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Mike Vorkapich
@SpartanEarned1 As an alum when I first saw you in action I wondered “where was this guy the last 4 years (while playing for Coach Perles)? I felt robbed as a player not having been trained by you. But in the end I was lucky to have 24 years working side by side with you. Thanks, Coach Mannie!
13 Feb, 01:16 PM UTC
Marcus Rush
Coach Mannie congrats on your retirement! The true definition of a BAD ASS! However, most players will disagree that you were a small part of our had a HUGE impact on all of us. Thank you for being a mentor and molding young teenagers into full grown SPARTAN DAWGS!
13 Feb, 01:26 PM UTC
Bucci Mane
A legendary strength coach retires. I’m from the generation of REALLY hard coaching. No complaining/get on with it/dig deep. I like that world. I love Coach Mannie. The athlete has reverence for those that mold/push/inspire with underlying love..THAT’S why it’s always “Coach.” 💪🏻
13 Feb, 11:31 AM UTC
Brian Lewerke
Love ya Coach Mannie 😢 enjoy your family and time off!!
13 Feb, 03:23 PM UTC
Joe Bachie
Coach Mannie, thank you! @SpartanEarned1 enjoy retirement and hope to see you at pro day!
13 Feb, 02:49 PM UTC
Rico Beard
@SpartanEarned1 Enjoy your next chapter Coach Mannie!
13 Feb, 01:25 PM UTC
Rj Shelton
Thank you Coach Mannie for everything you done for me and the university. Your impact changed so many life’s including mine. Enjoy your second life. Love ya! #SpartanDawg4L
13 Feb, 02:36 PM UTC
Mark Dell
My favorite coach EVER!!! Like fr EVERRRR!! Coach Mannie the only coach I cant walk thru the football building and not speak to.
13 Feb, 10:31 AM UTC
Blair Wagner
A Legend in our field. I always looked at Coach Mannie as the standard in the profession. He did it the right way - family, people / relationships 1st, only wants your best, respected everyone. Retiring as a strength coach? It’s not a myth after all. 🙏🏼
13 Feb, 11:32 AM UTC
Casey Akenberger
Thank you for everything you’ve done Coach Mannie! It’s been an honor to be apart of your staff and learn from one of the greatest strength coaches & leaders of all time. Congratulations, now go enjoy some family time because you deserve it!
13 Feb, 12:10 PM UTC
Marshall Repp
@SpartanEarned1 One of the best in the business!! Words cannot express how thankful I am for you Coach Mannie. Thank you for teaching and guiding me the last few years. It has been an honor working for your program! Enjoy the well deserved retirement.
13 Feb, 01:28 PM UTC
PEAK Performance
Congratulations Coach Mannie on a career where you certainly stayed strong and “made an impact” on the lives of so many. I’ll forever be grateful for 25 years of visits to East Lansing to learn from the best. Iron Sharpens Iron. @SpartanEarned1
13 Feb, 11:15 AM UTC
Lucas Mayo
Getting to work for Coach Mannie during his last year has been an absolute honor! He is the consummate professional in our industry and has taught me more than I could have ever thought about coaching and being a man of tremendous passion. Thank you for everything Coach🙌🏽
13 Feb, 01:33 PM UTC
Spartan Momma 12
You already know our love for you + Marianne. You will forever be family. THANK YOU is never enough for a man like you Coach Mannie. You put a foot in my son’s ass to push him to excellence + loved him even harder. YOU ARE SPECIAL. LEGENDARY. ✨Proverbs 27:17✨@SpartanEarned1
13 Feb, 02:46 PM UTC
Jim Kielbaso
@SpartanEarned1 You’re the best, Coach Mannie. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, MSU, and the entire profession.
13 Feb, 01:02 PM UTC
j.reed13 💂🏾
You will be missed Coach Mannie! Pleasure having you as a coach and mentor. 😭
13 Feb, 10:40 AM UTC
Darian Hicks
The person who turned us from boys into MEN. Salute to you Coach Mannie, you DEFINITELY earned the jersey. We appreciate and love you Coach🙏🏾 @SpartanEarned1
13 Feb, 12:41 PM UTC
Dan Hackenbracht
@SpartanEarned1 Thank you Coach for what you gave to all of us, I still remember the speech you gave when you first were introduced to the team and it was perfect Coach Mannie!
13 Feb, 10:57 AM UTC
Shane Jones
Coach Mannie, through the ups and the downs you were right there! Thank you for everything you taught us. Enjoy retirement!
13 Feb, 03:02 PM UTC
Jason Strayhorn
@SpartanEarned1 Congratulations Coach Mannie! I remember our first team meeting...WOW! Your tenacity and body of work on countless invisible mornings was unmatchable! Your impact in our lives is enormous! Enjoy the grandchildren and spending time with family. Your daily presence will be missed..
13 Feb, 01:51 PM UTC
Paul Morisette
Going to miss coach popping in our office and hyping us up. One of the best guys you will ever meet and he left a strong legacy behind. Thank you coach Mannie. Enjoy retirement!
13 Feb, 01:23 PM UTC
Darl Bauer
@SpartanEarned1 Highest levels of gratitude for what Coach Mannie has done for this profession. The pride and respect that he has brought his institution will echo for decades. “Put your name on it!”
13 Feb, 12:43 PM UTC
Luc Mullinder
@SpartanEarned1 Coach. I live & breathe with your influences at the foundation of everything I do. Thank you for forcing me to grow up, become somebody, and providing that Tough LOVE that every one of us in the program needed. Congratulations to you and your family. Love you Coach Mannie✊🏽
13 Feb, 03:13 PM UTC
Trevor Upchurch
Godspeed Coach Mannie and enjoy your retirement!
13 Feb, 02:44 PM UTC
DC Spartans
A Spartan Legend is retiring. We'll miss you, Coach Mannie!
13 Feb, 02:06 PM UTC
Ryan Cole
I went to a student engagement event in the spring of 2015, and Coach Mannie led a good portion of it. I’ve said it ever since getting to experience his fire that day: I’d run through 10 brick walls for that man. His motivation skills are unmatched. Just an incredible Spartan.
13 Feb, 01:16 PM UTC
Steven D. Japinga
Damn. Coach Mannie @SpartanEarned1 is first class and a true Spartan! My Dad loved this guy!!! Please keep tweeting Coach - appreciate you. 👍 #GoGreen #SpartansWill
13 Feb, 12:25 PM UTC
Mandee Moore
All this to say, a tremendous thank you to Coach Mannie- for all you’ve done for not only the Michigan State Football program, but also all of us fans. You are a beacon of light and will forever be my favorite S&C Coach. Cheers to your retirement and lots of family time! 💚
13 Feb, 03:35 PM UTC
Mandee Moore
Everyone knows @crazymsulady and I can be a bit over-the-top at times (ha 🤷🏼‍♀️)- but every time, without fail, Coach Mannie has stopped to talk to us and been so gracious, even when we were “geeking out.” 😊
13 Feb, 03:33 PM UTC