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Rob Markman 💭
Hey ima die on this hill, “Clap Back” was a hard record. Just dropped waaaaay too late to matter much
15 Sep, 03:00 AM UTC
Wayne Dupree Media, LLC
"The best part about this is that Mitch and Kevin can't clap back at Marjorie, because if they do, they'll be shredded and destroyed by ALL OF US..." - Sophie O'Hara
14 Sep, 06:15 PM UTC
America Is Musty
Go ahead and lie on the internet and say you were banging that weak ass "we gon clap back we gon clap back" Ja Rule track then I dare you 😭
15 Sep, 03:14 AM UTC
One good way to clap back at people's stupidity is silence. People hate being irrelevant.
14 Sep, 10:05 AM UTC
Aaron Wudrick 🇨🇦
Why would he be? Wouldn't MOST people clap back hard at someone who was utterly vulgar towards their spouse in public?
14 Sep, 06:27 PM UTC
50 Cent everytime he heard Clap Back in 03/04 #VERZUZ
15 Sep, 03:02 AM UTC
Duan ♌️
Cardi B made it popular for women in rap to clap back to everyone on social media 😎
15 Sep, 04:09 AM UTC
Clap Back is Will Smith type music
15 Sep, 03:01 AM UTC
ᴠᴇɴᴜs ミ☆
@NICKIMINAJ Anytime these people try and play you like someone who can be bullied, clap back every time. Let them learn the hard way, queen.
15 Sep, 04:34 AM UTC
Bless ✨
“Are you a prostitute?”…sex work as a clap back but akere you meant absolutely no malice wena.
15 Sep, 05:41 AM UTC
Clap Back. The 50 Cent vs Ja Rule beef. You had to be there. 😭 #Verzuz #VerzuzTV #VerzuzBattle
15 Sep, 03:12 AM UTC
MsHoney420 🐝
I need to make this known for newcomers do NOT be disrespectful and say some sly shit to me on the side and not expect me to clap back! I’m not single! Stop assuming every gamer girl is!! Have some respect & just game with us!!! It’s HELLA annoying!!!
15 Sep, 04:53 AM UTC
marketing bae
50 cent is getting his clap back posts for tomorrow ready as we speak. #VERZUZ
15 Sep, 03:36 AM UTC
Def Pen
Clap back, we gon' clap back We gon' clap back, we gon' clap back #VERZUZ
15 Sep, 03:01 AM UTC
Doc Coyle
Now I wait for the obligatory “complaining about complainers is still complaining” clap back. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but you still ain’t right.
15 Sep, 04:52 AM UTC
Sujata D
If someone tries to pull you down or talks bad about you for no reason, don't be quick to clap back. It's because they see something in you that they don't see in themselves. Remember confidence is silence and insecurity is loud. ✨❣️✨❣️✨❣️✨❣️✨❣️
15 Sep, 04:45 AM UTC
Clap Back wasn’t fire to me
15 Sep, 03:00 AM UTC
@taehyungmusee @gokieman @jchupxrfxction @levicut_ @byeimseokjout @thshadybtsfact "whole fandom" babe where? you guys got hit twt with 51k likes saying sht about us but once we clap back suddenly it's wrong.
15 Sep, 04:30 AM UTC
Bolgatanga Central lawmaker Isaac Adongo has descended on Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia following his clap back at former President John Mahama on his ‘do or die’ comment. In a statement, the lawmaker said the Vice President is losing relevance in Ghana’s politics.
14 Sep, 02:21 PM UTC
How did Anupamaa clap back at Vanraj and Kavya? Click to read #Tellychakkar #Anupamaa @StarPlus
15 Sep, 04:28 AM UTC
@WaveyTimz277 Yhhh, especially clap back... I was like naa they're trippin 🤣
15 Sep, 03:51 AM UTC
@blinkrosenator1 Wow so being racist, misgendering is a clap back scream as much as u want lisa is the most popular, most relevant and most successful member keep crying ☻
15 Sep, 03:44 AM UTC
At night is where I come up with the stupidest clap back. ie: lose some pounds before I put you in a pound bitch. How you try to dis me and miss me.
15 Sep, 05:24 AM UTC
badass triangle
@Honk_B_Clowne @HengusM or did u INTENTIONALLY not clap back perphaps
15 Sep, 04:38 AM UTC
badass triangle
@Honk_B_Clowne @HengusM welp they didnt clap back u gotta kiss em now got em
15 Sep, 04:38 AM UTC
bonky kong cunty
@Yourstrulybunli @quama12 @FrickP4rk @vneck_ I wait “I don’t remember asking you” is funny bc like…. That’s not how platforms like this work. By making a comment you are inviting people to clap back haha.
15 Sep, 04:21 AM UTC
t ♡
@alysphophyllite yeah i was gonna clap back but figured it wasn’t worth it LOL
15 Sep, 04:12 AM UTC