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Jake Lobin
Chris Christie says he's "very concerned" that Rudy Giuliani's place was searched because it might be unequal use of law under Biden, which is a weird thing to say considering the fact that Rudy's case was opened under the PREVIOUS administration 🙃
01 May, 05:27 AM UTC
Molly Jong-Fast🏡
Trump gave him COVID
01 May, 12:39 PM UTC
Palmer Report
With the way that Chris Christie is kissing Rudy Giuliani's ass, you have to wonder what dirt Rudy Giuliani has on Chris Christie.
01 May, 04:44 AM UTC
Joe Walsh
Trump repeatedly obstructed justice, he tried to cheat in the 2020 election, he initiated & spread the big lie about a stolen election, he undermined our democracy, he incited an insurrection, and yet Chris Christie still gives him an “A” grade for his Presidency. Just pathetic.
01 May, 04:03 AM UTC
If the weathercock/former guy fawner, Chris Christie runs for President, you can set your clock to the fact that this mom in Jersey will spend her every available second making sure that the bridge closing, beach sitting, meatloaf ordering conman never, ever, even gets close. 🤨
01 May, 02:42 AM UTC
Joe Walsh
Chris Christie is lying. He doesn’t really believe that a President who repeatedly obstructed justice, attacked our democracy, and incited an insurrection deserves an “A” grade. But he goes on Hannity and says that because he wants to run for President. That sucks.
01 May, 11:55 AM UTC
Chris Christie is this. He’s nothing more than this. He will never be more than this. He’s a fake. He’s a fraud. He gives the former guy an A on Hannity because that’s what his viewers want to hear. Put him on CNN and see what grade he gives then. He will never be potus. Never.
01 May, 02:32 AM UTC
David Weissman
And this is why Chris Christie will never be President.
01 May, 02:08 AM UTC
Good morning and happy Saturday to everyone! Unless you’re Chris Christie. In which case, F you.
01 May, 12:09 PM UTC
John Fugelsang
If Chris Christie thinks he can still be president I've got a bridge I wanna shut down for him.
01 May, 01:19 PM UTC
@Acyn WHO THE FUCKING FUCK GIVES A FUCKING FUCK WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK THIS FUCK FUCKING THINKS? Chris Christie always gonna Chris Christie. Expecting Nacho Man to be more than this is like expecting a unicorn to land on your lawn, fly you to work, and grab you Starbucks on the way. @JoJoFromJerz's photo on Chris Christie
01 May, 02:26 AM UTC
The Hoarse Whisperer
“Other than that bit at the end, I’d give the Hindenburg an ‘A’.” — Chris Christie pretty much. @TheRealHoarse's photo on Chris Christie
01 May, 01:39 PM UTC
Leslieoo7 ☠️ 🇺🇲
Chris Christie: "If Inciting Insurrection Isn't Impeachable, I Don't Know What Is..." Also Chris Christie: “Overall I give the president [Trump] an A." Please don't let any of these Trumpites within striking distance of power ever again.
01 May, 02:02 PM UTC
Eric Kleefeld
The two faces of Chris Christie — when he’s on something like ABC’s This Week, or on Fox News with Hannity — is a lot like Big Pussy from The Sopranos always going back and forth between either loyalty to Tony or resenting him and ratting him out to the FBI.
01 May, 01:38 AM UTC
@Acyn Chris Christie gives an "A" to the man he'd have voted to impeach, in case you're wondering where this falls on the 'Pathetic Scale'...
01 May, 01:39 AM UTC
Kyla In The Burgh 🏳️‍🌈🏴‍☠️
Chris Christie went on Sean Hannity to publicly beg Trump to suck his dick again? I'm ALMOST shocked... 🙄
01 May, 12:11 PM UTC
🌸Peggy B🌸
Chris Christie wants us to think he's this down to earth good guy. Wrong, wrong and double damn wrong.
01 May, 12:42 PM UTC
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Chris Christie’s opinion is like an empty 1 oz. bag of fun size Funyuns. You can’t believe you wasted those 15 seconds on something so completely tasteless and meaningless. Again.
01 May, 12:42 PM UTC
@MollyJongFast What a pathetic joke Chris Christie is. There is no conceivable way Donald Trump deserves anything more than a failing grade, eternal shame, and a criminal life sentence for his time in office. Covid? Ukraine? Sedition? Inciting insurrection? Just the highlights there...
01 May, 12:47 PM UTC
Bob Engvall
@MollyJongFast If you combined Chris Christie’s integrity with Nikki Haley’s integrity, you’d have precisely zero integrity.
01 May, 01:15 PM UTC
Mark Girard
@JoJoFromJerz It warms my heart to see someone from New Jersey cuss out Chris Christie.
01 May, 12:12 PM UTC
@BillKristol Chris Christie Gave The Former Guy's Presidency An "A"..You're Right @BillKristol .. & That Says A Lot About Christie's & The Others With Their None Existence Backbones...
01 May, 01:00 PM UTC
Adam Cohen Lawyers for Good Government #DemCast
@Acyn According to his own team Donald Trump's handling of the #coronavirus was so incompetent that it led to the death of over 400,000 Americans But to Chris Christie, this merits an A grade Tell us @GovChristie How many dead Americans would it take to give him a B #OneV1
01 May, 02:41 PM UTC
Carl Fidelio II ΩΩ
I'm sure a Chris Christie inview on Hannity has all the authenticity and candor as an interview on Soviet radio during the Stalinust purges.
01 May, 02:27 PM UTC
Ken Morgan 🌊🌍☮🧡💛💚💙💜❤🖤🌄🎶😷
@JoJoFromJerz @Kris_Sacrebleu Chris Christie is just a turd on a beach under a bridge
01 May, 02:45 PM UTC
JOKEOFTHEDAY: A massive fatberg weighing 300 tonnes is clogging a sewer in the English city of Birmingham. Authorities are seeking advice from a Holiday Inn in Newark that once had to get Chris Christie out of the pool.
01 May, 02:45 PM UTC
Cyndi Laz
@JakeLobin @TG22110 So Chris Christie is projecting fear. Maybe the feds should search his place, too.
01 May, 02:43 PM UTC
Fat Ghandi
@ChrisChristie Is one of the biggest blowhards to grace your TV's since Trump abandoned his OATH of office. You're nothing but a BEACHED whale. Remember that stunt? Or How's the bridge traffic? Yeah. We see you, and we NEVER forget
01 May, 02:43 PM UTC
John Emil
Chris Christie Gives One-Term, Twice-Impeached Trump An 'A' For His Presidency via @Yahoo Another azz busser! Oy!
01 May, 02:43 PM UTC
Another trump sycophant still kissing the old fat orange ass
01 May, 02:43 PM UTC