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George Eaton
Fitting that Chris Grayling's resignation is running hours late.
15 Nov, 02:04 PM UTC
Ian Dunt
Ok fine, I admit it. If Chris Grayling resigns something good will have come from Brexit.
15 Nov, 01:52 PM UTC
The Secret Barrister
Shailesh Vara was the right-hand man of Chris Grayling at the Ministry of Justice, who merrily spread untruths about legal aid as the justice system was hollowed out. His departure from government is very much a good thing.
15 Nov, 08:45 AM UTC
Tom Pride
BREAKING- Transport Secretary Chris Grayling's resignation unexpectedly delayed and expected to arrive several hours late by replacement bus service. More soon ... #BrexitChaos
15 Nov, 04:22 PM UTC
Rory Bremner
Vote Leave founders left before the vote. Farage the day after. Boris, Gove, Leadsom bottled leadership race, Davis quit, Boris quit, Baker quit and now Raab. To be fair, we still have those giants Chris Grayling & Liam Fox in Cabinet.
15 Nov, 09:27 AM UTC
Rachael Swindon #GTTO
Rumours circulating Chris Grayling is considering his future. What a shame he didn’t do that before wrecking every department that’s ever been cursed with his ‘leadership’. #BrexitChaos
15 Nov, 01:44 PM UTC
Jonathan Isaby
An informed source suggests to me that Chris Grayling is considering his position as Transport Secretary. Would be another huge blow if Theresa May lost her campaign manager from the leadership election (and fellow former Merton councillor)
15 Nov, 01:20 PM UTC
Evolve Politics
Oh my word. Rumours are that Chris Grayling is now considering resigning from the Cabinet. When Failing Grayling has to resign rather than being sacked for being outrageously incompetent, you know things really must be going pretty badly for the Prime Minister.
15 Nov, 02:10 PM UTC
Andrew Pierce
Things are looking up for @theresa_may Chris 'failing Grayling is considering resigning as Transport Secretary. Commuters will be delighted
15 Nov, 04:11 PM UTC
Christopher Hope
Westminster rumour: Chris Grayling and Penny Mordaunt tipped to resign by the end of the day #BrexitChaos
15 Nov, 03:33 PM UTC
Gaby Hinsliff
If Chris Grayling ends up in charge of Brexit due to everyone else having quit then we should all be allowed to put letters into the 22 committee
15 Nov, 06:07 PM UTC
Tim Stanley
I think we’ve all been considering Chris Grayling’s position as transport secretary and for quite some time.
15 Nov, 02:24 PM UTC
Sean's Sweary Tweets
Chris Grayling is considering resigning and handing in his letter of no confidence in Theresa May. You just know if that useless gobshite is in charge of doing it, he’ll fuck it up, it’ll be late, cost more than it should and he’ll end up sending the wrong letters. #BrexitChaos
15 Nov, 02:29 PM UTC
@isaby @BenedictMPWhite Failing Grayling’s departure would be a loss to the Grayling household budget but a win to British travellers, Brexit or Remain, on land, sea or air. Do it, Chris !
15 Nov, 04:48 PM UTC
(((Rab Nesbitt))) 🖐️ 🐶 #NHSLove
@isaby The resignation of Chris Grayling is a win-win for EVERYONE, especially anyone who uses public transport, travels on the roads, or just has to listen to him on the news bulletins. Honestly - we will ALL be better off with him back in private life. #GetTheToriesOut
15 Nov, 01:55 PM UTC
Tom Ridgway
She’s going to make Chris Grayling the Brexit secretary isn’t she
15 Nov, 06:15 PM UTC
Tim Neale
The idea of Chris Grayling resigning from a position of responsibility being a ‘huge blow’ is, well, overstating things somewhat.
15 Nov, 06:43 PM UTC
Stuart Broadbent
@georgeeaton The DfT regrets to announce that the departure of Chris Grayling has been delayed due to Leavers on the line.
15 Nov, 06:35 PM UTC
natasha corbett
@hucks6dh6 If only Chris grayling would resign, now that would make my day.
15 Nov, 06:42 PM UTC
Stuart Jones
Imagine being in a position where losing Chris Grayling would be a huge blow
15 Nov, 06:45 PM UTC
Andy Lancelot 🇪🇺
Breaking News: Apparently Transport Minister Chris Grayling should have resigned at mid-day but he’s running a bit late
15 Nov, 06:40 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from United Kingdom.

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