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President Trump freed 3 students from China. He didn’t trade a Russian arms dealer. President Trump freed 3 Americans from North Korea. He didn’t trade a Russian arms dealer. President Trump freed Aya Hijazi & her husband from Egypt. He didn’t trade a Russian arms dealer.
08 Dec, 05:45 PM UTC
Arnaud Bertrand
Insane numbers 😓 "British colonialism killed 100 million Indians in 40 years. Between 1880 to 1920, British colonial policies in India claimed more lives than all famines in the Soviet Union, Maoist China and North Korea combined." https://t.co/yUXQ19wfe7
08 Dec, 08:11 AM UTC
magick materialism
"British colonialism killed 100 million Indians in 40 years. Between 1880 to 1920, British colonial policies in India claimed more lives than all famines in the Soviet Union, Maoist China and North Korea combined." if u speak of Stalin more harshly than the British empire… 1/2
08 Dec, 09:03 AM UTC
Indian Tech & Infra
US based companies have announced 153 R&D projects in India as against 17 R&D projects in China in 2022 till Nov.
08 Dec, 11:23 AM UTC
Khaled Beydoun
Islamophobia in India 🇮🇳 and China 🇨🇳 is the worst on the planet
09 Dec, 03:23 AM UTC
There’s this Somali guy that posts tiktoks showing his daily life in rural China. It’s so interesting but like very random to see 😭😭 https://t.co/IrbFdiyIqR
08 Dec, 09:51 PM UTC
“BIGBANG are not known outside Korea” 1. I’m a US VIP 2. Still Life entered top 5 iTunes USA 3.Rolling Stone, Time Out, Nylon (US/UK magazines) ranked “Still Life” among the best Kpop song releases of 2022. 4. Biggest BB in China Music market - plus Asian mkt we could go on
08 Dec, 06:35 AM UTC
Dean Skoreyko
Holy shit. The Canadian military has contracts with this Chinese company too: "National Defence to probe past contracts awarded to firm now tied to China" https://t.co/b3u5dgLRxA
08 Dec, 06:48 PM UTC
#Mongolia has detained eight people in a corruption case involving the sale of coal to #China, said the country's Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs, Khishgeegiin Nyambaatar. Anti-corruption protests in the country, however, continue. @nexta_tv's photo on China
08 Dec, 08:07 AM UTC
Rep. Gallagher Press Office
Rep. Gallagher's statement on being selected by @GOPLeader to serve as Chairman of the Select Committee on China. @RepGallagher's photo on China
08 Dec, 02:15 PM UTC
CNN’s exclusive on-camera interview with the pivotal figure who’s fighting China’s censorship on Twitter. @selinawangtv reports. @CNN's photo on China
09 Dec, 03:32 AM UTC
Portal Box Office 💵
GIGANTE Avatar: O Caminho da Água ultrapassa U$ 7 milhões em pré-vendas na China 🇨🇳. Um dos maiores começo de pré-venda no país. #Avatar https://t.co/nfPWEaUXfn
08 Dec, 12:23 PM UTC
Ada Anambra
How can he turn Taraba to Las Vegas, when after eight years he couldn't turn Anambra to his China, Egypt or even Bangladesh? Who we offend, bikonu!
08 Dec, 09:40 PM UTC
The Wall Street Journal
The leaders of China and Saudi Arabia are set to sign agreements worth more than $29 billion as the desert kingdom deepens ties with global partners, including U.S. rivals https://t.co/MSjMF1VJa7
08 Dec, 09:37 AM UTC
Wednesday, November 30: "we've always been against China's draconian covid restrictions" Sunday, December 4: "we've always been against China's reckless removal of covid restrictions" https://t.co/efWcb7X0yJ
09 Dec, 04:11 AM UTC
ori 🧸 (marcos's version)
se dieron cuanta que cuando paso lo de alfa, santiago lo defendió ? pero a agustin lo llamo abusador en televisión pública SE NOTA DE QUE ACÁ A LA CHINA QUE ALFA ES EL PROTEGIDO DE LA PRODUCCIÓN #GH2022
09 Dec, 03:20 AM UTC
Mick Wallace
Repetition of the stream of baseless accusations about #China that originate in Washington does nothing for #EU standing on International stage - The Taiwan stuff is the most reckless #US provocation in living memory. Why don't we cooperate with China on #GlobalWarming instead..? @wallacemick's photo on China
09 Dec, 06:14 AM UTC
@JakeSullivan46 How much will you unfreeze for the regime this time? $7 billion? How will Rob Malley make it up to the Mullahs this time? By looking the other way when they sell oil to China?
09 Dec, 01:43 AM UTC
After Daily BR | fã-clube
JUST WOW! — Hero Fiennes Tiffin nas capas da revista ArenaHOMME + China. ✨ https://t.co/grIzIn52I0
09 Dec, 03:57 AM UTC
Iramsy Peraza
Como parte de visita a Arabia Saudita y encuentros con países árabes, Xi Jinping se reunió con el presidente de Palestina Mahmoud Abbas, a quien dijo que sin importar cómo cambie la situación internacional y regional, China apoyará firmemente la causa justa del pueblo palestino https://t.co/gIEp7KP8VI
09 Dec, 04:41 AM UTC
Rebecca Chan
Americans who have never been to China love to talk about how Chinese people are doing everything wrong. China Bad Bad Bad. I suggest they take care of their own problems. https://t.co/pHUcW1SMsI
09 Dec, 06:07 AM UTC
Yusuf Unjhawala 🇮🇳
There is no “great reset”. China won’t be to the Saudis what the US is. Israel will be more than happy if Saudis shift (they won’t) to Chinese weapons. Saudis can’t defeat Houthis in Yemen, let alone think about taking on Israel. https://t.co/mJhxpvJ0ac
09 Dec, 04:31 AM UTC
Sarah Ilych
🇪🇬 El Gobierno de Egipto aprobó la decisión de unirse al Nuevo Banco de Desarrollo (NBD) del BRICS, compuesto por 🇧🇷Brasil, 🇷🇺Rusia, 🇮🇳la India, 🇨🇳China y 🇿🇦Sudáfrica. Egipto, que todavía no se ha sumado al BRICS de forma oficial, expresó tal voluntad en julio de este https://t.co/f1PpstnIf6
09 Dec, 02:25 AM UTC
【链接——TikTok快速增长,美国企业强化竞争措施】生活在美国的阿什利·李从约5年前开始拍摄食物,发布在Ins上,而改变她人生的则是进驻TikTok。随着一条视频走红,她辞职专注于视频制作,收入比以前高。TikTok迅猛增长,Meta和谷歌也在强化短视频…… https://t.co/JsizYlnGaN https://t.co/fxJ1QYf679
09 Dec, 01:03 AM UTC
Ji Rong嵇蓉
Chinese President #XiJinping & Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on Thursday signed an agreement on the comprehensive strategic partnership btw #China & #SaudiArabia, agreeing to hold a meeting btw the two heads of state by turns every two years. @JiRongMFA's photo on China
09 Dec, 05:54 AM UTC
Kenneth Roth
King Salman of Saudi Arabia and China's Xi Jinping have signed a “comprehensive strategic partnership” agreement. One element is clearly opposing any pressure to allow an independent media and civil society, let alone free and fair elections. https://t.co/xJfAdLgK7u
09 Dec, 06:21 AM UTC
Kereta Cepat Jakarta-Bandung mengalami pembengkakan biaya pembangunan atau cost overrun, namun perhitungannya berbeda antara Indonesia dan China. https://t.co/AXdqCGXOjj
09 Dec, 05:22 AM UTC
Beijing Review
The first #C919 large passenger aircraft was delivered to its first customer, China Eastern Airlines, on Dec 9. It is the first time ever for China's civil aviation transport market to have an indigenously-developed mainline jetliner. https://t.co/JXUpCIo6TR @BeijingReview's photo on China
09 Dec, 06:27 AM UTC
Thai PBS World
Judging by Friday’s quiet streets in the heart of China’s capital and city eateries adherence to virus curbs, the anxieties created by the ‘zero-COVID’ regime could hinder the world’s second largest economy’s return to health. Read more: https://t.co/zY6Mvu0POd #ThaiPBSWorld @ThaiPBSWorld's photo on China
09 Dec, 06:24 AM UTC
The Wall Street Journal
Beijing's expected gradual relaxation of its Covid-19 strategy likely means growth and inflation will remain subdued well into 2023, economists say https://t.co/2jFRNfvbps
09 Dec, 06:30 AM UTC