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lee ˣ
chloe bailey doing the #BussItChallenge is all i needed to see on this good thursday 😩 @overwhelmedlee's photo on Chloe
21 Jan, 05:15 PM UTC
The whole TL to Chloe Bailey rn 😂 @Ziggtoven's photo on Chloe
21 Jan, 05:32 PM UTC
Dee Holt ❄️ ➏
I see why Chloe wanted her separate IG page
21 Jan, 06:51 PM UTC
chloe bailey i am on my KNEES FOR YOU.
21 Jan, 06:29 PM UTC
Super Saiyan Ant
Man Ja Rule and Ashanti was a dangerous duo
22 Jan, 02:46 AM UTC
Partna ˣ
Chloe, Normani, and Mariah matching in BLACK just sits right in my spirit
21 Jan, 06:17 PM UTC
austin williams
I have a confession... I never really knew which one was Chloe and which one was Halle. But hear me and hear me good. I know now. @austinxwill's photo on Chloe
21 Jan, 05:53 PM UTC
Chloe flexed on us before the beat even dropped with that Versace robe. @i_bsylvia's photo on Chloe
21 Jan, 05:42 PM UTC
Chloe Bailey did the buss it challenge @kingseb__'s photo on Chloe
21 Jan, 05:25 PM UTC
sasha washa
Dani Leigh and Tory Lanez supporters just ruined my day🙄 it was a lovely Chloe Bailey Thursday and here they come messin it up.
21 Jan, 07:32 PM UTC
Chileeeeeeee Chloe has entered the #BussItChallenge 🙌🏽😍 || @chloexhalle @BET's photo on Chloe
21 Jan, 05:37 PM UTC
Chloe Bailey doing the bussit challenge: somebody got a disney contract, not me tho, y’all be easy
21 Jan, 05:20 PM UTC
Soy otro salame tuiteando
Normalicen empujar a la gente q camina muy despacio
21 Jan, 04:35 PM UTC
XXL Magazine
Twitter has been talking about Chloe’s #BussItChallenge all day @XXL's photo on Chloe
21 Jan, 08:29 PM UTC
i heard we were talking about chloe x halle @UNGODLYERA's photo on Chloe
21 Jan, 06:08 PM UTC
Chloe is literally starring in a horror movie with Russell Crowe that has already been filmed....what are you talking about??? This girl posted a bussit challenge and it got you thinking like this???
21 Jan, 05:55 PM UTC
look how Chloe ate the #BussItChallenge up! @chuuzus's photo on Chloe
21 Jan, 05:10 PM UTC
chloe *:・
HEY MCYTTIKTOK, do me a favor, when a cc is acting a little down or different don't make a fucking edgy sad edit of it. sincerely, chloe
21 Jan, 02:48 PM UTC
Partna ˣ
This week on tea time with Chloe x Halle! @onlychloexhalle's photo on Chloe
21 Jan, 11:34 PM UTC
A CHLOE FAZENDO O #BussItChallenge SALVOU A MINHA VIDA 🗣 @PortalTracklist's photo on Chloe
21 Jan, 06:23 PM UTC
still not over what chloe x halle did for the BET Awards @UNGODLYERA's photo on Chloe
21 Jan, 06:02 PM UTC
oh we appreciating Chloe x Halle today? Gooood. @miseducatedctrl's photo on Chloe
21 Jan, 06:12 PM UTC
tbychlo on limit 😕 - I HATE JASON DERULO
its chloe.... i’m gonna be on this acc kinda until it’s over... rt to help me find my moots... 🤕
21 Jan, 07:07 PM UTC
Rina Sawayama Updates
January 2020, Rina Sawayama photographed by Chloe Sheppard
22 Jan, 03:20 AM UTC
IG @ Drebaexo
Chloe & Halle having separate IGs makes me love them even more. Halle more of a calm reserved beauty while Chloe a turnt up HOT GIRL. The duality for me >>>
22 Jan, 04:48 AM UTC
peaceful babe
I just know Diggy texted Chloe today.
22 Jan, 03:24 AM UTC
the four possible members; chloe, seojin, hyunhee and sadaju
22 Jan, 04:46 AM UTC
Listen to pure talent and retweet till it gets to the right channel @Gabzeal1 Congratulations ozo|Clubhouse|puiq|Tolu|pjanic|Origi|#LIVBUR|Chloe|Tems|Don jazzy|Nasty c|#CristianoRonaldo|#InScamWeTrust|Eibar|Reno|Simpsons|Pope|Vector|#30BGpastor|#NengiXPeriwinkle
21 Jan, 09:29 PM UTC
Chloe slaughtered the buss it challenge, y’all should admit defeat and end this trend ASAP 🤸🏾‍♂️
21 Jan, 06:51 PM UTC
Chloe Bailey... you won
21 Jan, 05:24 PM UTC

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