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Ultima | #вʟм
I'm crying at Joel's reaction to Chris Pratt's "Wahoo" https://t.co/tNO28Yql2I @UltimaShadowX's photo on Chris Pratt
01 Dec, 06:05 AM UTC
fay 🏐🍊
miyano mamoru could play mario but chris pratt could never play miya atsumu
30 Nov, 07:07 PM UTC
the texas chainsawman massacre 🐀
tbh casting chris pratt opposite jack black was doomed from the start bc jack black will basically do circles around chris pratt in terms of voice acting talent, charisma, and charm.
30 Nov, 06:45 PM UTC
Chris Voiceman
A lot of people think I'm defending Chris Pratt with this meme and I'm not lmao I made this in like two seconds and didn't think so many people would see it. I'm the woman calling human resources. https://t.co/ksRFgJ3arg
30 Nov, 03:37 PM UTC
No He’s literally just Chris Pratt 💀 https://t.co/v18a9Z6Pyb
01 Dec, 03:12 AM UTC
Petition to have Jenifer Coolidge replace Chris Pratt as Mario
30 Nov, 09:36 PM UTC
New photo of Millie B. Brown with Chris Pratt on the set of “The Electric State”. https://t.co/KjX3k0LpzC
01 Dec, 12:22 PM UTC
Y’all are praising the Chris Pratt “wahoo” because it sounds exactly like Charles Martinet which further begs the question why not just get Charles Martinet to be fucking Mario.
01 Dec, 02:56 PM UTC
3GoldBalls or Bust! (I guess not busted!)
i decided to mix mario’s french voice into the second trailer of the mario movie. Now it’s the Mario Movie: Chris Pratt Free #supermariobrosmovie  #Supermariomovie https://t.co/DNh4k9tMK7
01 Dec, 05:27 AM UTC
Riot Birthday Mortdog
Let's talk about one of the flagship features of set 9. All characters will be fully voice acted by members of the team, or people you recognize like Jack Black or Chris Pratt! This is for the set mechanic. Backseating! They will yell all game what play you should make.
01 Dec, 02:54 PM UTC
grown adults crying cause the way chris pratt said WAHOO was wrong
01 Dec, 02:58 PM UTC
Emily Kranking
Okay yeah, Chris Pratt does sound a little better and I am getting a bit of the TV show in his voice. More fluid acting choices from Pratt, which is really promising. https://t.co/GbRSBdp3OJ
01 Dec, 02:56 PM UTC
@ChristinaTasty @HeavyHogsly I hate it when films/TV/games are doing foreign history but they give everyone American/British accents. Like why not have accents that match the culture you're trying to portray. Like imagine ezio voiced by Chris Pratt, oh wait...
01 Dec, 02:54 PM UTC
I don’t care
@DriftingMari @BigBridgetFan Why are you getting flamed when you’re right. It sounds better than Chris Pratt sure but it’s not even that good still
01 Dec, 02:52 PM UTC
Ash 🐀
@RowenBellamy @M_Omir @hexprax Don’t take this away from me, a person who is attracted to weird dudes in awkward pants. Y’all can have Chris Pratt.
01 Dec, 03:00 PM UTC
Updates From the Mario Movie, The Flash, and More https://t.co/SCUFhzo7eu @Gizmodo's photo on Chris Pratt
01 Dec, 03:00 PM UTC
ur regular karma stan
im so annoyed with that trailer like where tf is the flavor in voice acting for mario??? all i heard is chris pRATt being himself, didnt even had the decency to put a lil effort🤢 https://t.co/Y7ZpOzxe9o
01 Dec, 03:00 PM UTC
NEW VIDEO: I talk about the #TheSuperMarioBrosMovie Trailer & is Chris Pratt really THAT bad as Mario?? https://t.co/FzhCKKnFnZ #supermariobrosmovie #Nintendo #ChrisPratt
01 Dec, 03:00 PM UTC
Straight Shooter
@ABC Nope. Fuck that. They're gonna woke bomb the shit out of that move and they cast Chris Pratt to play Mario and Chris doesn't use a cartoon voice. He uses his own dumb voice which sounds nothing like Mario.
01 Dec, 02:58 PM UTC
MC Rosie💨
I dislike the Mario movie cause Chris Pratt’s not right for the role and Peach looks ugly to me. It’s not that deep. Who is writing essays on this? https://t.co/qJPzLKc3iT
01 Dec, 02:58 PM UTC
Perfil do homem bêbado carente de amor
Meu deus vei pq eles n demitiram o Chris Pratt do filme do Mario po Serio q negocio ediondo a voz dele dublando
01 Dec, 02:57 PM UTC
Joel Snape
Futurist take: the next big thing is gonna be bespoke, AI-enabled versions of films to cater to people's unique interests. Mario with Chris Pratt replaced by Charles Martinet? DONE. Daddy's Home 3 with Statham instead of Wahlberg? SORTED.
01 Dec, 02:57 PM UTC
q dublagem infernal do mario meu deus eu não nasci pra ouvir isso Chris Pratt eu te condeno Brasil eu te amo
01 Dec, 02:55 PM UTC
Jason(slow replies, NSFW)
@GriffinHolmes4 @PersonthePerso2 It's not really the accent that I'm stuck on mainly since Mario and Luigi are canonically from Brooklyn. The problem is that Chris Pratt just doesn't have the energy for Mario or at the very least he isn't putting in enough energy for Mario.
01 Dec, 02:55 PM UTC
The Great Harry Barnett
I don't like Chris Pratt but i'll give you this one, @JamesGunn ; I think he would make a great Rip Hunter in the DCU. I think Legends of Tomorrow could be great as a movie.
01 Dec, 02:55 PM UTC
soul saber 123
@spideyvante Seriously who thought chris pratt was a good choice.
01 Dec, 02:55 PM UTC
Nilead Yebprani
Sin coñas, estoy deseando que después de la salida de la película de Mario en digital alguien coja y redoble todo el diálogo de Chris Pratt como proyecto fan. Algo que cambie la experiencia totalmente, como el super cut de la trilogía del Hobbit en una sola película (estupenda).
01 Dec, 02:54 PM UTC
Esta mil veces mejor este maje que Chris Pratt lmao https://t.co/Lsix1x8oDs
01 Dec, 02:54 PM UTC
@TomStheVoice In the behind the scenes of The Magnificent Seven, they said EVERYONE knew this was a "phone it in" job. They did enough to make a movie but Chris Pratt thought it was some huge dramatic blockbuster and was "trying too hard". Guys, he's not a great actor. He's just an ok actor
01 Dec, 02:53 PM UTC
C. D. Browne Ph.D.
I see Chris Pratt trending and I really could care less.
01 Dec, 02:53 PM UTC