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Bleacher Report
Wendell Carter Jr. posterized Cody Martin 😨 @BleacherReport's photo on Cody Martin
25 Nov, 12:28 AM UTC
WENDELL CARTER JR. PUTS CODY MARTIN ON A POSTER 😱 @SportsCenter's photo on Cody Martin
25 Nov, 12:37 AM UTC
Thē Çröwń Čłûb
HOT TAKE: I would trade Gordon Hayward before I’d trade Cody Martin
25 Nov, 01:56 AM UTC
Thē Çröwń Čłûb
Y’all, I may buy a Cody Martin jersey. I can’t believe I just said that.
25 Nov, 01:42 AM UTC
James Plowright
Eric Collins just called Cody Martin an “Aggressive ferret”
25 Nov, 02:00 AM UTC
Cody Martin is a big reason why Bouknight hasn't ever seen the floor. Dude worked his ass off and has got his minutes rightfully so. He had Steph struggling
25 Nov, 01:43 AM UTC
It’s time to start a dialogue about Cody Martin being a key part of this organization going forward. He’s improved so much
25 Nov, 01:51 AM UTC
DKM 🏀⚽️
Cody Martin appreciation tweet:
25 Nov, 02:31 AM UTC
'Nata Edwards
25 Nov, 01:42 AM UTC
James Plowright
Cody Martin in for Hayward to finish the game, can’t believe I’m writing that but it’s. No brainer for tonight at least
25 Nov, 01:55 AM UTC
@hornets @NewAmsterdam Cody Martin player of the game!
25 Nov, 02:19 AM UTC
@CrownClubCLT Yes Gordon is the highest paid player on both teams tonight and is the worst on the court. Cody Martin is doing his thing giving the team great energy.
25 Nov, 01:59 AM UTC
Mike Solarte
Early season candidate for NBA most improved is Cody Martin. #AllFly @Sports_Night
25 Nov, 01:47 AM UTC
Basket USA
🤯 #NBA75 | CODY MARTIN !!! Postérizé plus tôt dans la soirée, le joueur des Hornets se venge d’Orlando ! 🎥 via @HornetsOnBally. @basketusa's photo on Cody Martin
25 Nov, 01:57 AM UTC
25 Nov, 01:41 AM UTC
“Second Round Hidden Gem” Cody Martin!
25 Nov, 01:49 AM UTC
Karter Baughan
@King_Hayse5 It’s Cody Martin’s world and we all live in it
25 Nov, 02:19 AM UTC
Brody Galloway
None of you Cody Martin fans were here with me when I was screaming into the void about Caleb taking his minutes
25 Nov, 02:17 AM UTC
Sweet Potato Casserole
What if Cody Martin was Caleb Martin the whole time?!? 🤯
25 Nov, 02:14 AM UTC
The Charlotte Sports Despair
i think cody martin actually just did the "everybody clap your hands"
25 Nov, 02:09 AM UTC
Ben (Cody Martin stan account)
You guys were so wrong about Cody Martin lol
25 Nov, 01:56 AM UTC
cody martin will be recognized the way marcus smart is in the very near future
25 Nov, 01:55 AM UTC
dawson 🛸🕺🏽
Cody Martin is that fucking guy
25 Nov, 01:48 AM UTC
James Plowright
If Charlotte pull this game off @ashahahmadi should speak to Cody Martin for the post game interview.
25 Nov, 01:48 AM UTC
Willie Beamen
@Samiam3187 And Cody Martin has locked those minutes in as well lol
25 Nov, 01:47 AM UTC
SportsEthos Fantasy Basketball
Cody Martin quietly fills stat sheet in 28 minutes off the bench on Wednesday
25 Nov, 02:40 AM UTC
slatt williams
I respect marcus smart & cody martin so much as in NBA players. in college they were ruthless scorers but found out quick in the NBA what their roles would be & turned into high energy/high effort defensive guys
25 Nov, 02:39 AM UTC
#1 Hornets Fan
@hornets @Lowes Add that to the franchises that Cody Martin owns
25 Nov, 02:30 AM UTC
NBA Top Performers
Cody Martin - Charlotte Hornets 8 PTS 5 RBD 6 AST 2 BK 2 STL 1 TO [FD(34) DK(31.25)]
25 Nov, 02:20 AM UTC