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THREAD on @ninaturner loss: Unlike the phony leftist tweeters celebrating Turner's loss, I was on-the-ground in Cleveland-Akron & spoke w/ campaign folks & witnessed w/ my own eyes. She didn't lose bc "she ran as a Democrat" (would have lost by 50 if she ran as Green Party)...
04 Aug, 02:30 PM UTC
Cleveland Indians
The 2022 Cleveland Guardians schedule ... @Indians's photo on Cleveland
04 Aug, 05:19 PM UTC
디어 💌
This fan got the basketball player, Larry Nance Jr. from the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers (a team Juyeon personally likes) to send Juyeon a supportive message for The Boyz’s comeback :’) ♥️ He also invited Juyeon to come see them play in Cleveland sometime~ #더보이즈 @WE_THE_BOYZ
05 Aug, 02:44 AM UTC
yvette nicole brown
If y’all just watched @ShontelMBrown on #MorningJoe you get it now. She puts people first & is not about ego. She’s just a real #Cleveland homegirl who wants to make things better for our hometown and the nation! And she’s kind! Imagine that! You chose well #OH11.
04 Aug, 11:04 AM UTC
Toronto Blue Jays
BALLGAME 🔥 FINAL: #BlueJays 8, Cleveland 6 @BlueJays's photo on Cleveland
05 Aug, 02:23 AM UTC
【デイリー新潮報道】伊藤美誠への"妨害"ライト、点けていたのは『スッキリ!』取材班か 韓国の田志希と対戦したシングルス準々決勝で、審判に取材のライトが眩しいと訴えていた。日テレ側は「日本テレビの取材班だったことは事実で、指摘を受けて対応した」と答えたという。
05 Aug, 03:53 AM UTC
Gabe Wasylko
The Tallest Buildings in Cleveland, OH
05 Aug, 12:44 AM UTC
Let's break down #OH11. I have broken down the white and black race splits by town/ward. Nina Turner's strength was primarily found among whites in the city of Cleveland, particularly in the west towards Lakewood and Rocky River. Shontel Brown dominated in the eastern suburbs.
05 Aug, 01:33 AM UTC
Tommy Hicks
Lots of smiles all around at the opening of the RNC’s Black American community center in Cleveland! Our party looks more like America than ever before, and we’re working hard to keep growing!
04 Aug, 09:58 PM UTC
Hen Mazzig
Before any Nina Turner supporters come into my mentions with antisemitic conspiracy theories - Turner raised $4.5M. Her opponent raised just over $2M. Maybe if Turner didn’t insinuate Jewish donors had “dark money” she would have had more votes.
04 Aug, 03:45 PM UTC
Coast To Coast Brasil🏀🇧🇷
Pedro Barros vem para Cleveland Cavaliers 2016 NBA finals comeback 🙏🏽
05 Aug, 03:50 AM UTC
Nick Karns
The first moves Andrew Berry made when he came to Cleveland was to fix the offensive line. Thankful to finally have a GM that knows what's important
04 Aug, 02:31 PM UTC
#メンテなのでアズレンプロフィールを無言で貼る _(ˇωˇ」∠)_
05 Aug, 03:07 AM UTC
Peloteros de Colombia 🇨🇴
🚨CUADRANGULAR DE OSCAR MERCADO🚨 Oscar Mercado conectó hoy su segundo cuadrangular de la temporada con los Indios de Cleveland. @Osc_merc conectó 4 imparables en 5 turnos esta noche con dos carreras anotadas 😱. Gran noche para el cartagenero. #OurCLE #PeloterosColombia ⚾🇨🇴
05 Aug, 02:31 AM UTC
Championnat National FFF
OFFICIEL Nolan Roux rejoint @LaBerrichonne !!!
04 Aug, 07:48 PM UTC
05 Aug, 03:39 AM UTC
#メンテなのでアズレンプロフィールを無言で貼る 気づいたら指揮官Lvが110になってたww
05 Aug, 03:34 AM UTC
05 Aug, 03:48 AM UTC
05 Aug, 03:22 AM UTC
The city of Cleveland is reminding Browns fans of the rules of the muni lot ahead of the Orange and Brown scrimmage on Sunday. As always: "No alcohol."
05 Aug, 12:15 AM UTC
05 Aug, 03:39 AM UTC
05 Aug, 03:37 AM UTC
Fred Greetham
ICYMI: Donovan Peoples-Jones Could End Up in the #Browns Third Wide Receiver Role; Updates on Greedy, Delpit, JOK, more via @247sports
04 Aug, 10:36 PM UTC
05 Aug, 03:52 AM UTC
05 Aug, 03:47 AM UTC
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05 Aug, 03:52 AM UTC