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Nate McMurray for Congress
Another day, more corrupt politicians profiting at our expense here in NY-27. I'm running b/c Chris Collins has been INDICTED. We deserve representatives who aren't out on bail. We have 27 days to beat corruption. Help me out ➡️
11 Oct, 12:41 AM UTC
Nate McMurray for Congress
“What do you want voters to know about you? I started here in community college and worked my way up. But I still cut my own grass. I understand what it’s like to struggle. I know what it’s like to be in a family that struggles to keep the lights on”
10 Oct, 06:57 PM UTC
The Tweetwit
FBI Director Chris Wray confirmed that the White House directed the Kavanaugh background investigation to be "limited in scope." We know Republican Senators have limited integrity And we also know that these 3 Senators have limited morality: Jeff Flake Susan Collins Joe Manchin
11 Oct, 11:05 AM UTC
Andrea Nikischer
Dear WNY media: Chris Collins refuses to debate his opponent & he has never been willing to meet with or answer questions from the hard-working people in NY27. He is also under felony indictment. STOP GIVING HIM FREE AIRTIME. Signed- the 3,000+ members of Citizens Against Collins
11 Oct, 11:57 AM UTC
WBEN NewsRadio 930AM
In studio with @Nate_McMurray: "this is not a normal set of circumstances. Chris Collins under indictment. Electing him will leave a scar."
11 Oct, 12:37 PM UTC
Katy Stoll
Seriously though. Nate McMurray is challenging the recently indicted Chris Collins for NY-27 - with no help from Dem leadership. If you have bucks or energy to donate, maybe start here.
11 Oct, 02:47 PM UTC
Political Polls
#NY27: Nate McMurray (D) 42% Chris Collins (R -Inc) 42% Tulchin Research (D) Poll
11 Oct, 03:51 PM UTC
Katy Stoll
Hey @dccc get your head out of your butt and help Nate McMurray defeat Chris Collins what the heck is wrong with you
11 Oct, 02:40 PM UTC
Angus Johnston
Internal poll of #NY27—deep red upstate district where incumbent Chris Collins is under indictment for insider trading—shows challenger @Nate_McMurray TIED with Collins.
11 Oct, 03:49 PM UTC
@vintperformance @SandraJH13_USA2 @Conservative220 @cattiewonk @22Americanfirst @Christi77929362 @LauraLeeBordas @MaryPena4 @AZTECAMG @AntAuthor @PatriotsWay_ @trumpgirl261 @KrissiKeppler @EricHolder @BarackObama No, more Susan Rice and Hillary’s demon Baby. Benghazi is tragic the Ambassador Chris Stevens was beaten, raped, suffocated while Obama and Hillary slept. 300 calls went unanswered! 3 Navy Seals murdered by savages while waiting for help. This is so grievous I want it known.
11 Oct, 02:32 PM UTC
Dave McKinley
Erie Co. Leg. Patrick Burke (D) submits resolution to create committee to investigate when any county elected official, officer or employee is charged w/ a crime. Calls it "Collins Resolution"-"in honor of indicted Rep. Chris Collins" (resolutions aren't usually named) @WGRZ Dave McKinley's photo on Chris Collins
11 Oct, 03:16 PM UTC
Eli Hershkovich
Northwestern coach Chris Collins on the late Tex Winter: "I got to know Tex a little bit. He was an assistant with my father (Doug Collins) in the '80s. ... Tough loss last night."
11 Oct, 01:51 PM UTC
Luis M.
I’ve got a fantasy football problem that needs to be resolved. Who starts in my FLEX: PHI WR Alston Jeffery @ NYG SEA RB Chris Carson @ OAK BAL RB Alex Collins @ TEN
11 Oct, 02:09 PM UTC
Jason Lorentz
@SiriusXMFantasy @RotoWire @Chris_Liss @Jeff_Erickson @scott_pianowski Off topic, but need trade advice. Giving Olsen/Schuster getting Mixon/Shepard. Current RBs are Yeldon, Fournette, Collins, Murray. WRs are Thomas, Hill, Brown, Boyd, Callaway. Thanks!!!
11 Oct, 04:31 PM UTC
chris collins is now the Trending top topic in US. Visit for more hot topics TrendsinUSA's photo on Chris Collins
11 Oct, 04:31 PM UTC
How can someone indicted and out on bail, still be allowed to run for office???
11 Oct, 04:24 PM UTC
Progressive Patriots
@KUSINews @ACampaNajjar About time. #DumpDuncan and his #CultureOfCorruption The Republican Party is a criminal cabal. Duncan, Chris Collins, Trump. Take your pick.
11 Oct, 04:22 PM UTC
Where all hope went to die
Just a reminder that Chris Collins is under indictment. He's a criminal. He got back in the race with the promise of Kavanaugh. None of this is coincidence.
11 Oct, 04:11 PM UTC
Doug Schorpp
He’s Running for Congress. It Doesn’t Hurt That His Opponent Is Out on Bail.
11 Oct, 04:05 PM UTC
Clifford D. Francis
@CollinsNY27 Chris Collins all the way! He represents the #MAGA agenda! Nate will vote and answer to his D party which at the end of the day has a terrible platform! Democrats represent violent mob rule, increased taxes, abolishing ICE/Electoral College, open borders, jobs overseas etc.
11 Oct, 04:03 PM UTC
Michael R. Perry
@Targetbabe No, he's true-red. Hunter was the second congressman ever to endorse Trump. (Coincidentally, the first congressman to endorse Trump, Chris Collins of New York, is also out on bail, under a felony indictment. You can't make this stuff up.)
11 Oct, 03:52 PM UTC
Derek Aubut
@post350 @erbuckle @SenatorCollins Chris Wray was just questioned by congress yesterday and he said background check had very limited scope ordered by White House. Collins is a liar 🤥
11 Oct, 03:52 PM UTC

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