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on parle pas assez du fait que nietzsche est l’ancêtre de code de meufs
23 Nov, 10:56 PM UTC
Tristan Snell
Michael Cohen was indicted. Michael Cohen then cooperated and provided evidence against his boss, queuing up a much larger indictment. The process worked. And then they didn’t actually indict the boss. Why not?
24 Nov, 02:39 AM UTC
Michael Cohen
Boo fucking hoo…Don Jr., Ivanka, Eric Trump May Be Indicted For Dad's Crimes: ⁦ says @MichaelCohen212@MichaelCohen212 on Cohen">
24 Nov, 04:46 PM UTC
The Daily Beast
Stephen Colbert drags Eric Trump over Michael Cohen's reveal that he may go to jail: "Help me, dad!"
24 Nov, 05:09 AM UTC
ⓘ Cet utilisateur a besoin d’un doublé de Neymar, ce soir.
24 Nov, 12:44 PM UTC
Just In: According to Michael Cohen, Eric, Ivanka and Don jr could soon be indicted for their father’s financial crimes.
24 Nov, 05:32 PM UTC
Brandon Warne
Steve Cohen: "I would like to speak to the manager." Mets: "You haven't hired one yet."
24 Nov, 02:43 PM UTC
Joel Sherman
1/Just talked to Steve Cohen on the phone. He was angered that the Mets were pursued by Matz and his agent -- not vice versa -- and told the NYM were Matz's first choice, that there was unfinished business with the NYM and he wanted to return.
24 Nov, 02:49 PM UTC
Mark C. Healey
Steve Cohen has sent a message to MLB agents, basically saying, deal with #Mets in good faith and you and your client will be treated well. If not, he's going to call you out. I have zero problem with this approach.
24 Nov, 04:50 PM UTC
"I guess promises don't matter" - Steve Cohen
24 Nov, 03:54 PM UTC
Phill 🥶
Yeah I’d rather Steve Cohen post an agent’s social security number over this
24 Nov, 06:01 PM UTC
Tim Hogan 浩勤
1. I don't usually report on what Michael Cohen says but I think it deserves note that he said that Eric Trump would be charged for the Stormy Daniels related crimes. I think the statute has run on that so if he's right, Eric's likely already been charged.
24 Nov, 02:50 PM UTC
Karen Piper
Trump White House staffer Garrett Ziegler is somehow involved in this international incident that "could be investigated for espionage." Ezra Cohen may have sent him. Crazy story. via @thedailybeast
24 Nov, 02:37 AM UTC
Steve Cohen is worth 14 billion and is crying on Twitter about baseball. Sad!
24 Nov, 02:44 PM UTC
Pumpkin Spice Must Flow
As we start the holiday season, I want to remind everyone that Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen and all its covers are about Jewish agnosticism and sex. No Jesus, Christmas, or Christian concepts of holiness or grace. Help your Jewish friends this season and SAY NO TO HALLELUJAH.
24 Nov, 04:27 AM UTC
Joel Sherman
1/Statement from Rob Martin, Matz’s agent: We are aware of Mr. Cohen’s tweet. It’s unfortunate that he chose to take his frustrations to Twitter. I will not do the same, and instead will take the high road which is consistent with both my character and the character of our
24 Nov, 04:00 PM UTC
Mashley at the Movies 🦃
Julia is a wonderful new documentary by @FilmmakerJulie & @Betsywest. In our new episode, Matt & Ashley sit down with Julie Cohen to talk about the film, how it came to be, the interesting life of Julia Child and, of course, the art of cooking.
24 Nov, 02:59 PM UTC
El canal del fiscal Durham confirma la existencia de un "gobierno de continuidad" (dirigido por Donald Trump), aludiendo al decreto firmado el 7 de diciembre de 2020 (después de comprobar que las elecciones habían sido robadas), que Ezra Cohen mencionó hace pocos días.
24 Nov, 06:23 PM UTC
Giuseppe Mansini
Qué raro.. Casado, Abascal y Cs apoyando las manifestaciones de las FFCCSE contra la reforma de la #LeyMordaza "A veces uno sabe de qué lado estar, simplemente viendo quiénes están del otro lado" ( Leonard Cohen ) #Derogación
24 Nov, 06:13 PM UTC
ptdrrrr mais c pr ça qu’on vous hait
24 Nov, 01:48 PM UTC
Colorado Bliss
@RepKenBuck Yahoo News: 'Help Me, Dad!': Colbert Taunts Eric Trump After New Michael Cohen Revelations.
24 Nov, 06:52 PM UTC
UnKoch Everything
Register for our End of Year Convening for a conversation with Donald Cohen and more.
24 Nov, 06:54 PM UTC
DS Cohen 👏🏼 #Hollyoaks
24 Nov, 06:58 PM UTC
Children's Health Foundation of Vancouver Island
(1/2) Island kid Cohen is a 10-year-old with a passion for sports and physical activity; and Down syndrome. Island kids like Cohen work with #healthcare specialists from Queen Alexandra Centre for #ChildrensHealth's Infant Development Program, funded in part by the Foundation.
24 Nov, 05:03 PM UTC
#jewishprideinschool 🦁✡️🇮🇱
@elisahategan and how wonderful your faith led you to bringing light and wisdom into the world!
24 Nov, 06:57 PM UTC
John Hyland
My thoughts on Matz: His agent is a real piece of work. Fuck you, buddy. Also, Cohen is bent out of shape and I think there was more of an emotional connecting btw him and Matz than most fans understand. I think we dodged a bullet and wish Matz all the best.
24 Nov, 07:00 PM UTC
ETF Screener & Stock Picker
#Hedge_Funds #Insider_Trading #Archegos_Capital_Management Hedge Fund and Insider Trading News: Julian Robertson, Ray Dalio, Paul Tudor Jones, Steve Cohen, Third Point LLC, Archegos Capital Management, Tesla Inc (TSLA), Precigen…
24 Nov, 07:00 PM UTC
LAJSA - Latin American Jewish Studies Association
Presentación del libro: “Antijudaísmo, antisemitismo y judeofobia. De la antiguedad clásica al atentado a la AMIA” de Elisa Caselli y Rodrigo Laham Cohen. 3 de diciembre - 16.30 hs (Hora Argentina) Transmisión en vivo por:
24 Nov, 06:59 PM UTC
Andrew Stoeten
@TheMikeOldfield @bnicholsonsmith Yeah, it’s crazy that Cohen is involved at that level on a deal like this.
24 Nov, 06:59 PM UTC