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Rahul Gandhi
GOI is clueless on how to handle China. Ignoring their actions now will cause huge problems in the future. @RahulGandhi's photo on China
26 Jul, 04:16 AM UTC
A Seventeen fan in China uses her light stick to be rescued during the country's worst flooding in 1000 years @allkpop's photo on China
25 Jul, 09:49 PM UTC
Ignacio R. Morales Lechuga
Cada día cobra fuerza la versión de corrupción atrás de la compra de la vacuna china Cansino, la compañía distribuidora se constituyó a la par de la compra. Más opaco y más claro ni el agua.
25 Jul, 10:42 PM UTC
Phi Palmos
Hidilyn Diaz was trolled and attacked because she exposed the lack of govt support for athletes. Hidilyn Diaz won the first ever Olympic Gold medal for the PHL. Hidilyn Diaz, a woman, won over China. Truly, the future is a woman. So, alam niyo na, sa susunod na eleksyon. 😉
26 Jul, 12:52 PM UTC
Mir Mohammad Alikhan
One of the worlds largest Electric Vehicle manufacturers BYD China is coming to Pakistan. A completely locally manufactured EV will be available in Pakistan soon. Pakistan Rising.
26 Jul, 05:50 AM UTC
Mike Navallo
See, we can defeat China! 😅
26 Jul, 12:44 PM UTC
Abhijit Majumder
Made in China. @abhijitmajumder's photo on China
25 Jul, 08:13 PM UTC
#DO(D.O.) 1st mini album "Empathy" has now sold over 40,000 digital copies on China!
26 Jul, 11:46 AM UTC
rod singh | #RegisterToVote |
Iba yung kilabot ko sa pagkapanalo ni Hidilyn. Babae. Kalaban China. Tapos dinurog pa ng mga DDS yan kasi kasama sa eme emeng ouster paandar nila. First Gold! History! The future is a woman!
26 Jul, 12:45 PM UTC
Best-selling digital albums by Korean solo acts in 2021 on China: #1 Lilac - 354K #2 I'm Not Cool - 283K #3 BAMBI - 242K #4 EMPATHY - 44K (NEW) #5 Waterfall - 42K
26 Jul, 01:00 PM UTC
Philippine Volleyball 🏐🇵🇭
What a glorious moment for the Philippines!! We defeated China!!! First Olympic Gold, last SONA ng demonyo. Ganyan!!! Sana laging ganito. Hindi basta basta nagpapatalo sa China!!! Purpek!!! Congratulations Hidilyn!!! 🇵🇭🙌🏻👏🏻🥇🙏🏻
26 Jul, 12:42 PM UTC
别碰我们的粮食!中企大肆采购美农地 国会议员拟立法禁止
25 Jul, 02:25 PM UTC
loisa ៹
De Senegal, Inglaterra, México, Índia, Rússia, Brasil, EUA, China, Filipinas, Japão, Coreia Do Sul, Alemanha, Finlândia, Canadá, Austrália, Líbano, Costa De Marfim e Espanha PARA O MUNDOOOO!!! WAVE YOUR FLAG NAS OLIMPÍADAS
26 Jul, 12:52 AM UTC
🇨🇳 <공감 (Empathy)> by #DO has now sold over 40,000 digital copies in China.
26 Jul, 12:51 PM UTC
#JacksonWang covers the August 2021 Issue of Marie Claire China. 🖤 📸: Liu Song
26 Jul, 10:05 AM UTC
Hundreds of thousands of people evacuated the typhoon warning in Shanghai @RT_com's photo on China
26 Jul, 03:00 AM UTC
The Doobie Brothers
When the sun comes up on a sleepy little town down around San Antone! On this day in Doobies history, China Grove was first released as a single 🤘🏼 July 25, 1973 @TheDoobieBros's photo on China
26 Jul, 04:06 AM UTC
Pam Keith, Esq.
If Russia & China were working together to DESTROY the United States from within… they couldn’t have a better & more effective ally than the @GOP
26 Jul, 01:09 PM UTC
Patrick Updates
210726 | boyuan kuaishou update 🦋: "@/Patrick diary of foreign students in China: calligraphy experience" #แพทริค #Patrick #尹浩宇 #INTO1Patrick #Patrick尹浩宇 #เจ้าปลาดาว #INTO1
26 Jul, 01:06 PM UTC
Ayman Rashdan Wong
Siapakah "Jurchen" dalam "Kingdom: Ashin of the North"? Suku Jurchen memang wujud dan mempunyai impak besar terhadap Korea pada zaman Joseon (1392-1897). Jurchen juga membina dinasti terakhir China bernama Qing (1644-1911).
26 Jul, 01:09 PM UTC
Alt London Ryding V
So happy to see that our Philippine flag is above China! 🇵🇭 Sa amin ang West Philippine Sea!!!Congrats Hidilyn Diaz! #weightlifting #PHI #Tokyo2020 #Olympics
26 Jul, 01:00 PM UTC
Tony Nash
Time to wake up. 🇨🇳China is not an imaginary enemy. The CCP is the real deal. And they're not that bright. They're just average. So let them keep making stupid statements like this. It's kinda cute.
26 Jul, 03:22 AM UTC
'The sky has fallen': Chinese farmers see livelihoods washed away by floods @Reuters's photo on China
26 Jul, 01:05 PM UTC
Claire McCaskill
Honestly the Mo Atty General used to be respected by thoughtful people on both sides of the aisle. Not anymore. He’s just embarrassing now. @Eric_Schmitt How’s that lawsuit against China going?
26 Jul, 01:15 PM UTC
Eva 郑 عائشة
Construction kickoff at the civilian and military dual-use Purang Airport, alt 4,755m, Ngari, near the Lipulekh Pass, trijunction China-Nepal-India. It's part of Tibet 3+1 airport construction plan aiming to boost air connectivity in the region.
26 Jul, 08:52 AM UTC
从落寞到辉煌,中国奥运的崛起史 From desolation to glory, the history of China's rise in Olympic Games
26 Jul, 09:37 AM UTC
AFP News Agency
#UPDATE US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman was "very forceful" on issues including China's alleged cyberhacking and repression in Hong Kong during candid but "professional" talks with Beijing officials, senior US officials told reporters Monday @AFP's photo on China
26 Jul, 11:27 AM UTC
AFP News Agency
#BREAKING US envoy 'very forceful' on hacking, Hong Kong in China talks: US officials @AFP's photo on China
26 Jul, 11:09 AM UTC
Mike Navallo
LOOK: The PH flag way up there flying high above China at the Olympic stage. Hidilyn Diaz renders a snappy salute, in tears. Amazing, historic moment. Screenshots from @chasingrach’s livestream of her TV screen 😅 Ito dapat ang napapanood ng lahat ng Pinoy!
26 Jul, 01:14 PM UTC
Zamilimpíadas 🥇🥈🥉
Dos mesmos criadores de: - na China tem app de rastreamento das pessoas que estão com covid 😡 - o Japão tá rastreamento os atletas por causa de covid 😌 Vem aí:
26 Jul, 01:14 PM UTC