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ellie schnitt
I know there’s a lot going on this year but I think it’s really important that we as a society do not gloss over Chris Harrison writing what appears to be an erotic novel
19 Jan, 01:22 AM UTC
Me learning Chris Harrison writes erotica #bachelorabc #thebachelor @Realitty_Check's photo on chris harrison
19 Jan, 01:18 AM UTC
Kaitlyn Bristowe
Wow. This show has come along way with celebrating sexuality. Hahah. Also Chris harrison just giggled #TheBachelor
19 Jan, 01:31 AM UTC
the bachelor & bitchelor 🌹
Katie: He ****** her ***** and then she ****** his **** Chris Harrison: #TheBachelor @acceptedrose's photo on chris harrison
19 Jan, 01:30 AM UTC
Kaitlyn Bristowe
Chris Harrison you dirty dog @chrisbharrison #TheBachelor
19 Jan, 01:18 AM UTC
finding out chris harrison wrote an erotic novel #thebachelor
19 Jan, 01:21 AM UTC
Dylan Barbour
Chris Harrison is so horny for that
19 Jan, 04:20 AM UTC
Dylan Barbour
Wait stfu Chris Harrison did not write a sex book
19 Jan, 04:16 AM UTC
Damn I gotta read Chris Harrison’s book huh #TheBachelor
19 Jan, 01:16 AM UTC
Dylan Barbour
Chris Harrison taking notes for his next book Rn
19 Jan, 04:29 AM UTC
Tyler R. Tynes
I know Chris Harrison a wild boi
19 Jan, 01:33 AM UTC
a :)
chris harrison wrote an erotic novel??? boy bye #TheBachelor #TheBachelorABC
19 Jan, 01:16 AM UTC
reality steph🌹
chris harrison forcing producers to make a date revolving around his book: #TheBachelor #TheBachelorABC
19 Jan, 04:17 AM UTC
Leah Fessler
who’s in for my chris harrison erotica book club
19 Jan, 01:33 AM UTC
New Year Same Parv✨🎉🥂
So are we gonna gloss over the fact that Chris Harrison has an erotica book out #thebachelor
19 Jan, 05:21 AM UTC
emmy 👨🏼‍🦱
So we’re just gonna skip over the fact that Chris Harrison writes erotica #TheBachelor
19 Jan, 05:55 AM UTC
Johnny Canucklehead
Chris Harrison is an...erotic romance writer. That's it. I'm out! Good night, all! #awkward #Bachelor
19 Jan, 04:57 AM UTC
Yahoo Entertainment
Chris Harrison tells Bachelor Nation fan to 'suck it' while defending Ashley Iaconetti @YahooEnt's photo on chris harrison
19 Jan, 06:27 AM UTC
Amy Newman
Yes I'm watching #TheBachelor, no I can't move past how casually they dropped that passage from Chris Harrison's erotica (!?!) novel (!!!???)
19 Jan, 06:12 AM UTC
janey (she/hers)
tayshia seeing her phone light up with a call from chris harrison after matt leaves with sarah #TheBachelor:
19 Jan, 06:03 AM UTC
Ansley Berg
If I was on the Bachelorette: “Chris Harrison, do you accept this rose?”
19 Jan, 05:13 AM UTC
Kate Casey
Do you think Chris Harrison golfs during the filming of dates at this resort, or sits in his hotel room and watches Netflix? #TheBachelor
19 Jan, 04:57 AM UTC
Santa Claus, CEO
Chris Harrison: ✍️ #Bachelor #BachelorNation
19 Jan, 05:25 AM UTC
Marisa Wedlock
By the end of that episode we are all just over here forgetting that Chris Harrison writes erotica... #TheBachelor
19 Jan, 05:02 AM UTC
Allison Florentino
But how did it take Chris Harrison almost 6 years to advertise his own book on the bachelor? @ChicksInTheOff @BarstoolFran @BarstoolRia
19 Jan, 04:59 AM UTC
The Why So Serious Show
Are you shook that Chris Harrison could write something like that? #TheBachelorABC #TheBachelor
19 Jan, 07:25 AM UTC
Ashley Monroe
Chris Harrison’s book sales: 📈📈📈
19 Jan, 02:13 AM UTC
giving hope to stupid people around the world
this chris harrison romance novel is super tame they should've picked some a/b/o fanfic a 15 year old virgin posted on ao3 #TheBachelor
19 Jan, 06:28 AM UTC
Nathan Scoggins
19 Jan, 06:08 AM UTC
Breanna Rae
Dear ABC, please release the uncensored transcripts of the women's speeches on Chris Harrison's book promotion date... For science. #Bachelor #WYATR @annahossnieh @ArdenMyrin
19 Jan, 05:37 AM UTC

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