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Amazing teamwork by CJ Ham to fumble the kickoff so that Cousins dosent have the opportunity to choke it away with a interception. Playing for each other
03 Dec, 04:28 AM UTC
The Checkdown
CJ Ham took the hit and then took off 😤😤 @cjham28 @thecheckdown's photo on CJ Ham
03 Dec, 01:26 AM UTC
SKOL Vikes
RT to get CJ Ham to the Pro Bowl #ProBowlVote @cjham28
03 Dec, 01:24 AM UTC
Courtney Cronin
Vikings effortlessly slash down the field on their first drive, highlighted by short passes to Dalvin Cook/CJ Ham, heavy tight end usage and a 27-yard run to Stefon Diggs to set Cook up for a 2-yard TD run. Minnesota up 7-0.
03 Dec, 01:28 AM UTC
Arif Hasan, nondenominational holiday supporter ⛄
Through the first quarter, the player with the most yards -- for either team -- is CJ Ham with 36
03 Dec, 01:46 AM UTC
Courtney Cronin
CJ Ham fumbles. The game is over. Vikings will lose 37-30.
03 Dec, 04:27 AM UTC
Lee Harvey
Travis Homer : 1 carry for 29 yards & recovered CJ Ham's fumble with 14 seconds left https://t.co/vAtk4YFL8N
03 Dec, 05:12 AM UTC
Brian Struss
@Chris_Hawkey you have jinx cj ham by calling him mvp!
03 Dec, 04:29 AM UTC
Three 38 times. How many times did he make an incisive throw? A throw to a spot the defense didn’t want him to throw to. These stats were bloated by a blown coverage long TD, CJ Ham’s big play and screens. Biggest plays were missing Diggs and missing fourth down. https://t.co/opiAeeHyV9
03 Dec, 05:24 AM UTC
@elijahjm97 @AirTaylor31 You can thank CJ ham for that
03 Dec, 04:49 AM UTC
Warren Ludford
Immediate reaction: #Vikings goats: Xavier Rhodes Stefon Diggs CJ Ham #MINvsSEA
03 Dec, 04:38 AM UTC
Scott Springer
Vote CJ Ham for the pro bowl!😑 https://t.co/Eq0NdHqb0d
03 Dec, 04:35 AM UTC
Taylor Garcia
@Jon_NMG @elijahjm97 😂😂😂 CJ Ham I’m fucking weak
03 Dec, 04:50 AM UTC
@SanderAbrams202 @Vikings Cj ham fumbled the ball with 20 seconds left. Kirk cousins had the game in his hands, with a game winning drive with 2 minutes left and just straight up blew it. It’s not a coincidence that he’s 0-8 on mnf w
03 Dec, 04:56 AM UTC
@StuTheGuru4 That’s cool as shit. My dad loves CJ Ham (Vikes FB) cause he went to the same college as him, Augustana in Minnesota
03 Dec, 04:51 AM UTC
CJ Ham vacilão d+. Tava jogando moh bem Cousins fez uma partida bem sólida. Foda os 500 drop
03 Dec, 04:44 AM UTC
Kaptin BlackBeard
Kirk Cousins played good and I'm not mad at him. But Rhodes and That CJ Ham come the hell on. CJ Ham just fall down and let Kirk try and win. Why did he think he could get yards..... Goodnight
03 Dec, 04:38 AM UTC
@getafriendloser @ninfan077 @Vikings Hey football genius.... ours were both in the red zone. Also we had 3 TOs! CJ Ham turned it over on return at the end. You don’t know shit, that is obvious and I’m done with you.
03 Dec, 05:18 AM UTC
Ryan Gass
My fantasy football season was just ended by a fumble by CJ Ham on a squib kick kickoff return with 20 seconds remaining in the game. I was in the fantasy playoffs if the clock ran out without a turnover or sack. I guess I can golf on Sunday’s again now. Oh wait 🥶 ❄️ ⛄️
03 Dec, 05:04 AM UTC
Riley Osborne-Hudson
@LukeBraunNFL I'd rather a Checkdown to CJ Ham than this
03 Dec, 04:58 AM UTC
lucas pipenhagen
@ThatsALottaGs You want them to cut cj ham?
03 Dec, 04:54 AM UTC
lucas pipenhagen
@BMileskiKFAN Obviously it's on cj ham
03 Dec, 04:52 AM UTC
CJ Ham should have just taken a knee
03 Dec, 04:44 AM UTC
Talk about a bad beat, in my main league we just had a guy drop from first place to third and lose his first round bye because of that CJ Ham fumbled kickoff return with 10 seconds left on Monday night football. That’s a rough one.
03 Dec, 04:44 AM UTC
Brett Summerville
I sure hope nobody is on CJ Ham for the fumble
03 Dec, 04:39 AM UTC
I won in fantasy because of that cj ham fumble because russel Wilson got negative 2 rushing yards for it. So I guess tonight wasn’t the worst night in the world
03 Dec, 04:37 AM UTC
Kaptin BlackBeard
@Vikings Fucking CJ Ham he had one job... Why didn't he just fall down and save time. Maybe I'm the dumb one who would of just saved time... Why!!! Ahhh
03 Dec, 04:34 AM UTC
Nathan Miller
@neg_dave How about you watch the game cj ham fumbled at the end I’m sure that was cousins fault. Go take ur Cheeto dust finger and lazy shitty takes elsewhere
03 Dec, 04:33 AM UTC
James Svacil (Miller)
@Vikings Kirk was damn good. Dalvin is most to blame. Not too bummed about this loss, because Seattle was the better team tonight and we were playing in the hardest field to play. We’re still gonna win the division and get better. Also, cut CJ Ham immediately.
03 Dec, 04:33 AM UTC

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