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Mariana Revoredo
Chris Harrison when the other guy is speaking Vietnamese to him #TheBachelor Mariana Revoredo's photo on Chris Harrison
12 Feb, 01:42 AM UTC
J.P. Rosenbaum
I love how American Chris Harrison just nods as though he understands and is in full agreement with what the Vietnamese Chris Harrison has to say. #TheBachelor
12 Feb, 01:42 AM UTC
Bachelor Commentary
Chris Harrison: “coming up tonight...” Bachelor nation: “IS HE HOPPING THE FENCE?!” #TheBachlor Bachelor Commentary's photo on Chris Harrison
12 Feb, 01:21 AM UTC
Diggy Moreland
Chris Harrison: “hey Man, everything okay?” Colton: “no man. I just realized I’ve been wearing one sock since week one, and now I feel stupid.” #thebachelor
12 Feb, 01:04 AM UTC
H :)
Plot twist: Colton sends himself home. New #TheBachelor: Chris Harrison
12 Feb, 01:54 AM UTC
Katie Simpson
Chris Harrison acting like he understands the Bachelor Vietnam host: #TheBachelor Katie Simpson's photo on Chris Harrison
12 Feb, 01:55 AM UTC
Fake Australian
IS CHRIS HARRISON NAKED YET #thebachelor Fake Australian's photo on Chris Harrison
12 Feb, 02:06 AM UTC
J.S. Bella
I get the feeling Demi will make it to hometowns no matter what she says or does because there's just no way Chris Harrison is gonna pass up the chance to introduce us to "jail mom" #TheBachelor
12 Feb, 02:17 AM UTC
Captain Torrance
“Is Chris Harrison naked yet?” Greatest thing I’ve heard all night #TheBachelor
12 Feb, 02:07 AM UTC
chris harrison and the production crew are 100% going to make us wait til the last 1 or 2 episodes for the fence jump because they ENJOY TORTURING US EMOTIONALLY #TheBachelor
12 Feb, 01:30 AM UTC
Jeane Fitzgerald
What were the producers thinking!Women fighting women for a man?!Completely inappropriate & Chris Harrison should apologize #bachelor#bachelormonday#womenarebetterthanrhis#chrisharrsio
12 Feb, 01:49 AM UTC
Jake Donnelly
@emilyllerenaa WHY ARE YOU SO ANGRY ABOUT IT?!?! ALSO... ummm what's a Chris Harrison?
12 Feb, 02:07 AM UTC
Paulie Ocean
@ParkyB24 @Mmallon13 @eweiler27 @chrisbharrison Prozay.... how dare you! Chris Harrison’s counsel is very important and I value it. Sheeeeesh!!!
12 Feb, 02:03 AM UTC
ABS Boy's Basketball
Varsity Final: Shepard 64 Chicago Ag 57 Terrell Richmond 23 pts Chris Harrison 22 pts Tommy Dougherty 11 pts Shepard improves to 18-6 and travel to LWE tomorrow night at 6:30! @disabato @mikeclarkpreps @NBCSPreps @michaelsobrien
12 Feb, 02:28 AM UTC
Mala Bhattacharjee
@summerofsoaps Me: "Am I a white person? There's your answer, Chris Harrison."
12 Feb, 02:27 AM UTC
Amanda Hertzler
At this rate, the only ones left for Colton to propose to in the finale will be Chris Harrison and sloth costume #TheBachelor
12 Feb, 02:18 AM UTC
Lover of @arbys (still, but now on a diet. thanks)
Colton prolly asked Chris Harrison for Sydney’s name before he walked back to the girls to tell them he sent her home.
12 Feb, 02:12 AM UTC
amanda roane
@emilymintle @SarahBreden Plot twist Chris Harrison planned that by looking at inmates kids and Demi was pretty.
12 Feb, 02:09 AM UTC
I think Chris Harrison needs to be the next Bachelor #thebachelor
12 Feb, 01:56 AM UTC
Harrison Ford listens to a climate change forum during day two at the World Government Summit at the Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai - Chris Whiteoak / The National GoldenCouple's photo on Chris Harrison
12 Feb, 01:46 AM UTC
Ranchium & Co
Chris Harrison voiceover: "Are you the perfect match for our next Bachelor or Bachelorette?" Me: "No, I am not." #TheBachelor
12 Feb, 02:24 AM UTC
Michelle Holmes
"Is Chris Harrison naked yet?"🤣 #TheBachelor
12 Feb, 02:10 AM UTC
Mr. Middle of the Bell Curve
This Colton angle on the Chris Harrison shot makes it look like Colton is ready to fight. #TheBachelor
12 Feb, 02:09 AM UTC
Peak #TheBachelor is Chris Harrison getting a girl to call her federally imprisoned mother on speakerphone as a date.
12 Feb, 02:08 AM UTC
Mike Phillips
Time for the Bachelor tonight @ChelleTPhillips time for it to go down! Need more from supreme leader Chris Harrison this week.
12 Feb, 02:06 AM UTC
Chris Harrison is such a fairy godmother #TheBachelor
12 Feb, 02:03 AM UTC
I swear to Chris Harrison I better get a fuckin fence jump tonight. #TheBachelor Lauren's photo on Chris Harrison
12 Feb, 02:03 AM UTC
The Bachelor Critic
@twifan1976 Hahaha send Chris Harrison a tweet, I think that’s how it works
12 Feb, 02:02 AM UTC
Did they fire Chris Harrison where is he #thebachelor
12 Feb, 01:56 AM UTC
Princess Consuela
“I’m positive Chris Harrison starves these girls so they have more emotions” -@campmeg23
12 Feb, 01:56 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from United States.

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