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For the ivy. For Wrigleyville. For #All77 of Chicago’s neighborhoods. These are the @Cubs’ Nike City Connect uniforms.
08 Jun, 03:07 PM UTC
The Cubs' Nike City Connect uniforms were unveiled today. Thoughts? (via @MLB)
08 Jun, 04:54 PM UTC
The @Cubs City Connect uniforms celebrate not only Wrigleyville, but all 77 neighborhoods that make up the great city of Chicago. #All77 @Cut4's photo on City Connect
08 Jun, 03:08 PM UTC
Chicago Cubs
Chicago is a city of neighborhoods, and the @nikediamond Cubs City Connect Series collection is inspired by #All77 of them. #CubTogether ➡️ @Cubs's photo on City Connect
08 Jun, 03:03 PM UTC
Cubs Zone ™️
The Chicago Cubs City Connect uniforms are here. 🔥 #Cubs (📸: @Cubs) @CubsZone's media on City Connect">@CubsZone's media on City Connect">@CubsZone's media on City Connect">@CubsZone's media on City Connect">
08 Jun, 02:11 PM UTC
The Athletic
The @Cubs unveil their new City Connect jerseys 👀 Welcome to Wrigleyville. 📷 @Cubs/@nikediamond
08 Jun, 02:28 PM UTC
FOX Sports: MLB
Which Nike City Connect uniform is your favorite? (via @nikediamond)
08 Jun, 04:12 PM UTC
Marquee Sports Network
Cubs release City Connect Series collection
08 Jun, 02:50 PM UTC
FOX Sports: MLB
Thoughts on the @cubs Nike City Connect uniforms? (via @mlb & @nikediamond) @MLBONFOX's media on City Connect">@MLBONFOX's media on City Connect">@MLBONFOX's media on City Connect">@MLBONFOX's media on City Connect">
08 Jun, 04:00 PM UTC
B/R Walk-Off
Who has the best Nike City Connect uni so far? 🤔 (via @nikediamond)
08 Jun, 02:37 PM UTC
Barstool Chicago
Thoughts on the Cubs city connect hat? @barstoolchicago's photo on City Connect
08 Jun, 02:54 PM UTC
Darren Rovell
Cubs unveil City Connect Jersey. @darrenrovell's photo on City Connect
08 Jun, 03:16 PM UTC
Chris Emma
The Cubs' "City Connect" Nike uniforms are here.
08 Jun, 02:04 PM UTC
The @Angels city connect jerseys, if they were designed by Gwen Stefani. #WeBelieve
08 Jun, 04:15 PM UTC
Bat Flips and Nerds
Great job from Nike on the @cubs City Connect threads 🔥🔥
08 Jun, 05:57 PM UTC
joon 이준엽
A look at all of the City Connect uniforms unveiled by MLB and Nike so far this season for the Red Sox, Marlins, White Sox and Cubs Still left on the calendar: Diamondbacks - June 18 Giants - July 9 Dodgers - August
08 Jun, 02:43 PM UTC
Austin F
#Cubs fans: “Love the #WhiteSox city connect uniforms. They’re really cool” #WhiteSox fans: “FUCK THE CUBS!! WHAT SHITTY JERSEYS THIS FRANCHISE SUCKS”
08 Jun, 05:59 PM UTC
Mark Potash
This is the AP lede of City Connect uniforms. It is inspired more by profit than Chicago’s 77 neighborhoods — none of which is called “Wrigleyville,” by the way.
08 Jun, 03:35 PM UTC
Danny Parkins
Very cool video and concept behind the Cubs city connect jerseys and design. The Sox jerseys set an impossible bar in terms of looks but the story behind this is well done. @DannyParkins's photo on City Connect
08 Jun, 03:59 PM UTC
Ben Porter
Cubs were probably so excited for their city connect jerseys after seeing Miami’s and the White Sox, and then they got HOSED with these microsoft wordart pieces
08 Jun, 06:29 PM UTC
city connect jerseys 1. White Sox 2. Marlins 3. Cubs 4. Red Sox city connect hats 1. Marlins 2. Cubs 3. White Sox 4. Red Sox
08 Jun, 06:38 PM UTC
Matt Muse
Slid up North to co-write & perform this piece with @laurenlikepolo for the @Cubs x @Nike City Connect jersey debut. Very geeked to have been able to contribute our pens, voices, & love for Chicago to this.
08 Jun, 05:16 PM UTC
headless clone of agnew
@thebennettk Cubs fans are just mad their City Connect jerseys didn't sell out in 2 hours.
08 Jun, 06:43 PM UTC
Caroline Ramirez
Hot take: The City Connect jerseys are not as bad as everyone on Cubs twitter thinks. Also, they are wearing them for ONE GAME.
08 Jun, 06:30 PM UTC
@PodGuyFuges I am the White Sox fan who doesn't hate the Cubs at all and root for them as long as they aren't playing each other (I love the NL Central rilvaries) That said I fkn love the Sox City Connect jerseys
08 Jun, 06:37 PM UTC
jon greenberg
I added some more quotes and some of my thoughts at the end of this "Dollars and sense" column:
08 Jun, 06:35 PM UTC
Adam Abdalla
💧COP THE NEW DRIP💧 @WaddleandSilvy & @TWaddle87 are giving away a Southside City Connect Jersey today between 2 and 6pm! It’s a beautiful week to head out to the park and see the Sox take on the Blue Jays! Hit up for tickets!
08 Jun, 06:45 PM UTC
Cody Taylor
No lie these City Connect MLB jerseys have been great
08 Jun, 06:44 PM UTC
I like everything about the Cubs city connect uniform except for the Wrigleyville part
08 Jun, 06:44 PM UTC
Jonathon Binet
I'm sorry, but these City Connect uniforms have been awful, save for maybe Miami's. Who wants dark-pants slow pitch softball uniforms in MLB?
08 Jun, 06:38 PM UTC