the subject of bipartisan bullying..’ #IStandWithIlhan
12 Feb, 02:00 AM UTC
Chelsea Clinton is a great woman already. Hating on her says a lot about you.
12 Feb, 01:59 AM UTC
🇺🇸Tiffany's Epiphany🇺🇸
@GoboMontaco @POTUS @GOP @StappElizabeth I'm gonna shoot for the Clintons. Not just for obvious reasons (Hillary loving on Margaret Sanger) but because of Chelsea Clinton. Who posted that women who abort their babies boost the economy.
12 Feb, 01:59 AM UTC
@itsmelanieoops @emrazz Chelsea Clinton has been a target of the kinds of attacks @emrazz described for a lot longer than the issue you’re addressing here, no? Plus I think the rest of the op is spot on: Misogyny isn’t exclusive to either party.
12 Feb, 01:58 AM UTC

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