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Mike Sando
Coach Sanders the next time he’s called Deion @SandoNFL's photo on Coach Sanders
20 Jul, 11:42 PM UTC
Jared Dudley
Is it wrong that he wants to be called coach or Mr.Sanders or even coach Sanders?? Even if he’s wrong about the whole first name calling of Nick Saban
20 Jul, 11:51 PM UTC
Darius Butler
I mean to be fair. Unc told yall a long time ago. 😂😂😂 Stop playing w/ Coach Prime/Coach Sanders/Coach Deion!!!
21 Jul, 02:19 AM UTC
Good on Coach Sanders for respectfully teaching this guy a lesson @DeionSanders
21 Jul, 04:05 AM UTC
NC State 2021 CWS Champs
@Will_Richey93 @barstoolsports @DeionSanders @21standprime Reporters should respect all coaches and vice versa. Call him Coach Sanders or Coach Prime, whatever. But if you call him Deion and he tells you not to do so, don’t double down on it, that is self inflicted damage and asshole behavior.
21 Jul, 05:22 AM UTC
LaMar Gafford
Portis was highstepping like his name was Deion...I mean, Coach Sanders from Jackson State. #NBAFinals
21 Jul, 03:15 AM UTC
⚜️The B-U-N™ ⚜️
@ski_824 i don’t think coach prime or coach sanders is bad … especially after he told him don’t call him by his first name
21 Jul, 01:27 PM UTC
Charles Hallman
@SharonShyBrown I was on the call, asked 1st question. It was disrespectful. Coach Sanders or any coach I always address by their title unless we have a relationship. But always Coach in press conferences especially he or she's Black. The White reporter showed his White privilege in full color
20 Jul, 11:29 PM UTC
Armsteeld Rocks
@BLITZMagPrez @geneclemons Reporter addressed him as Deion. Coach Sanders said don't call me that. Address me as Coach Prime Reporter laughs and called him Deion again. Coach Prime walks away. Ole boy was disrespectful yet people wanna complain about Coach Prime. MF's always change the narrative lol
21 Jul, 11:53 AM UTC
@holebeater11 @barstoolsports @DeionSanders @21standprime Wrong. As a former sports journalist, I would never call a Coach by their first name. Just like if I were to ever interview the President, I wouldn't call him Joe. I would call him Mr. President. Titles matter that's why we have them. Coach Sanders was right to leave.
21 Jul, 01:24 PM UTC
@jblong @ClintRLamb Not sure the reporter is being hard headed or a duck, but he’s there to give Coach Sanders an interview, not the other way around. Would agree, call him by what he’s asking.
21 Jul, 01:55 PM UTC
Lady Lang
@ChrisPetersBITW @JsonCulverhouse @howwetalking He gave the reporter the opportunity to call him Coach Sanders. The report decided to immediately call him Deion and laughed about it. You must not have watched it.
21 Jul, 01:24 PM UTC
Olujimi - Ochosi
@barstoolsports @DeionSanders @21standprime Coach Sanders asked him NOT to call him Deon - normal people would catch on and make an adjustment. But the reporter wanted to be an ass, and Coach Sanders walked away. So for those of you still missing the point - it’s called respect.
21 Jul, 01:22 PM UTC
@barstoolsports @DeionSanders @21standprime Thank you, Coach Sanders. Inappropriate familiarity has got to go.
21 Jul, 02:10 PM UTC
Scott Rabalais
Commissioner Greg Sankey tells us Saban had a hole in one over the summer. Yet another reason for golfing #LSU fans to despise him. And I think everyone will be comfortable to call him Nick, despite what Coach Sanders says.
21 Jul, 02:06 PM UTC
Eᐯᗩ ᑭEᗩᑕE
@bobbykanada @Corey1911 @jemelehill There is absolutely nothing weird about Coach Sanders request. What’s weird is instant familiarity. Excellent take Corey!
21 Jul, 02:00 PM UTC
Author KN
@ChaseGoodbread That is is his prerogative. Deion maybe his name but it's Coach Sanders to everyone else unless he says differently.
21 Jul, 02:00 PM UTC
Karen Lewis
@DSingh4Biden @Tangela92224164 @jemelehill What lie? He asked to be addressed as coach and the reporter didn't. If u liked to be called out your name then that's you but not Coach Sanders
21 Jul, 01:57 PM UTC
Sgt Martin
@HolderStephen Bruh, leave Coach Sanders alone.
21 Jul, 01:57 PM UTC
Dr. R.S. Butts 🍢F.S.U.🍢
@barstoolsports @DeionSanders @21standprime It’s shameful that the reporter after being told absolutely had no respect and did the same thing and tried to ask a question as if he heard nothing. If Coach Sanders wants to be called coach call him coach, he is a damn coach.
21 Jul, 01:57 PM UTC
Brian Webber
@lantern2745 It doesn't matter if it's "Coach" Sanders or Vince Lombardi. Players use that term for someone they compete for. Reporters simply don't have to
21 Jul, 01:54 PM UTC
Chris Martin
@WimboWisher @AllenRobinson @BrennonChapman @barstoolsports @DeionSanders @21standprime But that’s different than Mr. Coach Sanders telling the guy what he would like to be called.
21 Jul, 01:53 PM UTC
Jonathan Carey
Dieon didnt even say call him coach sanders. This man said coach prime. Bruh only prime i acknowledge is optimus
21 Jul, 01:52 PM UTC
Jeff in Green Bay
@bwwebber Nah, it's a simple matter of respect. He wants to be taken seriously as a coach. While he's at the stadium or appearing in that official capacity, he's Coach Sanders.
21 Jul, 01:49 PM UTC
What’s also crazy about this is people trying to paint Coach Sanders like an angry jerk. He asked for respect lol. Y’all just don’t want to see it.
21 Jul, 01:42 PM UTC
Becoming Brandon
Deion -- excuse me, *Coach Sanders* -- is off to a rollicking start, I see
21 Jul, 01:37 PM UTC
@DylanFMackinnon This is such a cold take, for all the examples you’ve named there are a bunch of examples of people referred to as coach. I.e- Coach K never gets called just Mike 🤔 it comes down to how you want to be addressed, Coach Sanders corrected the douche and they continued saying Deion
21 Jul, 01:36 PM UTC
@mohundro_seth @John88433404 @barstoolsports @DeionSanders @21standprime He asked him not to call him by his first name and call him coach. If the reporter can’t respect that then Coach Sanders isn’t wrong for walking out
21 Jul, 01:30 PM UTC
Jelani Naji
@SInow @DeionSanders Coach Sanders did NOT walk out of media day, he just don't have time to interact with reporters who insist on continuously referring to him by one name rather than referring to him as either Coach Sanders or Coach Prime.
21 Jul, 01:27 PM UTC
Kyle Tucker
@Jon_Pollard Sorry, I just disagree here. Deion wanted to make a big scene. He’s just wrong that everyone addresses coaches that way. It’s actual disrespectful to your fellow adults to ask them to call you Coach Sanders.
21 Jul, 01:16 PM UTC