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Kyle Griffin
New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern: "You will never hear me mention" the name of the alleged Christchurch gunman. "He is a terrorist. He is a criminal … To others, I implore you: Speak the names of those who were lost rather than the name of the man who took them." Via ABC Kyle Griffin's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 03:05 AM UTC
"He is a terrorist. He is a criminal. He is an extremist. But he will, when I speak, be nameless." New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has vowed to never speak the name of the Christchurch mosque gunman Newsweek's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 09:47 AM UTC
17 minutes : c’est la durée de la vidéo que Facebook a laissé diffuser de la tuerie de Christchurch en Nouvelle Zélande. En direct. ⬇ #Quotidien Quotidien's photo on Christchurch
18 Mar, 08:32 PM UTC
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says "you will never hear me mention" the name of the alleged Christchurch gunman: "Speak the names of those who were lost, rather than the name of the man who took them." CNN's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 05:36 AM UTC
Dinesh D'Souza
If all whites are responsible for what one white terrorist did, are all Muslims responsible for what Islamic terrorists do?
19 Mar, 03:26 PM UTC
Sindiaga Uni
*korban Christchurch memaafkan pelaku* Indon: masya Allah this is islam. So beautiful. *ahok minta maaf soal video al-maidah padahal tu video diedit juga* Indon: DASAR PENISTA AGAMA *bikin ukhuwah demo 212 sampe reuni di Monas* Tuhan memang satu, umatnya aj yg aneh2.
19 Mar, 08:12 AM UTC
Melissa Chen
This logic doesn’t make sense to me. If all white Australians are to blame for the NZ terror attack, then who exactly is implicated whenever there is an Islamist attack? I don’t think the writer thought this one through.
19 Mar, 08:21 AM UTC
hozifa hassan
Many New Zealanders start visiting the mosques to learn about Islam after terrorist attack on Christchurch mosques, which killed dozens of worshipers. hozifa hassan's photo on Christchurch
18 Mar, 09:18 PM UTC
Emilie Hasrouty
"إنه إرهابي. إنه مجرم. إنه متطرف" بهذه الكلمات وصفت رئيسة وزراء #نيوزيلندا منفذ مجزرة #Christchurch "أراد أشياء كثيرة من فعلته أهمها أن يشتهر بسوء السمعة لذلك لن تسمعوني أذكر اسمه، وأناشد الآخرين انطقوا بأسماء الذين قتلوا بدل النطق باسم قاتلهم!" #موقف Emilie Hasrouty's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 04:15 AM UTC
This video is so moving. People around New Zealand have been performing the Haka, a Māori ceremonial dance, to pay tribute, celebrate and honor the victims of the Terrorist Attacks at the Christchurch Mosques last week. COMMON's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 02:24 PM UTC
Brut FR
Pour exprimer son "chagrin" et son "espoir", le Parlement néo-zélandais a invité un imam à prononcer une prière musulmane après l'attentat terroriste qui a visé deux mosquées de Christchurch. La voici... Brut FR's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 02:45 PM UTC
CJ Werleman
We must not forget the Christchurch mosque terrorist also praised China for its barbaric mistreatment of Uyghur Muslims, which is yet another reminder that until all of us are free, none of us are free!
19 Mar, 05:20 AM UTC
Paul Joseph Watson
Turkey’s Islamist president Recep Erdoğan is showing footage of the Christchurch massacre at political rallies. This tyrant is callously exploiting tragedy in an attempt to rebrand his awful image. An utter disgrace.
19 Mar, 11:57 AM UTC
19 Mar, 09:11 AM UTC
Amer Khan
Great gesture by the people of New Zealand 🇳🇿 after terrorist attack on Muslims. After the Christchurch killings, many New Zealanders attended prayers at a mosque to show their support👇🏼 Amer Khan's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 05:21 AM UTC
Spectator USA
"Apart from the Christchurch gunman himself, it isn’t clear that anyone else is responsible for the massacre. But that hasn’t stopped all manner of people on social media seeking to apportion blame," writes @DouglasKMurray
18 Mar, 10:13 PM UTC
CNN International
Jacinda Ardern's actions of empathy have personally touched the relatives of those who died in the Christchurch massacre. Even before she said a word, her decision to cover her hair showed families she respected them and wanted to ease their pain: CNN International's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 01:58 PM UTC
Jordan Da Rocha
Extrêmement choquant. L'islamiste @BelattarYassine affirme sur @CNEWS que #Zemmour a fait tuer 50 personnes à #Christchurch, après avoir affirmé que "les blancs tuent leurs voisins et les cachent dans leurs jardins". Propos surréalistes et d'une violence absolument inouïe.
19 Mar, 08:54 AM UTC
Prof Dr Ir Tamburin MCK
Antara sedih dan haru. Tak ada yg sia2 dalam sebuah kejadian, semoga Allah SWT berikan Hidayah pada semua yg hadir dan menyaksikan. Adzan berkumandang di Canterbury Christchurch New Zealand sebagai bentuk soladaritas terhadao Umat Muslim🙏 Prof Dr Ir Tamburin MCK's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 04:07 AM UTC
Pascal Boniface
En déclarant qu’elle ne prononcera jamais le nom du terroriste de Christchurch Jacinda Arden PM de Nouvelle Zélande ,décidément impeccable,prend la bonne décision en ne contribuant pas à la notoriété qu’il recherche
19 Mar, 07:07 AM UTC
Husna Ahmed was killed as she rushed to rescue her husband in a wheelchair. Sohail Shahid is survived by his brother, two daughters and wife. John Milne lost his 14-year-old son, Sayyad. These are some stories of #Christchurch victims and survivors. AJ+'s photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 03:35 PM UTC
DW Brasil
Primeira-ministra afirma que jamais pronunciará o nome do autor do massacre em mesquitas: "É possível que ele tenha procurado notoriedade, mas nós, na Nova Zelândia, não lhe daremos nada, nem mesmo seu nome."
19 Mar, 03:56 PM UTC
Steve Shives
If your response to the Christchurch shootings is to race to defend the ability of you and your buddies to keep spouting anti-Muslim rhetoric, you're a fucking ghoul. It doesn't matter how calmly and cerebrally you phrase it. You're a piece of shit.
19 Mar, 03:58 PM UTC
Léo Grasset
Un Haka en hommage aux victimes de Christchurch. Ouf.
19 Mar, 03:43 PM UTC
Danyal Gilani
Standing with Muslims! 🇳🇿 After the Christchurch terror attack, local people in New Zealand gather at a mosque to learn more about Islam, and witness dozens of worshippers offer prayers. #NewZealand #ChristchurchTerrorAttack Danyal Gilani's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 03:51 PM UTC
These are the stories of some of the 50 people who lost their lives in the Christchurch mosque attack NowThis's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 05:23 PM UTC
Khaled Beydoun
Heartbreaking tears from a new widow - This is the Hanan, the wife of Amjad Hamid, 57, who was killed inside the #Christchurch mosque on Friday. Khaled Beydoun's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 04:28 PM UTC
Islam Is Freedom
My heart 😭 Students gather in respect of The Azaan (Muslim call to prayer) at Canterbury Christchurch University standing in solidarity with the Muslim community in New Zealand. Retweet ❤️ Islam Is Freedom's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 07:33 AM UTC
The Royal Family Channel
Prince Harry and Meghan made an unannounced visit to the New Zealand High Commission in central London on Tuesday to pay their respects to the victims of the attack on two mosques in Christchurch. The Royal Family Channel's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 04:56 PM UTC
‘You are us…so we feel deeply in our hearts what has happened to you.' — New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wore a hijab while joining the survivors of the Christchurch terror attack, to send a message of unity in grief NowThis's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 05:53 PM UTC
Depuis l'attentat de Christchurch, en Nouvelle-Zélande, l'attitude de la Première ministre Jacinda Ardern est largement saluée. 🙌 Et ce n'est pas la première fois qu'elle suscite l'admiration ⬇ #Quotidien Quotidien's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 05:52 PM UTC
TRT World
Pakistan will recognise a Christchurch victim's courage with a national award TRT World's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 02:45 AM UTC
John Schindler
Be aware that the same temptation is now at work after Christchurch. Just as 9/11 gave cover for all the Islamophobes to act out, the NZ attack gives cover to those who hate everybody Right of Hillary Clinton to go on their own jihad. This is very unwise for several reasons. /6
19 Mar, 03:35 PM UTC
5 ways world leaders can learn from New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern
19 Mar, 04:06 PM UTC
One of the things that we should have learned over the last few days, the hard way, from the Christchurch massacre, is this: we need take online hate seriously. Lethally seriously. Because it has real consequences.
19 Mar, 07:37 AM UTC
What BS this @nowtoronto article is This attack on @AndrewScheer is made baseless by the fact Scheer's tweet was almost identical to Julie Payette's & Ralph Goodale's yet the charge of Islamophobia is only leveled on him Garbage, divisive "journalism"
19 Mar, 04:09 PM UTC
चौकीदारो के boss
@AaliyaAkhter The first day after the Christchurch attack in New Zealand, parliment's session was started with Tilawat e Quran e Pak Historic moment in New Zealand's parliament #ChristchurchTerrorAttack #ChristchurchMosqueAttack #Christchurch #NewZealandShooting चौकीदारो के boss's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 05:11 PM UTC
Peter Sellei
Det tog inte lång tid innan sociala medier fylldes på med konspirationsteorier om att Mossad genomförde Christchurch-dådet:
19 Mar, 03:40 PM UTC
Rokhaya Diallo
The #Christchurch terrorist is from the far right, but the ideology he stands for has been spread by the mainstream media and intellectuals, exported from France to a country that has one of the lowest murder rates. My piece for the ⁦@washingtonpost
19 Mar, 05:59 PM UTC
Gemma Garcia
No puc estar més d'acord amb @montsanto, com gairebé sempre. "Els racistes no neixen, es fan. Els fan. Els fem. I hem d'anar sempre als orígens" Arran de Canet, Castelldefels, Christchurch... Gemma Garcia's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 05:31 PM UTC
Prof Lynda Johnston
Christchurch shootings: The doctrine of white superiority is alive and well in NZ
19 Mar, 03:17 AM UTC
19 Mar, 05:45 PM UTC
Say NO! to WAR!!!
@cynthiamckinney Censoring the #Christchurch mosque massacre serves at least 2 purposes: 1) prevents any continued sympathy for Muslims. 2) prevents the realization (after watching the video) that without guns, we are at the total mercy of our own governments or any other thug killers.
19 Mar, 11:07 AM UTC
🥭🌸curly love dream🌸🥭
here are some ways to help out the christchurch victims
19 Mar, 05:41 PM UTC
OPA Grendel
Maar Wilders en Baudet Christchurch in de schoenen schuiven is natuurlijk prima.... #Misselijkmakende mensen op die kast....
19 Mar, 05:57 PM UTC
Parallax Optics
"In the Christchurch terrorist’s manifesto, the Norwegian mass murderer, Anders Behring Breivik, is named as the killer’s only true source of inspiration." This seems grossly unfair on @RealCandaceO
19 Mar, 06:01 PM UTC
📹 Youtube search is still broken – and turns out it’s deliberate, a responseto the ChristChurch...
19 Mar, 06:01 PM UTC
Wilson N. Churchill
@Channel4News Perhaps they should condemn the Mossad, which has been operating in Christchurch for years, instead of vilifying and disarming their own constituents. They are supposed to represent the people, not a foreign nation. Evil.
19 Mar, 06:01 PM UTC
JCP in Bournemouth
Retail Sales Consultant, Part Time @TravelexUK #Hurn #Airport Info/Apply #BournemouthJobs JCP in Bournemouth's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 06:01 PM UTC
Shooter wanted notoriety. But it's New Zealand's leader who has gained recognition. #JacindaArdern
19 Mar, 06:01 PM UTC
Tattoo for Christchurch. Kia Kaha #loveisstrongerthanhate Katie's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 06:01 PM UTC
Can someone link me page for Christchurch donations
19 Mar, 06:01 PM UTC
Awin Khalid
I know that @lorde is off from social media. But I really hope she speak up on the recent Christchurch terrorist attack.. she can be our voice. She can help highlighting this issue to other celebrities in USA and Europe too.. @sonjayelich1 hoping to hear from her
19 Mar, 06:01 PM UTC
Birikim Dergisi
Karen Fletcher: "Yeni Zelanda’da son kitle katliamı 1997’de meydana gelmişti. Geçen hafta Christchurch’de Cuma namazında iki camide düzenlenen ve elli kişinin ölümüne neden olan katliam, o tarihten bu yana meydana gelen ilk olay. "
19 Mar, 06:01 PM UTC
Abdul Haleem
The drawing represents the exact number of Muslims that died in the terrorist attack #Christchurch #NewZealand
19 Mar, 06:01 PM UTC
Daniel Z. Klein
And of COURSE Kiwifarms would pop up in the Christchurch shooting story.
19 Mar, 06:01 PM UTC
FROM THE HOUSE: Prime Minister's Statement on #Christchurch mosques terror attack
19 Mar, 06:01 PM UTC
The East Carolinian
OPINION: #Eggboy vowing to donate majority of GoFundMe donations toward the victims’ families in Christchurch make him a true hero.
19 Mar, 06:01 PM UTC
Fuller Seminary
Matthew Krabill, co-editor of the Evangelical Interfaith Dialogue Journal, reflecting on the recent attack in Christchurch, NZ: Fuller Seminary's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 06:01 PM UTC
Manuela Honsig-Erlenburg - Attentat von Christchurch: Sensationsgier als Problem:
19 Mar, 06:01 PM UTC
Christchurch, Facebook ha rimosso 1,5 milioni di volte il video del massacro #StartupItalia #NextTech @SimoneCosimi StartupItalia's photo on Christchurch
19 Mar, 06:01 PM UTC

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