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Tekinizm ©️
The first victim of the terrorist, 71yo Daoud Nabi, who welcomed his shooter by the words: 'Welcome my brother' #NewZealand #Christchurch #newzealandterroristattack #ChristchurchAttack Tekinizm ©️'s photo on #ChristchurchAttack
15 Mar, 10:12 PM UTC
Kaivan Shroff
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in response to #ChristchurchAttack, “I can tell you one thing right now. Our gun laws will change.” She’s a leader. Meanwhile, shooting after shooting Trump refuses to blame guns & vomits up NRA talking points. Kaivan Shroff's photo on #ChristchurchAttack
15 Mar, 09:33 PM UTC
FOX Sports Football
In a tough week for his country, Kiwi Kosta Barbarouses pays his respects with a classy goal celebration. #ChristchurchAttack FOX Sports Football's photo on #ChristchurchAttack
16 Mar, 09:34 AM UTC
Adv Mian Faisal Naseer
This is the world we live in .. "Did you see it?" #Christchurch #ChristchurchAttack #NewZealandTerroristAttack #NewZealand #ChristchurchAttack #Islamophobia #ChristchurchTerrorAttack #NewZealandShooting Adv Mian Faisal Naseer's photo on #ChristchurchAttack
16 Mar, 03:25 AM UTC
Partisangirl 🇸🇾
Chelsea Clinton did cause #ChristchurchAttack but not because she was islamophobic for calling #IlhanOmar anti-Semitic for pointing out the fact AIPAC controls Congress. But for supporting her mother who used Islamophobia to promote war while also funding alqaeda. #ChelseaClinton Partisangirl 🇸🇾's photo on #ChristchurchAttack
16 Mar, 04:48 AM UTC
Paula White-Cain
I am praying for the 49+ families who tragically lost their loved ones at Christchurch in New Zealand. We grieve with you and stand against this horrific evil act of terrorism and hatred. #NewZealand #ChristchurchAttack
15 Mar, 04:53 PM UTC
As you know, twatter did NOT like what I wrote this morning about John Podesta ties to the #ChristChurchAttack. They blocked it, unlinked it, broke it up, etc. But, here it is...whole...in an unrolled thread. #QAnon #TheChristChurchShooting #DeepState https://t.co/2tydvQ8hjS
16 Mar, 12:41 AM UTC
Fahira Idris DPD RI 29
ISLAM IS NOT THE TERRORIST Senator @fraser_anning, Shame On You ! #NewZealandTerroristAttack #ChristchurchMosque #NewZealandShooting #ChristchurchMosqueAttack #ChristchurchMosqueShooting #Christchurch #NewZealandMosqueShooting #NewZealand #prayforchristchurch #ChristchurchAttack https://t.co/UIcLZAEQYk
16 Mar, 01:18 AM UTC
Henry Belot
Milo Yiannopoulos will not be allowed into Australia. Immigration Minister David Coleman says his comments regarding the #ChristchurchAttack were "appalling and foment hatred and division". @abcnews @politicsabc
16 Mar, 07:54 AM UTC
Pooja Singh 🇮🇳
Suna hai kal AMU ne #ChristchurchAttack par Mombatti March nikla tha . Par Ye Mombattiya tab kahan chali jati hai jab desh me koi attack hota hai. 🤔🤔
16 Mar, 12:48 PM UTC
Aman 🇮🇳
*Muslim guy kills people* People and media: Terrorist! *guy from another religion kills people* People and media: Shooter #ChristchurchAttack
15 Mar, 06:27 PM UTC
49 prayer mats for the 49 victims. Love from Melbourne #ChristchurchAttack #Melbourne #Vigil ZAHRAA's photo on #ChristchurchAttack
16 Mar, 09:09 AM UTC
John Cardillo
Here’s @fraser_anning’s statement on the #ChristchurchAttack Controversial yes, and I don’t agree with every word, but many of his points on immigration are valid and need to be considered in the larger conversation. John Cardillo's photo on #ChristchurchAttack
16 Mar, 01:11 PM UTC
Sushil Pandit🇮🇳.
Hate begets HATE Violence begets VIOLENCE Terror begets TERROR Supermacists beget SUPERMACISTS Jihad begets CRUSADES #ChristchurchAttack QED! And finally, Sophistry begets denial Denial begets DENIAL begets Terminal Stage.
16 Mar, 01:55 PM UTC
Usman Devries
Different standards for the same abominable act of violence. #NewZealandMosqueShooting #NewZealandMosqueAttack #ChristchurchMosqueAttack #ChristchurchAttack We Want Peace 😔🤞😔 Usman Devries's photo on #ChristchurchAttack
15 Mar, 08:52 PM UTC
ATX Patriot
🙌🏼 LEAVE CHELSEA ALONE 🙌🏼 I never thought I’d publicly stand up 4 @ChelseaClinton but - she has nothing to do with #ChristchurchAttack - unite don’t fight! NYU students confront Chelsea Clinton, say she 'stoked' hatred behind New Zealand shootings https://t.co/4f3sOB9Ubr via
16 Mar, 01:54 PM UTC
Nighat Dad
To remember 49 innocents Muslims killed at two mosques in New Zeeland, during a terrorist attack, A vigil is organised at Lahore Press Club at 7pm today. We can’t do much but we can show our solidarity and condemnation against mass killings of Muslims. #ChristchurchAttack
16 Mar, 01:16 PM UTC
.apex. ™
Deep enough???? #ChristchurchAttack .apex. ™'s photo on #ChristchurchAttack
16 Mar, 12:43 AM UTC
NewZealand Prime Minister visits Muslim families of #ChristchurchAttack victims, wearing black dress and a scarf which represents Islamic culture🧕 This is a slap on the face of the far-right extremists and Islamophobes https://t.co/H5KGS4nJZW
16 Mar, 01:19 PM UTC
Abdullah Bozkurt
APPALLING: In an election rally, televised live in dozen TVs today, #Turkey's president #Erdogan broadcasts the gruesome video of #ChristchurchAttack for his supporters in public square, bashes the main opposition party for his remarks on terror problem in Muslim countries. Abdullah Bozkurt's photo on #ChristchurchAttack
16 Mar, 01:36 PM UTC
Dr Marian Dover
I want this beautiful gesture to ring loud across the globe. "YOU ARE MY FRIENDS. I WILL KEEP WATCH WHILE YOU PRAY." #ChristchurchAttack #WorldAganistRacism #49lives #TheyAreUs Dr Marian Dover's photo on #ChristchurchAttack
16 Mar, 07:46 AM UTC
Eren Cervantes-Altamirano
I don't know how else to explain to you that #Muslims, #Immigrants &/or #racialized people do not owe you a demonstration of their "goodness" for you to believe in their humanity. #Christchurch #ChristchurchAttack #Islamophobia
16 Mar, 05:27 AM UTC
Times of India
#ChristchurchAttack It will take time to overcome Christchurch horror, says @TamimOfficial28 ➡️https://t.co/LKPxxNltDl Times of India's photo on #ChristchurchAttack
16 Mar, 01:40 PM UTC
Ohh man 🥚 hope the kid is alright #SenatorFraserAnning #NewZealand #NewZealandShooting #ChristchurchAttack 0ne_tea's photo on #ChristchurchAttack
16 Mar, 09:00 AM UTC
Seema Tanwar
Whether it's a mosque, church or a mandir....the blood that flows in attacks like this is the same, that of our humanity...let's end this hatred and let there be just love...please #ChristchurchAttack #NewZealand #NewZealandMosqueAttacks #न्यूजीलैंड Seema Tanwar's photo on #ChristchurchAttack
16 Mar, 02:51 AM UTC
aisha ali-khan
Why is it when non Muslims are victims of terror attacks, the rest of us Muslims feel unsafe and yet when Muslims are the victims, we also feel unsafe? #ChristchurchAttack #ChristchurchShooting #NewZealandTerrorAttack #Islamaphobia #muslimhate
16 Mar, 12:20 PM UTC
Melissa Barlow
When something terrible happens, I try to counter it with concrete actions. Today I left flowers at my local mosque, donated to them, and sent them a note that the community had their back. Or at least one person in the community does and I’m pretty fierce. #ChristchurchAttack
15 Mar, 05:58 PM UTC
Lama Abdallah
This shouldn’t have happened anywhere. انّا لله و انّا اليه راجعون #NewZealandShooting #ChristchurchAttack #ChristchurchMosqueAttack #Islamophobia #NewZealandTerroristAttack #poetry #loss #poem Lama Abdallah's photo on #ChristchurchAttack
16 Mar, 04:43 AM UTC
Gerbang Mustalah
#ChristchurchAttack Gerbang Mustalah's photo on #ChristchurchAttack
16 Mar, 11:20 AM UTC
Brandon Morse
Hey can we stop pointing to one group/person or another as the entity to blame for the #NewZealandMosqueAttack? The shooter is to blame. Not Trump, not PewDiePie, not guns, etc. Just a dude with a demented look on the world. #ChristchurchAttack
16 Mar, 02:37 PM UTC
Amit Srivastava अमित श्रीवास्तव ॐ 🇮🇳
आतंकवाद का कोई धर्म नहीं होता। मने कह रहें हैं। #ChristchurchAttack
15 Mar, 06:28 PM UTC
According to @RahulGandhi- Pulwama was a cowardly attack Christchurch was an act of terrorism, because of bigotry and hate filled extremism! Has everyone given up on the Hindu votes? India should choose wisely in 2019 elections! #ChristchurchAttack #ChristchurchTerrorAttack https://t.co/QljMojTw9b
16 Mar, 06:10 AM UTC
Awab Alvi
Must hear !!! #ChristchurchAttack https://t.co/zdw0UNMwI5
16 Mar, 02:32 PM UTC
Mam you are real symbol of humanity. respect and love for you. #ChristchurchAttack #StopViolenceAgainstMuslims https://t.co/B1oz0SVXfj https://t.co/y9iekldB5w
16 Mar, 12:27 PM UTC
ترجمان کا کہنا ہے کہ دکھ کی اس گھڑی میں متاثرہ خاندانوں کے غم میں شریک ہیں، میتوں کو پاکستان لانے کیلئے کوشاں ہیں، @kachaudhry1 کی رپورٹ #ChristchurchAttack #NewZealand https://t.co/CPhaEzN1wB SAMAA TV's photo on #ChristchurchAttack
16 Mar, 02:42 PM UTC
Abdul Quddus
#ChristchurchAttack جوان بیٹے کے ساتھ موجود ہنستے مسکراتے یہ محمد عطا العیان کرائسٹ چرچ مسجد النور کے بانی فلسطین سے ہجرت کر کے نیوزی لینڈ پہنچنے والے محمد عطاء نے اپنی مدد آپ کے تحت مسجد کی بنیاد رکھی اسے پایہ تکمیل تک پہنچایا،آباد کیا۔اسی مسجد سے سفر آخرت پر روانہ ہو گئے Abdul Quddus's photo on #ChristchurchAttack
16 Mar, 02:37 PM UTC
Ayyan PeerZada
I was shocked when I saw the video of al Noor Masjid attack. I Cry many time when I see the man and the people in the mosque 🕌. It’s very hard to tell some one what I feel about this. May Allah Bless all people in jannah. And please support there families.#ChristchurchAttack 😭
16 Mar, 07:02 AM UTC
Sean Byrne
Impeccable #silence at the #guinnessSixNations remembering the victims of #ChristchurchAttack yesterday #Rugbyfamily
16 Mar, 02:44 PM UTC
#NewZealandTerrorAttack #ChristchurchAttack Screenshots released by Pro #ISIS invitation only channels contained graffitied weaponry imitating the ones used by #BrentonTarrant at yesterday’s attack in #NewZealand #Copycat effect #GIIWEBINT
16 Mar, 02:27 PM UTC
#NewZealandMosqueAttacks #هجوم_نيوزلندا_الإرهابي #ChristchurchAttack مراهق يكسر بيضه ع رأس النائب المتعصب ضد المسلمين. https://t.co/c3JX6C53Nl
16 Mar, 02:44 PM UTC
- #ChristchurchAttack ⚠️@EpicGames @Ubisoft -the production and sale of your war simulation games must be stopped: this results in violence and certain addiction.The central nervous system of human beings is too much in demand-sports games are more distracting than games of wars-
16 Mar, 02:44 PM UTC
Wiley Perall
What's happening to us? #ChristchurchTERRORISTattack #ChristchurchAttack
16 Mar, 02:43 PM UTC
Damian Crowle
@DavidColemanMP Thoughts and Prayers. You're an idiot. You went against departments advice and suddenly it's "no freedom of speech for you". I suppose he can come back in 1 year. What good are 'prayers' when he's shooting up a church? @AOC https://t.co/KmTxqjLtl8 #auspol #ChristchurchAttack
16 Mar, 02:43 PM UTC
OPEN Rotterdam
Witte rozen worden uitgedeeld tijdens bijeenkomst Schouwburgplein voor slachtoffers aanslagen Christchurch #nieuwzeeland #open010 #rotterdam #rozen #ChristchurchAttack @NidaRotterdam @centrum_rdam @Politie_Rdam @groenlinksrdam @LodewijkA OPEN Rotterdam's photo on #ChristchurchAttack
16 Mar, 02:43 PM UTC
Dobber Skywalker
@___Montasser___ Men buiteld over elkaar heen om framend de schuld door te schuiven aan wie men haat, verwerpelijk. Laten we vooral realiseren dat iedereen voor zijn eigen daden verantwoordelijk is. De terrorist van #ChristchurchAttack maakte zelf een keuze en alleen hij is verantwoordelijk!
16 Mar, 02:43 PM UTC
Jenn Eisenberg
On 15 Mar 2019, an #Australian murdered 49 innocent people in #ChristchurchAttack. On 16 Mar 1968 American soldiers murdered, tortured, raped, and slaughtered > 500 innocent civilians, including babies, children, n elders. But no punishment for the American murderers! #MyLai
16 Mar, 02:42 PM UTC

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