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Lots of prayers for one of the biggest Bearcats fans we know. #ChelseaMeetsTaylor
10 Sep, 09:00 PM UTC
Mo Egger
Wow. Had no idea this was happening. @BearcatBetch27 is one my favorite followers. #ChelseaMeetsTaylor Come on, @taylorswift13 https://t.co/cjQnMOPHV2
10 Sep, 10:18 PM UTC
Brandon Sosna
As it turns out, @taylorswift13 gets a ton of mentions on twitter. So we're going to need EVERYONE in the #Bearcats family to fill up @taylorswift13's mentions by tweeting at @taylorswift13 because #ChelseaMeetsTaylor. https://t.co/ySm6kpwo7E
10 Sep, 10:34 PM UTC
Chelsea 🏳️‍🌈
#ChelseaMeetsTaylor https://t.co/ME1c6U4miU
10 Sep, 09:38 PM UTC
Jeff Gentil
.@Dan_Hoard please help spread the word #ChelseaMeetsTaylor https://t.co/0D6jkBNkTM
10 Sep, 09:26 PM UTC
Cincinnati Bearcats Fans
We need all the Bearcats Fan help, do your part and post this hashtag as we are all apart of the Bearcats Family. #ChelseaMeetsTaylor @GoBEARCATS @GoBearcatsFB @UCBarstool @taylorswift13 @pulte @StewieGilchrist
10 Sep, 10:04 PM UTC
Jason Sallans
#ChelseaMeetsTaylor @taylorswift13 Taylor if there is anything you can do to help a huge fan in need, I know it would be appreciated by her family and friends. Even as small as recording a small message for her. Anything can help at this point.
10 Sep, 09:38 PM UTC
Bearcats Mood
@coachbrannen @Coachheard @CoachFick Can we get a shoutout for @BearcatBetch27 ? She has been hospitalized for 3 days after cardiac arrest and it would mean so much. #ChelseaMeetsTaylor https://t.co/vxWrjHa6h3
11 Sep, 12:06 AM UTC
Eric McKinney
Hey everyone, can you please help me get the word out about my dear friend @BearcatBetch27 by using the hashtag #ChelseaMeetsTaylor it would mean a lot to me and the world to her. https://t.co/LhMQfABLK1
10 Sep, 11:14 PM UTC
I can’t even imagine what these last few days have been like for @StewieGilchrist. For you to appear as strong and supportive as you have is truly inspiring (not sure if that’s even the right word). Continuing to send good thoughts yours and Chelsea’s way. #ChelseaMeetsTaylor
10 Sep, 10:11 PM UTC
Colin Baker
Shelby and I were sitting next to @BearcatBetch27 at the #OSU game... Crazy to think this could happen. Wishing you all the best and hoping for a speedy recovery Chelsea! #ChelseaMeetsTaylor https://t.co/EIOzR8Nn5x
10 Sep, 11:30 PM UTC
Brian Henle
I know damn well the Bearcat community will get this to happen. C’mon everyone! #ChelseaMeetsTaylor https://t.co/eSnrhAWOJR
10 Sep, 11:49 PM UTC
Nicky Brite Tanks
For the first time ever, I'm 100% ok with my entire timeline consisting of just one thing. #ChelseaMeetsTaylor @taylorswift13
10 Sep, 10:59 PM UTC
Gregory Hoodin
Dear @taylorswift13 our great friend @BearcatBetch27 is in the hospital and she is one of your biggest fans. If you could send her some love that would be awesome . This update is from her husband @StewieGilchrist https://t.co/kjiPw84Dxq #ChelseaMeetsTaylor
10 Sep, 11:47 PM UTC
Looks what trending 2 in Cincinnati. Let’s try to be 1! #ChelseaMeetsTaylor https://t.co/qXeNdDXrZr
10 Sep, 11:59 PM UTC
Chris Reid
10 Sep, 10:05 PM UTC
Kevin Crutcher
I've never met in person @StewieGilchrist or @BearcatBetch27 but I feel like I know them through this platform. C'mon @taylorswift13 make her day. #ChelseaMeetsTaylor. I think she is by far your biggest fan.
11 Sep, 12:13 AM UTC
Since @PatMcAfeeShow fell in love with the @GoBearcatsFB maybe he can help a Bearcat fan out with a retweet #chelseameetstaylor @taylorswift13 https://t.co/a964fFRrJc
10 Sep, 11:32 PM UTC
B. Fox
🎶Ooooh🎶, look what you made me do... #ChelseaMeetsTaylor #ChelseaandBFoxMeetsTaylor
11 Sep, 12:18 AM UTC
Jeff Wallner
Happy to do it. #ChelseaMeetsTaylor https://t.co/rZGmMNIjKz
11 Sep, 12:04 AM UTC
Pulling for you. #ChelseaMeetsTaylor https://t.co/WxE8fGSUOr
11 Sep, 12:12 AM UTC
Mike Gebhart
@taylorswift13 a member of our CINCINNATI family could use the one thing that just requires a little of your time. #ChelseaMeetsTaylor https://t.co/A3YRxWtSWk
10 Sep, 11:57 PM UTC

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