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Pedro Rodríguez
Good win! Happy with the result and the goal. Come on BLUES!! 🔵⚽🔥 / Buen triunfo! Feliz por el resultado y por el gol!! +3⃣ @ChelseaFC #CFC #CHENEW Pedro Rodríguez's photo on #CHENEW
12 Jan, 07:54 PM UTC
Chelsea FC
Winning selfies! 😁 #CHENEW https://t.co/qxMgPEAIY1
12 Jan, 08:28 PM UTC
Chelsea FC
A special goal!! ✨ @willianborges88 makes it 2-1! #CHENEW Chelsea FC's photo on #CHENEW
12 Jan, 06:45 PM UTC
Chelsea FC
.@_Pedro17_ with the perfect start!! 🙌 #CHENEW Chelsea FC's photo on #CHENEW
12 Jan, 05:39 PM UTC
Chelsea FC
Back to winning ways! 🙌 Goals from @_Pedro17_ and @willianborges88 ensure the three points belong to Chelsea today! ⚽️⚽️ #CHENEW Chelsea FC's photo on #CHENEW
12 Jan, 07:22 PM UTC
Chelsea FC
#CHENEW three hours away! ⏱ Score predctions, Blues? 🤔 Chelsea FC's photo on #CHENEW
12 Jan, 02:30 PM UTC
Chelsea FC
Your #CHENEW man of the match! 💪 @DavidLuiz_4 Chelsea FC's photo on #CHENEW
13 Jan, 09:43 AM UTC
Nizaar Kinsella
Willian on rumours of leaving Chelsea to BT Sport: "My future is Chelsea? I don't know what you're talking about." #CFC #CHENEW
12 Jan, 07:44 PM UTC
Match of the Day
Only two players in Europe's top five leagues have both scored and assist 10 goals this season... Leo Messi... and Eden Hazard #CFC #CHENEW Match of the Day's photo on #CHENEW
12 Jan, 06:51 PM UTC
David Conn
Sad to see Newcastle, with Benitez and players trying so hard, given so little chance of staying up due to Mike Ashley playing his games and starving squad of investment. #CHENEW
12 Jan, 07:48 PM UTC
Class finish from Willian. Finally back on scoresheet 💪 #CFC #CHENEW #KTBFFH https://t.co/ZnXeqXhIQL
12 Jan, 06:50 PM UTC
Nizaar Kinsella
Maurizio Sarri annoyed with Marcos Alonso there when he gave away the ball. Chelsea well on top here though. #CFC #CHENEW
12 Jan, 05:46 PM UTC
Clinton Forde
12 Jan, 06:13 PM UTC
Nizaar Kinsella
Eden Hazard is the first Chelsea player to score and assist 10 goals in a PL season since Juan Mata in 2012-13. (Via @OptaJoe) #CFC #CHENEW
12 Jan, 06:53 PM UTC
Fantasy Premier League
SCOUT: Slight relief for the 941,517 #FPL managers who captained Hazard (£11.1m) at home to Newcastle. A 2nd half assist prevented a 3rd blank in a row 😅 #CHENEW Fantasy Premier League's photo on #CHENEW
13 Jan, 08:00 AM UTC
Juan Jose
En 2011 Cristina inauguraba la planta de #LaSalteña en Burzaco.Empresa q HOY venderá esa planta y se irá del país por la crisis #MacricidioDia1130 #BuenSabado David Luiz #1YearOfCamila #Sebado #NXTUKTakeOver #NXTUKTagTitles #CHENEW #Julian2020 #GHDUO12EJuan Jose's photo on #CHENEW
12 Jan, 07:48 PM UTC
Chelsea FR
Hudson-Odoi scandé par le public du Bridge ! 'Hudson-Odoi, we want you to stay' chanté par le public !! #CHENEW #LiveChelseaFrance 🕰 80" ⚽️ 2-1
12 Jan, 07:10 PM UTC
Willian Appreciation Post The Guy gets smashed from Piller to post Gets personally Abused on every social Network possible by the Keyboard Warriors but Still turns up and gives it his 110% Todays goal thou absoulte Worldie huge 3 points Goaloso 🤙🤙🇧🇷 🇧🇷 #Willian #CFC #CHENEW https://t.co/kwJ9bjJSDJ
12 Jan, 07:40 PM UTC
Dream Team
Rio Ferdinand when he next steps foot in Newcastle #CHENEW Dream Team's photo on #CHENEW
12 Jan, 05:26 PM UTC
Nizaar Kinsella
Just like Morata and Giroud, it is hard playing as a central striker in this Chelsea team. Hazard will find it hard to get on the ball as much as he does when he plays wide. Often the striker has the least touches in 'Sarriball' #CFC #CHENEW
12 Jan, 06:05 PM UTC
Vision 🇵🇰 ISI 🇵🇰
#Umar_says ایک سول کو فوجی بنانے میں .........سال لگتے ھیں اور ایک فوجی کو سول بننے میں ......سال لگتے ھیں #CHENEW #SundayMotivation #SundayMorning #Pakistan #PakistanZindabad #PakArmy #PakistanSuperPower Vision 🇵🇰 ISI 🇵🇰's photo on #CHENEW
13 Jan, 03:49 AM UTC
The Sportsman
👀All the Chelsea fans slating Willian... #CHENEW The Sportsman's photo on #CHENEW
12 Jan, 06:48 PM UTC
#CHENEW FT Thoughts: - Hazard: Far from his best, Good assist for Willian. - Pedro: dangerous, Wonderful Goal. - Willian: Great Goal. - Luiz: brilliant assist to Pedro. - Kante: Solid & consistent. - Alonso: Usual. - Azpi & Rudiger: Solid - Important Win, 6 pts clear of Arsenal.
12 Jan, 07:27 PM UTC
Chelsea FR
FIN DU MATCH ! 2-1 pour nos Blues dans ce match face à Newcastle ! Une première mi-temps très lente, mais une seconde avec beaucoup plus de rythme ! Beau but de Willian pour mettre Chelsea devant ! 3 points très important avant d'aller à Arsenal la semaine prochaine !! #CHENEW
12 Jan, 07:23 PM UTC
Chelsea FC
Selamat kepada @DavidLuiz_4 yang terpilih sebagai man of the match laga dini hari tadi dengan persentase sebesar 49%! 👏 #CHENEW #CFCIndo Chelsea FC's photo on #CHENEW
13 Jan, 10:25 AM UTC
Eugene Agyabeng-Debrah
Is Jorginho as technical as Sarri says he is? I don't see any technique o. Mikel Obi was an upgrade..#Chenew
12 Jan, 06:17 PM UTC
🇳🇬 Audu 🇬🇭 Oluwaseun🇬🇧™
Full Time! Chelsea FC 2:1 Newcastle United #CHENEW 💫
12 Jan, 07:23 PM UTC
🇳🇬 Audu 🇬🇭 Oluwaseun🇬🇧™
#CHENEW It's high time Chelsea get a prolific striker. 🇳🇬 Audu 🇬🇭 Oluwaseun🇬🇧™'s photo on #CHENEW
12 Jan, 07:29 PM UTC
With that kind of pass to @_Pedro17_ from @DavidLuiz_4 ,he's simply saying "Hey! Chelsea fans, you don't need to miss @cesc4official too much, I can also do it." @ChelseaFC @AS_Monaco_EN #epl #PremierLeague #CHENEW #CFC #ChelseaFC #Chelsea
13 Jan, 10:37 AM UTC
Football Friends
What discussion topic would you like the boys to discuss this week? #EPL #FPLCommunity #AFTV #Warnock #Brexit #WHUARS #NUFC #THFC #YNWA #CARHUD #CHENEW #BURFUL #TOTMUN
13 Jan, 12:50 AM UTC
Mizo Stamford Bridge
WINNING SELFIES : Nizan Newcastle United laka kan chakna goal thuntute pahnih Pedro leh Willian te. 🤳 . #MSB #CFC #CHENEW https://t.co/Pq7Dexi2w1
13 Jan, 10:45 AM UTC
Optus Sport
What on earth is Salomon Rondon up to here?! #OptusSport #CHENEW Optus Sport's photo on #CHENEW
13 Jan, 10:45 AM UTC
Fabregas is Magic
Your #CHENEW man of the match!! 💪 @DavidLuiz_4 Fabregas is Magic's photo on #CHENEW
13 Jan, 10:44 AM UTC
I missed this! "We have Rondon pulling off David Luis" #CHENEW
12 Jan, 07:01 PM UTC

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