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Dr Rebecca Priestley
This is the loudest and fastest protest march I’ve ever been on! Best signs too #climatestrike #climatemarch Dr Rebecca Priestley's photo on #climatemarch
14 Mar, 09:28 PM UTC
Marcelo Mena
https://t.co/HPoPNPTWju que Kiki Challenge ni que nada. Cabr@s, si queremos mejorar nuestro entorno entonces hagamos un challenge que valga la pena #TrashtagChallenge #ClimateMarch.
14 Mar, 07:21 PM UTC
I approve #ClimateMarch #ClimateStrike (image by @henrycooke) Cormy's photo on #climatemarch
14 Mar, 11:20 PM UTC
The Guardian
Global school climate strikes: share your videos and stories https://t.co/uQEqnE6Vi5 #climatemarch #climatestrikeuk #schoolstrike #ukschoolstrike #climatechange #schoolstrike4climate The Guardian's photo on #climatemarch
14 Mar, 05:00 PM UTC
Ellie Royce
The passion, the placards, the puppies! So many people showed up - especially young people. Makes me proud. #coffsharbour #ClimateAction #ClimateMarch #ClimateStrike #kidpower #PeoplePower Ellie Royce's photo on #climatemarch
15 Mar, 01:32 AM UTC
Jenny Farmer
Tomorrow in #jinja #uganda we'll be having a #bikestrike 9am from Jinja Base Camp, then a #climatemarch at 10am meeting at The Deli Jinja, delivering a petition to the town clerk. Watch this space for updates @GretaThunberg #Fridays4Future
14 Mar, 03:20 PM UTC
Charity Edwards
I’m not sure when I’ve seen a bigger protest in Melbourne - and they still keep arriving 💖 //// #climatemarch #climatestrike #climatestrikemelbourne https://t.co/LYAERoQZek Charity Edwards's photo on #climatemarch
15 Mar, 02:56 AM UTC
Paloma Escudero
We better listen to the voices of youth because they are the voices of wisdom .... Bravo for the #climatemarch ! BBC News - 'I am super worried about the environment' https://t.co/v5qKUIaz8e
15 Mar, 01:34 AM UTC
Greenpeace Hong Kong
HK #students are ready for the #ClimateMarch. No more #climate change for their future! #ChooseGoodLife #Fridays4future @AFP @AP @nytimes @CNN @BBCWorld Greenpeace Hong Kong's photo on #climatemarch
15 Mar, 02:53 AM UTC
Max Loomes
Some signs from #climatemarch https://t.co/QVTOqUdbob
15 Mar, 03:22 AM UTC
Where to get a”Class of 2019” T shirt ? They are currently trending in the Melbourne CBD. #climatemarch
15 Mar, 04:39 AM UTC
Claire Fisk
One of my favourites from today. #ClimateStrike #ClimateMarch Claire Fisk's photo on #climatemarch
15 Mar, 03:58 AM UTC
Claire Fisk
What a brillant turn out at #Adelaide #ClimateStrike. It makes me proud to see so many students stepping up and making sure their voice is heard. #schoolstrike4climate #ClimateMarch Claire Fisk's photo on #climatemarch
15 Mar, 03:32 AM UTC
Jill Molan🌈
@AustralisTerry @MaikiSherman @1NewsNZ In Wollongong I believe Sharon Bird and Stephen Jones we’re there at the climate rally, although did not speak (may not have been invited to, I don’t know) #climatemarch #auspol
15 Mar, 04:56 AM UTC
Victor Yong
Those kids marching at the #climatemarch can’t vote at the election but will vote in the next decade
15 Mar, 03:49 AM UTC
Murphy Homes
Best quote from the climate strike in Adelaide today. Lady dressed as the planet walks past. Parent sees this and quickly whips out phone and says to her kid "Hug the planet Susan." #schoolstrike4climate #ClimateStrike #ClimateMarch
15 Mar, 03:32 AM UTC
Señor Goat
Your tax dollars at work. #auspol #ClimateStrike #climatemarch #ReclaimtheFuture https://t.co/DBQBsRY93v
15 Mar, 03:20 AM UTC
Maisie Andrews
Adelaide climate strike today! So inspiring. #climatemarch #Adelaide Maisie Andrews's photo on #climatemarch
15 Mar, 04:56 AM UTC
Jenny Farmer
Today 10am at the #jinja post office/Deli we have our #climatemarch #SchoolStrike4Climate @GretaThunberg
15 Mar, 04:49 AM UTC
Today my Friday was all for supporting the #climatemarch but with news about the #mosqueshooting I’m just shocked.
15 Mar, 04:46 AM UTC
Students not going to School; striking?!? But they don’t get paid?!? Do they also realise, the phones they’ve been using all day are made with coal generated energy in a country contributing to 30% of world emissions vs Australia @ 1.3% 🤔🧐🤨 #climatemarch #schoolstrike4climate
15 Mar, 04:46 AM UTC
Jeanne Yacoubou
tallyho to the #climatemarch shall we? https://t.co/Gej8NeGTOE
15 Mar, 04:10 AM UTC
Sharon Robinson
#schoolstrike4climate #ss4c #climatemarch #ClimateActionNow https://t.co/7XvCRO7XtB
15 Mar, 04:06 AM UTC
mk 🦊
Ironic as their argument against any thing remotely progressive is “Think of the children” 🙄 #climatemarch #carnthekids https://t.co/SzoJdM0LbX
15 Mar, 03:52 AM UTC
Sally Dillon
It’s sweltering out here. Too hot to march? Too hot to be silent!!!! #ClimateChangeStrike #climatemarch #climatestrike @QldGreens @jackietrad @AnnastaciaMP @gracextwo Sally Dillon's photo on #climatemarch
15 Mar, 03:32 AM UTC
While the massacre was happening, a kids #climatemarch took place in #christchurch. This #whitesupremacist neo #nazi literally went straight up GTA, driving like crazy and shooting through his window after his horrible acts at the #mosque.
15 Mar, 03:21 AM UTC
Annabel Smith
#climatemarch Annabel Smith's photo on #climatemarch
15 Mar, 03:18 AM UTC
Now Science Radio
Students of Hobart. We salute you! What an amazing scene at parliament square as students as far as you could see marched for #ClimateActionNow #climatemarch @nchapmanTAS https://t.co/B5S03CEd7B
15 Mar, 03:05 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from Australia.

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